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Scientists plan to intercept an interstellar object: ScienceAlert



Scientists plan to intercept an interstellar object: ScienceAlert

We finally have the technology to detect interstellar objects. We’ve found two in the last few years.”or ‘Oumuamua It’s in 2 I / BorisovUndoubtedly, there are more.

Thus, there was a lot of interest in developing a mission that could visit a person as soon as he was discovered. But what would such a task look like?

Currently, draft document A team of mostly American scientists tried to answer this question and took us one step further to launch this mission.

Part of what makes the Interstellar Visitor quest so interesting is that the Interstellar Visitors are so weird. Borisov acted like a normal comet when it entered the solar system, but ‘Oumuamua was a completely different beast.

It never formed a comet tail, as many scientists predicted. It also showed an acceleration that was apparently not explained by radioactivity or other causes, leading some prominent scientists to claim that it could have been a space probe.

The best way to combat these bizarre claims is to study them carefully. And for this we must have a mission that can achieve this. But first we have to see, and astronomers are already working on it.

Observatory of Space and Time Levantamento do Legado do Vera Sea RobinLSST) will be able to detect between 1 and 10 interstellar objects of roughly the same size as ‘Oumuamua each year, according to the authors’ calculations.

There are many opportunities to find the right candidate. But what criteria should this candidate meet?

More importantly, it would be: “Where does it come from?” While there is no “best” angle for approaching an interstellar object (ISO), it does matter depending on where we store the “interstellar intercept” (ISI).

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According to the article, the best place to do this is probably the Earth-Sol L2 Lagrange point. It has more than one advantage – firstly, very little fuel is required to stay at the station, and any ISI may have to wait in a warehouse for years.

Once called to work, he must react quickly, and another L2 resident can help him in this.

NASA’s Time Domain Spectral Observatory (TSO) is a 1.5-meter telescope planned to be located at the L2 Lagrange point along with more established telescopes such as JWST.

For all its incredible ability to take amazing photos, JWST has one big drawback – it’s slow. Focusing on a specific subject can take 2-5 days, making it useless when tracking ISO files. On the other hand, TSO only takes a few minutes.

It can be supplemented by another telescope planned by NEO, which is supposed to be located at the L1 Lagrange point of the Earth-Moon system.

Combined with TSO, these two high-sensitivity telescopes should be able to image any ISO object that enters the inner Solar System but is not directly on the path along the L1-L2 baseline.

Once discovered, accessing the ISO is the next task. Some, unfortunately, will be elusive from the point of view of orbital mechanics.

But the authors calculated that there is an 85 percent chance that the ISI stored in L2 will be able to find a suitable ‘Oumuamua-sized object of interest within 10 years.

Thus, once we can find the ISO, we just need to patiently wait for the right opportunity.

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Once ISI gets into the ISO, it will be able to start a thorough study, including a full spectral map of natural and synthetic materials, which could help resolve the debate over whether these objects are sensors made by aliens.

He was also able to track any gas releases that could explain the mysterious forces at work on ‘Oumuamua.

Undoubtedly, there are many interesting things that scientists want to understand about the first interstellar object that we visited.

But from the calculations in this article, there will be many opportunities to do this and a lot of data to collect when we do. Then it’s time to move on to the planning stages!

This article was originally published Universe todayūüáßūüá∑ read original article.

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A black hole has swallowed a star and is spewing a jet at us



A black hole has swallowed a star and is spewing a jet at us

One Black hole it swallowed a star and fired relativistic jets at some corner of the universe far from our galaxy ‚ÄĒ enough to be the most distant black hole food astronomers have ever observed. The discovery became possible only because the jets were directed in our direction.

When a star gets too close to a black hole, a powerful gravitational force begins to tear it apart. stretching your matter like spaghettiūüáßūüá∑ This is a one-way process. Although it has not yet passed through the event horizon (a point from which not even light can escape), the star is broken.

This event, dubbed AT2022cmc, was discovered in February this year by ZTF, an autonomous system that tracks and extracts information about unusual phenomena in the universe in visible light. Therefore, scientists sent several telescopes around the world to observe the source of radiation at other wavelengths.

Many wavelengths have been detected in the radiation released from this event, from gamma rays to radio waves, in addition to visible light itself. This was possible because the plane was directed in our direction (although without any threat), which is very rare.

The advantage of having the jet pointing towards the Earth is that in this way its brightness becomes much more intense, which allows it to be observed at different wavelengths and better calculate the distance to it. This led the team to calculate that the black hole was feeding when the universe was only a third of its current age, about 4 billion years old.

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To get this result, the team needed to collect data from 21 different telescopes and compare the information to theoretical models of several types of known extreme events, such as stellar collapses and kilonova explosions.

The only scenario that explained the findings was a phenomenon called ‚Äútidal disruption,‚ÄĚ where a black hole devours a star, stretching it like chewing gum. Other events from tidal disturbances have been observed beforebut this happened much closer to us and without jets directed in our direction.

Astronomers are constantly looking for these extreme events to better understand how these jets form, how they get so much energy, and why so little tidal disruption forms them. This is the first time an event of this type has been detected using visible light, so astronomers should invest even more in instruments like the ZTF.

This study was published in the journal Nature.

Source: THIS IS

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After a few years, Google releases updates for all Chromecasts



Google Chromecast atualiza√ß√Ķes software

Since the introduction of the Chromecast in 2013, it has proven its worth. It is capable of turning any TV into an internet-connected smart device with access to the content the user wants to present.

The original model paved the way for later versions and now has a new feature. After all these years, the device is getting an update to be even better and more stable. It is interesting that improvements have occurred not only in him.

Updates for Chromecast

The Chromecast concept is very interesting as Google idealized it. This little dongle that plugs into your TV opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to stream content from YouTube and other streaming services.

Right now Google seems to be updating these devices in terms of software and has updates for the vast majority. In most situations, such as the first and second versions of the Chromecast, the description is reduced to "Bug fixes and other improvements."

Device firmware version What's included in this software update
Chromecast (1st generation) 1.36.157768 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast (2 generations) 1.56.275994 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast (3 generations) 1.56.275994 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast Ultra 1.56.281627 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast Audio 1.56.281627 Bug fixes and other improvements
Broadcast to Android TV 1.42.179832 Bug fixes and other improvements
Chromecast and Google TV (4K) build number: STTE.220621.019.A2
  • security update: Android security patch level updated July 2022
  • Update Android TV from version 10 to 12
    • Additional custom settings allow you to control the HDR format and surround sound.
    • New: Content Frame Rate Matching option allows you to switch between refresh rates.
  • More security and privacy
    • New camera and microphone privacy buttons let you disable or enable camera and microphone access for all apps.
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

To manually download the latest update, follow the instructions provided here.

Chromecast and Google TV (HD) build number: STTF.220621.013 Build version at startup

Google extends to all models

This list of updates from Google also has a few gems like Chromecast Audio that aim to bring the concept to the audio part. The Chromecast Ultra also now sees its updated version and gets the same bug fixes and other improvements.

To check your device version, Google recommends that you open the Google Home Google Home app, press and hold the device tile. Then click "Settings" and then "Device Information". In the "Technical Information" section, find the Cast firmware: "X.XXX.XXXXX".

Google Chromecast software updates

How to access new software

Updating devices is extremely simple. It usually downloads updates automatically. To manually download the latest update, follow these steps:

  • Accessing the Chromecast Home Screen with Google TV
  • Select Settings, then System, then About, then System Update.

It's great to see that Google is updating the Chromecast all the way back to the first version of the device. It won't bring much news, but it will certainly improve this offer and make it more stable and hassle-free for users.

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CD Projekt Red Wants More Releases Like Cyberpunk Edgerunners



Imagem de: CD Projekt Red quer mais lançamentos como Cyberpunk Edgerunners

after one extremely difficult startCD Projekt Red looks ok now satisfied with the results Cyberpunk 2077, especially after the release of the anime based on the series, released by Netflix. So much so that the producer intends to repeat the feat with more transmedia releases in future. Information taken from Video Games Chronicle.

This intention of the Polish company was disclosed this Monday (28) during the last meeting regarding its financial report. During the conversation it was commented how the success of Netflix animation helped boost game sales.

Launched in September Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Cyberpunk: The Expendables in Brazil) is considered the story intertwines with the game Cyberpunk 2077, which was a huge success for both the streaming platform and the Polish developer. Furthermore, animated series revived public interest in the gamewhich no longer suffered from the myriad problems revealed in its release.

Throughout the meeting, CD Projekt Red management was asked about the possibility of a second season of the popular animeūüáßūüá∑ ‚ÄúWe are not confirming any concrete plans for the second season of the series. Edgerunners and nothing special,‚ÄĚ explained Michal Nowakowski, senior vice president of business development at the production company, before moving on to the interesting part of the comment.

We want to do more in the transmedia spacewhether it’s linear visual animation or live actors, and those plans haven’t changed,” Nowakowski added. “When we’re ready, you expect to see more announcements from us in this regard“, he concluded.

Taking into account not only Edgerunnerswhich revived interest in Cyberpunk 2077 e led the company to record revenue for the periodbut also games and cartoons Witcher (also on Netflix), it’s to be expected that CD Projekt Red really intends to continue with this strategy.

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