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Why you can’t sleep now – and tips for making things better



Why you can't sleep now - and tips for making things better

“I took two Benadryl and still could not sleep, I felt like I had reached a new low,” Christine Larochelle tweeted at 12:45 Tuesday.

“Sunday night I wake up until 3 am. I just turned it over and over, and nothing helped me, “the 26-year-old who works in social media advertising told The Post. “When I hit the bed and turn off the lights, my mind was just racing against everything that happened in my life.”

It was not a night off for him. For the past few months, Larochelle has struggled with falling – and staying – asleep. He joins a swarm of zzzzz-free zombies around the world who have been starving for a quiet night since the coronavirus pandemic began.

In the United States, 22% of people say that their sleep quality is worse because of the COVID-19 crisis, according to a survey conducted by

Elsewhere around the world, researchers are also talking about today’s night uprising. One study published in April by Journal of Critical Sleep Medicine found that insomnia and symptoms increased dramatically for COVID-19-free participants in China, the first disease center, from January to February this year.

In Italy, another major coronavirus hot spot, reports sleep reduction increased by more than 12% from February to March when the second week of locking began, according to a study published in Journal of Sleep Research.

Although the data shows the world is experiencing a sleep crisis, Dr. Alcibiades Rodriguez, director of the sleep center at NYU Langone, said that we actually have anxiety problems.

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One expert said avoiding
One expert said avoiding “bad news” at night could help overcome insomnia.Shutterstock

Sleep deprivation = depression

“Sleep is interconnected with mood and anxiety disorders,” Dr. Rodriguez to The Post. “This is a situation that has never happened before. This is a high level of stress, especially in the middle of this in New York. “Sleep problems are actually a symptom of anxiety and depression, which he says are increasing because of a pandemic.

“[We’re] stressing about our health, about our family’s health, our economy, our work, “he said. Apart from our friends doesn’t help.” Besides quarantine, being at home can really make you depressed. Humans, we are social animals, and we need contact. “

Larochelle’s sleep has worsened recently, when the Black Lives Matter movement continued in reaction to George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis last month.

“I am a black woman; I was very angry with everything that happened. It was very emotional to read about all these things, “he said. “There is so much work to do, and it is frightening. I have been very stressed seeing the number of deaths and pandemics and being closed, and adding to experiencing all this that is happening, it increases my stress.”

‘This is an unprecedented situation. This stress level is high, especially in the middle of this in New York. ‘

Nighttime is very difficult for Larochelle because it does not have easy disturbances during the day. “I can do work or watch a show or do something. At night is when I’m alone with my mind, “he said.

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In addition to being a symptom of mental health problems, sleep can be influenced by changes in your daily routine, says Dr. Rodriguez. “Being stuck at home can disrupt your circadian rhythm, the sleep-wake cycle,” he said.

“I work in New York City, but I live in Jersey, so I think having a trip, walking more, which only makes you tired without you really knowing it,” Larochelle said. “I feel more rested regularly because of that [now] I can only go from my room to my living room. I feel like I’m not tired at night. “

Lack of sleep will affect almost every part of your day, said Dr. Rodriguez.

“You will experience tension, your concentration decreases, your memory may be affected, you may be moody,” he said. “Suppose you have a medical condition, back pain or suffer from migraines: you will feel worse. If you feel that way, it can cause more anxiety and depression; this is a vicious circle.”

Although Larochelle said she had not seen a strong change in her mood, migraines and headaches worsened.

Tips for improving the quality of your sleep

Larochelle said that she had stopped drinking coffee and tried meditation applications to help her relax.

“White noise works very well for me, so go ahead with my fan or use the rain application – it works very well to hum me to sleep,” he said.

Larochelle also recently bought melatonin sleep supplements to be taken where Benadryl could not help him.

However, Dr. Rodriguez recommends consulting a doctor before starting treatment. “I have a lot of patients who actually only need medication for anxiety. There are no sleeping pills that can control your anxiety, “he said.

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Dr. Rodriguez suggested creating established routines to help combat life’s stresses.

“Stress is something we cannot control. Try to make some types of normality if you can, “the doctor said. It must include sleeping and waking up at the same time every day.

He also suggests squeezing in sports, which is something you can control; socialize one way or another, even through virtual meetings in applications such as Zoom; reduce alcohol, especially before going to bed; and avoiding “bad news” that triggers anxiety at night.

“These things are easier said than done,” said Dr. Rodriguez. “Sometimes I’m guilty of it. I didn’t do my best,” but he said the key was “controlling the little things in your world that you can control.”

And when other options fail, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

“If you have difficulty falling asleep, consult your doctor. The sleep clinic is open, and we are here to help,” he said.

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