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Today’s Elections, Yesterday’s Voters, Tomorrow’s Politics – US Midterm Election Preview (Sebastian Boogalo)



Today's Elections, Yesterday's Voters, Tomorrow's Politics - US Midterm Election Preview (Sebastian Boogalo)

Regardless of the results of the US midterm elections this morning, Joe Biden’s life will be different tomorrow. If the most probable—the Republican takeover of Capitol Hill, this time through polls—would happen, Donald Trump would be a stone’s throw away from re-election and Biden would plunge into the slow heat of a minority presidency. For every act of executive power he signs from now on, by avoiding checking the balances, he will undermine his chances of being elected to a second term in 2024. The comical scenario of recognizing their own results in Congress, but not the results of the upper house. If a miracle happens—and Joe Biden’s party holds onto the slim majority it has between congressmen and senators—the country will burn, and half of the political system will cast doubt on its viability.

None of the hypotheses is a balm.

Old habits die hard

If the Republican victory is confirmed, we must look at the reality of the United States of America as a precursor to what will happen in other free societies.

The political factor began to prevail in the order of priorities of our decision makers, but this dynamic did not infect their electorate. To put it simply: Biden politicized his entire message around defending democracy, the integrity of the election results, American values ​​in the world, helping Ukraine against the Russian bear, fighting for reproductive rights, but North American American voters prioritized the economic factor in voting intentions tested until this Tuesday.

Leaders around the world are more political. But in an environment of high inflation, loss of purchasing power and rising cost of living, it is the economy that puts more crosses on the ballot. Politics has risen in the decision-making hierarchy of decision makers, but economics has not come down from the top of the concerns of those who vote.

Old habits die hard. If those in power begin to adjust to low interest rates and international stability after the end of the Cold War, voters will go to the polls before they get used to the new paradigm.

Here’s what’s going on in those gaps: it’s today’s elections with yesterday’s voters and tomorrow’s politics.

It is at this crossroads that the Democrats, and Biden in particular, stand. And it is precisely this crossroads that we will sooner or later find in Europe. The flags of the actors are as inevitable as the difficulties of the voters, but they do not coincide.

The terrible paradox that haunts the oldest constitutional republic on the planet is simple: in a democracy, democracy alone is not enough.

Biden is aware of this and has tried to make up for it with student debt relief, but that should not be enough. Even his ambitious legislative agenda, endorsing the largest climate change package since the debate began, will have no impact on American daily life in the short term. Energy transition in clean technology industry received important but indifferent incentives to go to the polls today.

This is another terrible fate for the Biden administration: Legislative success, even in a democracy, does not necessarily mean political success.

For Americans, with a two-hundred-year culture of decentralized power, choosing an opposition party to the White House in the midterms is common sense. In retrospect, it is this democratic instinct that justifies the fact that all presidents, except for W. Bush, were defeated in the first intermediate exams since World War II. And this is perhaps the third – and most dangerous – paradox of these elections.

The American electoral tradition of distributing institutions between the two main parties runs the risk of handing over the future of its democracy to a party that no longer believes in it.

Old habits die hard.

But they also die.

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Re-elected Rocha remains humble but victorious political articulator | Politics



Re-elected Rocha remains humble but victorious political articulator |  Politics

By Valdir Costa / Dynamic Rondonia
Published in 03.12.2022 at 10:39

The political campaign that resulted in the re-election of Governor Marcos Rocha (União Brasil) was not the easiest. Despite taking the lead in the first round with 1.83% more votes than runner-up Senator Marcos Rogerio (Poland), with whom he ran in the second round and won, by 4.94% valid votes it was difficult. elections that demanded a lot from Roche and his team.

If in the first round the commitment of the partners (secretaries, former secretaries, re-elected and elected deputies, etc.) was not effective, as it should have been, the joining forces in the second round, including with the chief articulator, Chief of Staff Junior Gonçalves leaves his post, to devote himself fully to the electoral campaign in search of unity, commitment and dedication from all partners.

There is no doubt that Marcos Rogerio was a tough opponent. He is a good tribune, knows how to use what he has best, which is his gift of speech, and performed well in the debates held in the second round of the campaign. Several research institutes have reported that Rogerio will be the new governor of Rondônia from 2023.

Simplicity, humility, a government without scandals and with good projects such as Guberno na Cidade, Porteira Aberta, Crianza Feliz, Mamae Cheguey, Prato Facil, Chow Poeira were fundamental in the Quest Rocha of a new mandate.

The partnership with the Legislative Assembly (Ale) chaired by MP Alex Redano (PRB-Ariquemes) also had a huge impact on Roshi’s victory in the second round. In addition to Redano, parliamentarians (re-elected and elected) from the governor’s support group selflessly and decisively joined the campaign after a furious call to “get on the road” in search of votes.

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To deny that Roshi had problems during his first term would be an ignorance of reality. He faced at least two years of a pandemic that scared the world. Rondônia’s agribusiness-based economic strength has also been critical in ensuring a strong economy and sufficient resources to overcome the hardships caused by an unforeseen event such as covid-19 that brought the planet to a halt and claimed the lives of many people. Rocha has also performed well in the fight against the pandemic.

The reflection of the satisfaction of the majority of voters by Rocha and his team in the fight against covid-19 was already evident in the first round, when the former Minister of Health Fernando Maximo was elected from the party led by the governor of Rondonia, União Brasil with over 85,000 votes, the best of eight re-elected and elected representatives to the Federal House.

The Legislative Assembly elections also highlighted the strength of the Rocha partnership and organization. Five of the 24 re-elected and elected deputies represent União Brasil. There are at least nine more people who can be considered partners for a second term, which will begin on the 1st of next year.

Roche’s re-election was no accident. This is a government without scandals that has had a pandemic with negative consequences around the world, but in doing so, managed to get around the problems that were resolved peacefully. Gaining a new mandate, now that the pandemic is under control and the state is resuming development, including the emergence of the denim industry announced by the governor a few days ago, offering more than 1,000 jobs starting in 2023, will bolster Rondônia’s already balanced economy. , with a 2023 budget of BRL 13 billion.

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The emergence of the denim industry indicates the intention to invest in this segment. It is necessary to produce at least a little of what we produce in abundance and quality, for example, soybeans. The denim factory is the start of a manufacturing process that can provide Marcos Roche and his team with the support they need to run smoothly and efficiently.

It is important to warn that partnership does not mean submission, and therefore good relations between the executive and legislature and the vigilance of the judiciary are necessary.

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Deolan claims that he is rancid from Andre.



Deolan claims that he is rancid from Andre.

Today at dawn, during the holiday “Farm 2022″ (RecordTV) with the theme Baile da Corte, Deolan admitted that he once and for all rancid Andre.

“I’m rancid with Andre… Now I’m rancid with Andre,” the lawyer said in a conversation with Bia, Morango and Petala.

“These political talk, really… What a disgusting thing,” the blonde continued.

“He continues to rise above us. He gave you a blank! Have mercy on me,” commented Petala, referring to the dynamics recorded yesterday for “Programa do Faro” (RecordTV).

“Wow, the person who cries the least here is me! To say that I am crying is to want to seem real, because I am a fortress for everything they do here, ”said Deolan.

Fake farm: why did Barbara Borges choose the ranch?










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PT MP proposes to ban the political use of the Brazilian flag



PT MP proposes to ban the political use of the Brazilian flag

MP Marcio Macedo (PT-SE) sent a bill to the House to ban the political use of Brazilian symbols such as the flag and anthem. According to the parliamentarian, the intention is to keep these representations from possible “wear and tear”.

In the letter, Macedo claims that the last election saw a simplification of the flag. The MP wants to ban the political manipulation of these symbols regardless of the party. That is, if the project is approved, the presidential government Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) could not include the flag or anthem in presidential advertisements.

This is what we have seen lately in elections, when certain groups use national symbols to stir up division among Brazilians, promote hatred, division and fake news, even to apologize for the Nazism that Brazil was so heroically involved in defeating on European soil, under the rule of the mantle of our flag

The text was sent on November 8 and talks about the importance of the flag for peace and unity, referring to the arrival of the World Cup in Qatar.

Politicization of national symbols intensified under the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and several of his supporters go to the polls using the colors of the flag to signify their preferences.

With the election of Lula, the left is trying to bring back the Brazilian symbols, especially during the World Cup. It has become popular to personalize the uniforms of choice and tones related to the flag, with red stars and numbers 13 to indicate their support for the elected government and their opposition to Bolsonaro.

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