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Putin’s army leaves Kherson, Kyiv and the West



On Friday, the Russian president called for the withdrawal of civilians from Kherson in the face of a Ukrainian counteroffensive as Kyiv and the West struggle to understand whether Moscow is preparing a withdrawal or setting a trap for Ukrainian forces.

“Of course, those who live in Kherson must be removed from the zone of the most dangerous actions, because the civilian population should not be subjected to bombardments, offensives, counter-offensives and other activities related to hostilities,” Vladimir said. Putin after laying flowers at the monument in honor of National Unity Day.

Shortly thereafter, the Russian Defense Ministry added that units of the Southern Military District “daily transport up to 1,200 vehicles, both trucks and cars, as well as more than 5,000 civilians, to the left bank of the Dnieper.”

“Citizens are strongly advised to leave the right bank of the region and the city of Kherson, since a massive shelling of the regional capital is possible in the near future,” the pro-Russian vice-governor of Kherson also justified today.

Kirill Stremousov simultaneously announced a curfew from 24:00, but eventually changed his mind, emphasizing that “there are no restrictions for city residents.”

“In Kherson, everything is now under the complete control of the military and the police. There is a round-the-clock fight against possible provocations,” Stremousov said.

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In October, the pro-Russian Kherson authorities ordered the evacuation of about 80,000 citizens from the right to the left bank of the Dnieper in the face of the approach of Ukrainian troops, and two weeks ago they turned on the regional capital.

This week, the measure was also extended to the left bank of the Dnieper in order to recall another 70,000.

Speculation about Putin’s next moves on this front, where Ukraine has already regained large territories, flared the day before, when Stremousov acknowledged that it would “most likely” be for Russian troops to march “to the left bank,” which would mean abandoning his forces. the fate of the only regional capital in the hands of Russia.

Added to this is the fact that a Kyiv-loyal mayor said that Russian troops had abandoned three checkpoints adjacent to the city and that the Russian flag had disappeared from the regional administration building, which was relocated in late October to Genichesk, tens of kilometers to the south. east, near the Crimean peninsula.

However, the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda assured that the tricolor flag continues to fly in other buildings, such as the Naval Academy in Ushakovo.

But both Kyiv and the West are trying to decipher whether this whole context is actually a retreat or a trap.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov today did not rule out the complete withdrawal of Russian troops to the left bank, declaring it a “goodwill gesture,” as he did in the spring, when he retreated from Kyiv, Sumy and Chernihiv.

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However, Reznikov allowed the possibility that this was a “special information-psychological” operation to make Ukraine believe in a false exit and fall into a trap.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister stressed that the rains are currently hindering operations on the ground, but recalled that Russian troops are using irrigation canals in the agricultural area as trenches.

“But I am optimistic about the Kherson operation. I know that we will end this war with the total eviction of all Ukrainian territories,” he stressed.

However, the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) stressed today that it is “not yet clear” whether Russian troops will defend the city of Kherson.

“We observe that Russian forces continue to prepare positions on the left bank of the Dnieper, while continuing to establish defensive lines northwest of the city and transfer additional deployed forces there,” the report says.

The American Institute recalled that Putin said today that 49,000 mobilized out of a total of 318,000, including volunteers, are already on combat missions in Ukraine, and that he confirmed that “a war against the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv is inevitable.”

Putin also compared the conflict to a civil war because he denies the very existence of Ukraine.

“We took on the responsibility of preventing a much more difficult situation. We remember what happened in 1941 when, despite intelligence reports that an attack on the Soviet Union was imminent, the necessary defensive measures were delayed and we paid a high price for defeat. Nazism,” the President of Russia stressed.

“Yes, it’s not easy now either. It’s difficult and bitter, because the confrontation is taking place inside the village, as it was after the 1917 uprisings: people clashed again” in the civil war, he said.

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Ukraine exchanges prisoners with Russia for the third time in a week – News



“We managed to free twelve of our people. Among them are four Navy servicemen, two National Guardsmen, two border guards, a serviceman of the Territorial Defense Forces and three civilians: a husband and wife and a missing man,” Andriy Yermak, head of the presidential staff, wrote. ., in your online Telegram account.

Yermak said the soldiers may have been captured during the siege of the coastal city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which Russian troops occupied for a month last spring, and Snake Island in the Black Sea.

According to the head of the presidential office, with such an exchange, the number of Ukrainian prisoners of war exchanged with Russia per week rises to 98.

“We are working to free all of our people. We will not stop,” Yermak concluded.

For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry said nine Russian servicemen were returned this Saturday “from territories controlled by the Kyiv regime.”

Last Thursday, 50 Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war were exchanged, and the day before, 35 Russian servicemen were released for the same number of Ukrainian military and one civilian.

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“I share your pain,” Putin told the mothers of Russian soldiers sent to war in Ukraine – War in Ukraine



Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday told mothers of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine that he “shares the pain” of those who have lost their children and urged them not to believe the “lie” about the invasion.

“I want you to know that I personally share your pain. We know that nothing can replace the loss of a child,” Putin said.

According to news site EuroNews, the Russian leader also added that Mother’s Day, celebrated in Russia this Sunday, will be marked this year by “a sense of unease and unease” among women whose “thoughts will be with their boys.”

Putin’s meeting with the soldiers’ mothers took place at the leader’s residence outside Moscow and was the first of its kind since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. The Kremlin rarely talks about the losses suffered in Ukraine, and the meeting, which took place this Friday, comes after weeks of criticism on social media from relatives of soldiers mobilized in early autumn.

Many soldiers’ wives and mothers blamed the authorities for not properly training and equipping them before being sent to the front, EuroNews reports.

“Life is more complicated than what you see on TV or on the Internet, where you can’t trust anything. A lot of false information, a lot of lies,” Putin replied.

The Russian president also said he occasionally talks on his cell phone to soldiers sent to Ukraine and said he was “surprised” by their “state of mind.”

“They give me reason to say that they are heroes, it’s true,” he added.

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Russia sends elite paratroopers to the front line in Donbass after leaving Kherson – Obozrevatel



whitefish here our liveblog from the war in Ukraine

In the first hours of the invasion, on February 24, Russian paratroopers were in the Kyiv area. A few weeks ago they were dedicated to the defense of territories west of the Dnieper, in Kherson. After the withdrawal of Russian troops, some units are sent to a new front, this time to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

British Ministry of Defense disclosed that, despite the “strong weakening” during the nine months of the war, part of the units of the Russian Air Force (VDV) will return to the combat front.

Some of these units will be reinforced by Russians called up during the partial mobilization announced in September by President Vladimir Putin. Despite the promise of training and equipment, soldiers arrive in Ukraine ill-prepared, and there are already records of the first deaths among mobilized Russian troops. However, the British Ministry assumes that the new elements integrated into the Airborne Forces will be sent to the most important places.

Russian soldiers died in Ukraine 10 days after being sent

In the most recent report, the United Kingdom points out that “although these untrained soldiers undermine the supposedly elite capability of the Airborne Forces, Russia is likely to deploy these units in sectors considered particularly important.”

In the Donbass, units are expected to support the defense of the Kremina-Svatovo area in Lugansk. According to The Telegraph, it was in this city that Russian troops settled after leaving Kharkov. The British ministry also says units could be sent to reinforce defensive operations in the town of Bakhmut in Donetsk, which has been one of the hotbeds of heavy fighting in recent weeks.

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