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It will take time to dispel the poison that has permeated Brazil’s political atmosphere in recent years. Good economic management by the future government is a prerequisite for this. But this is not a sufficient condition.

Fertilization comes from afar, at least since 2014, when the “devil” did the re-election of Dilma, and then her removal from power. The process has gained unprecedented intensity and scale over the past four years and has reached its maximum saturation in this election campaign. The scenes seen in recent days show how far the delirium promoted by Bolsonaro’s authoritarianism has reached.

The snake’s egg began to hatch when the usual dispute between democratic forces turned into a destructive struggle between “us” and “them” and competition for additional private resources to finance political activities intensified, with known consequences. Jato’s lava went off the rails, but the corruption schemes were real. The difficult transition of the presidential term, which is now ending, should serve as a final lesson so that the mistake and sin will not be repeated.

In addition to anti-politics, Bolsonarism mobilized primitive anti-communism and fear of the destruction of traditional values ​​and the family, instrumentally using Christianity for both purposes. He created ghosts, inflated on the basis of false news and distortions of factual reality, to arouse a paranoid sense of menace. The disinflation of these ghosts is necessary to bring the country back to normal.

Every paranoia needs a grain of truth to gain wings and break away from reality. The PT’s reluctance to call the so-called left-wing authoritarian regimes in Latin America for what they are (dictatorships in the case of Cuba and Nicaragua and quasi-dictatorships in Venezuela) and criticism of human rights violations in these countries as fuel for the unsubstantiated message that with Lula Brazil will move to socialism. To make matters worse, government loans were given to major Brazilian contractors to carry out work in those countries. Putting one against the other, the far right formed a duo to attack communism and corruption. Its elimination requires that the new government make it clear in word and deed that it will not be driven by old passions or possible ideological sympathies in foreign policy (contrary to what the Bolsonaro government did).

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Also in relation to moral conservatism, it is about throwing the ball into the ground. In reviewing longstanding qualitative research with evangelical groups, sociologist Esther Solano notes that opinions about gender, sexuality, and family are far from uniform among them. There is unanimous opposition to what in the eyes of poor conservative women is perceived as an attempt to impose moral standards that are alien to the universe to which they belong. But there is plenty of room for dialogue on topics such as violence against women, gender inequality in the labor market, and women’s overburdened care of children and the elderly in the family. Increasing government policies to mitigate or address these issues will limit the far right’s ability to deal with moral fears. In addition to implementing them, the new government should mediate politically between progressive gender, sexuality, and reproductive rights groups and the more conservative majorities in society, and mainly in Congress, to avoid falling into traps such as the inappropriately named “gay recruitment.” “.

Another inevitable task will be to restore normal relations between civilians and the military, which began to spin out of control under the government of Dilma Rousseff and faltered under Bolsonaro. On the one hand, it is necessary to demilitarize the government, and on the other hand, to respect the Armed Forces as an institution of the Brazilian state. The wounds left by the 1964 coup and the abuse of human rights under the authoritarian regime will take time to heal. This is not about forgetting what happened in the past, but about focusing on what needs to be done now without exacerbating counterproductive tensions.

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In the same vein, it is important to depoliticize the federal traffic police, strengthen the professional management of the federal police, and restore the autonomy of the Attorney General’s Office. More or less instrumentalization of these state bodies in favor of Bolsonaro’s political project was a central part of the strategy of attacking democratic institutions. The fact that the project failed does not absolve those who participated in it from responsibility. Anyone who has proven his involvement in financing and organizing actions aimed at threatening the democratic order and the physical integrity of STF ministers, coercing voters and journalists, among other crimes, must bear the consequences of what he did, with a guaranteed full right to defense and the presumption of innocence .

The vast and complex program of normalization in the country must be tackled with calmness but firmness.



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“I will contribute to the political future of my country”



"I will contribute to the political future of my country"

ISabel dos Santos, a businesswoman who has been issued an international arrest warrant by Interpol at the request of the Angolan government, claims that she, like her family, is the target of “political persecution”. In an interview with TVI/CNN, he also accuses Attorney General of Angola on “receiving an order from President João Lourenço”.

Neither party reveals where the conversation is taking place, the businesswoman uses the term justice – a form of warfare in which the law is used as a weapon to justify the charges against him in Angola. “The law is used to fight an economic or political adversary”she says, emphasizing that “you don’t want competition in politics in Angola” and placing herself in the role of Joao Lourenço’s political opponent.

Asked if she has political ambitions in her country, she opens the door for her candidacy. “I have no doubt that in one way or another I will contribute to the political future of my country”he guarantees by listing the main problems of the country, such as social issues and fertility issues.

“I believe that the political parties in power and the opposition do not look at these issues. No vision, no plan”he says, adding that he is striving for “another country.”

“When I arrived [à Sonagol] there was no money to pay wages”

Taking into account SonangolJosé Eduardo dos Santos’s daughter says that at the time the Angolan State Ministry asked one of its companies to provide advice on “the restructuring of the oil sector” and that she was “personally invited to serve as chairman of the non-executive board.” directors.” “When I arrived, there was no money to pay wages”he says, saying that the company was known to be “bankrupt”.

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“What I want today is an acknowledgment from PGR and the government that this story about no consultants being there and not getting paid is not true. And what is very annoying is that they use this very story to then issue either warrants, or restrictive maneuvers, or even arrests.”He says.

already about Luanda Leaks, says that “it was João Lourenzo’s design” and that he has proof of what he claims. “Who reads 715,000 documents? It’s impossible. And to date, no one has seen them. We saw 140 and most of them are completely harmless,” he says.

Never been asked to “invest in Portugal”

As regards the case of Portugal, he says that relations with the country have always been “through private investment” that there have never been specific requests – from the government of Portugal – “to invest in Portugal” and who doesn’t know if phone call from the coast – it happened because of her.

When asked about her connection with Russia, Isabelle dos Santos spoke about the culture and history of this country, and when asked if she was thinking about moving to Russia, Isabelle dos Santos answered only that she had a “special attachment” to this country. “This is my mother’s land. Therefore, this is a place where I have a family and which I respect a lot, with a phenomenal culture,” he said.

Regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he replied that he hoped that the conflict would be resolved. “Peace matters to everyone”he concluded.

Recall that the Attorney General of the Republic of Angola vowed on Monday that the trial against Isabel dos Santos would move forwardeven if the businesswoman does not make statements under the international arrest warrant requested by the Angolan authorities.

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Helder Pitta Gros, speaking in Luanda on the sidelines of a Board of Directors meeting, said he did not know the whereabouts of the daughter of the former President of Angola, and claims that several attempts were made to interrogate the businesswoman, who, in an interview with the German broadcaster DW and on her social networks, she always insisted on the fact that she is ready to clarify the “untruth” about her, saying that she is not interesting to listen to.

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With PT’s imminent support for Lira, Lula launches a political operation to unblock the PEC.



Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Artur Lira. welcomes President-elect Luiz Inácio Lulu da Silva. Photo: José Cruz/Arquivo Agência Brasil
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Returning to Brasilia, President-elect of the Republic, Luis Inacio Lula da Silvatook over the first political commands responsible for the “overall coordination” of the transition: he authorized the PT to conclude an agreement on the resumption Arthur Lyra (PP-AL) to the President of the House and invited allied parliamentarians to submit a PEC that would free up space for social spending – just like the draft presented by Vice President-elect Geraldo Alkmin, leaders of both chambers.

The text, vehemently rejected by the market, provides for a “waiver” of 175 billion reais and an additional exemption from the public investment ceiling of 22 billion reais. The term for exclusion of social programs from the budget rules remains equal to 4 years.

The idea behind the Lulista headquarters is to delegate to the Legislature the changes in values ​​and deadlines requested by the elected government, a reduction process that is most likely today among deputies and senators.

According to Lula, the two measures taken this Monday (November 28) serve to “unblock” the process, as there are concerns about the final procedure before December 15, the date when the Bolsa Família payments of 600 reais will be made from January. .

Despite practical arrangements, Lula’s return to the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), headquarters of the transition group’s offices, was marked by the president-elect’s demands for assistants involved in the creation of the 31 thematic groups. Petista wants detailed reports by region and with numbers that show the severity of the problems he claims he inherited from Jair Bolsonaro.

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Lulu worries about the availability of resources to maintain basic services. According to his closest advisers, the discussion of the backbone of the PEC with Congress should take into account the problems of its management, in addition to simply guaranteeing the continuity of social programs.

The plan recommended by Lula is for working group representatives to make public presentations of the data and explain the bottlenecks of each folder, just as the health diagnostics team did. The next board to comment on the lack of resources and operational challenges in the area in January will be Education on Tuesday (11/29).

Lula told allies it was important that congressmen decide that the PEC would be fully aware of what he calls “the dramatic picture of the federal machine” in 2023. “We are not asking for much, given the cursed legacy. We ask for what is needed. And this should be clear to Congress, which has its own claims, and they are legal. The budgetary framework is the worst possible,” he tells reporters. WHOM source is aware of these negotiations.


The participation of Fernando Haddad, who accompanies Lula on his trip to the capital, in political meetings with parties not part of the winning coalition but “meeting” with the future government base, is further evidence that the president-elect is still working with the priority hypothesis. political profile for the Ministry of Finance.

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Lula’s interlocutors interpreted Haddad’s participation in Friday’s Febraban dinner as a “trap” for bankers who want to take the former Sao Paulo mayor out of the race for the treasury.

Haddad’s vague speech, which caused the stock market to crash and the dollar to rise, was deemed “relevant” by Lula precisely because it confirms what the president-elect was saying to this public in a financial system that prioritizes the economy. growth with robust social investment at the expense of fiscal austerity.

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Elite politician and businessman arrested on charges of murdering his wife



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Last September, the politician gave an interview about the murder of his wife (ANN archive)

Monday (28) police announced the arrest political, Representative of the Legislative Assembly of Nagano Prefecture 丸山大輔, 48, as a suspect in the murder of his wife希美, aged 47, was found dead on September 29 last year on the first floor of a house next to the sake factory in Shiojiri (Nagano).


According to policea politician’s wife died of asphyxiation caused by asphyxiation and the estimated time of death was in the early morning of the same day.

The husband was excluded from the number of suspects in murder because it was alibisaying that he was in the House of Representatives because there was a meeting in the morning.

husband and political who was arrested, was born into a sake-producing family founded in 1883, and graduated from the economics department of the renowned Keio University.

A member of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), he began his career as a legislator for the city of Shiojiri in 2015 and was elected as a provincial representative in 2019. Nagano.

As Nozomi’s wife was lying near the office safe, it was suspected that she wanted the money, but doubts were in the air as there was no sign that it had been broken into from the inside.

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After the fall alibia police analyze that an elite politician and businessman acted alone, but did not say whether he suspected suspicion of murder.

In connection with death wifeabout political gave several interviews, saying “I have no idea who is to blame and I can’t help but get angry. I urge (the culprit) to surrender.”

Fontes: ANN e Tokyo Sports

Thank you for your opinion! We’ll report the guilty! Could you help us by sharing this page?

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