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Now disputes mean nothing. Now it is important for the Camara Pereira family to save their daughter Madalena from leukemia.



Now disputes mean nothing.  Now it is important for the Camara Pereira family to save their daughter Madalena from leukemia.

The patriarch of the Camara Pereira family betrayed his wife Isabelle de Souza Coutinho, having at the age of 70 a son, Vasco Antonio, 11 months, out of wedlock with the young Ana Sofía Santos Fonseca, is a minor matter. for the family of a famous fado singer. Nuno and Isabelle, even with their separate married lives, are preoccupied and focused on the only real family drama: the health of 45-year-old Madalena, a daughter who had breast cancer a year and a half ago, who treated him, and who is now fighting acute leukemia.

Three months ago, Nuno da Camara Pereira heard the news live on SIC that his daughter Madalena had found a matched bone marrow donor. He soon posted a text on his social networks, thanking him for the gift that can save his daughter, around whom he is united and rooting for, the entire Camara Pereira family.

“I am only now living on SIC to find out that my daughter already has a compatible bone marrow donor. I thank you all immeasurably, immeasurably for all the common and lived solidarity. God is great, and love between men helps to win and accompanies all difficulties,” the famous fado performer wrote with gratitude.


Three months later, it was Madalena da Camara Pereira’s turn to express her appreciation: “I’m going to fight again and with even more strength,” he told Caras magazine, just days after his bone marrow transplant and a year and a half after his breast cancer treatment. A believer in God, Madalena has taken refuge in her family to gain strength to overcome her illness, and it is in music that she finds the courage to live through these darkest days, awaiting a bone marrow transplant, and she has been given a new diagnosis. cancer, this time myelodysplastic syndrome or acute preleukemia.

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Having found a matched bone marrow donor, Madalena Camara Pereira is currently undergoing treatment and will have a long-awaited transplant in a few weeks.

The doctor made a mistake in diagnosing pancreatic cancer Gonzalo da Camara Pereira

Kickboxing Solidarity Against Cancer With Sale of Bags

A women’s kickboxing match will take place on November 22 at the Academia Kol Machine, in Saldanha, Lisbon, as part of the “Luta Rosa, Pensa Rosa” initiative, an AXN-supported initiative whose proceeds will be donated to the Associação Amigas do Peito located in Campus Hospital Santa Maria, also in the capital.

Also on sale on this day is a special range of belt bags in leather or fabric, designed by Madalena Camara Pereira, creator of the Simplify brand. The proceeds from the sale of these belt bags he created are partly returned to the Associação Amigas do Peito.

Nuno da Camara Pereira from fado singer to minister

After a scheduled consultation, the doctors revealed abnormal indicators and, after examinations, diagnosed myelodysplastic syndrome, acute preleukemia, Madalena da Cámara Pereira, 45, began to fight for her life by making appeals and trying to stay positive. “Save lives! Is there bone marrow in there? I started with an appeal, half jokingly, half seriously, with a photograph of Nuno da Camara Pereira’s daughter sitting on an all-terrain vehicle.

“My name is Madalena, whoever knows me calls me Laranjinha. I am 45 years old, I have two daughters whom I would like to see grow up and accompany. I had breast cancer in 2020 which I cured with six months of chemo, surgery and radiotherapy at an IPO in Lisbon. I returned to work and to my normal life. In April 2022, I was unexpectedly and again diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, an ugly and long name, in simple terms, acute preleukemia, ”he said, taking the opportunity to recall the breast cancer he overcame. two years ago, trying to always stay optimistic.

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A bone marrow transplant, soon to be performed by Madalena da Camara Pereira, is, she says, the only treatment that can save her life. The family is with her at this difficult time when the story of her mother’s betrayal was also made public and it was revealed that the father has a new child and a second family with Ana Sofia Santos Fonseca.

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“Most viewed program every day…”



Cristina Ferreira surpreende atores de ‘Festa é Festa’ em direto: “O programa mais visto todos os dias…”

Soap opera “A party is a party” TVI celebrated this Saturday, November 26th with a 500-episode exhibition.

To commemorate this feat, Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Ruben Rua received “In family” characters in the plot.

Eventually, Cristina Ferreira appeared on the video with a special message: “Hello everyone, good afternoon. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. 500 episodes, did you see where this party took us? And we who, when we thought about it at the beginning, did not imagine that it would be so. It was a journey full of joy, surprises and lots of smiles.”.

“It is your fault, it is you who made this party a company of thousands and thousands of people (…) it is your merit, the one who wrote it, all those who, every passing day, turn this party into the most watched program of all time. days” – continued.

Cristina Ferreira also emphasized: “In what people understand as television of affection, families (…) I continue to give you space so that you can continue to create every day what is really important on television (…), so congratulations. We will soon become the longest soap opera on Portuguese TV, that’s part of the job.”.

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Ruth and Bruno moved to Brazil? Where will the daughter be born? Former Casados ​​member clarifies



Ruth and Bruno moved to Brazil?  Where will the daughter be born?  Former Casados ​​member clarifies

Ruth Oliveira e Bruno Santos formed one of the couples of the third season Married at first sight and are now getting ready to welcome their first child together, Frederic🇧🇷 But before the birth of the child, the couple decided to go to Brazil to spend a few days together.

Faced with questions from netizens about a possible move to the country, Ruth Oliveira decided to clear things up this Saturday, November 26 at stories your Instagram page.


“I’ve been here for a month. I travel and see my family. And why so long?started with what the former SIC participant said when she said she had not been to Brazil since her father’s death, and added: “This trip is also very connected with my father, because I show Bruno the things that he did a lot with my father”.

Ruth Oliveira then explained what prompted her to make the video: Many people ask me if we came to live in Brazil. I answer: “No, we did not come to live in Brazil. We’re just traveling.” And for me, coming to Brazil for less than a month is not worth it. I have friends in Rio de Janeiro, I have family in Gramado… I don’t know if they like it or not, but this is our moment.”.


And the couple’s first daughter, will she be born in Brazil? Frederica will not be born here I have been asked several times. He will be born in Portugal. Our life is spent in Portugal, so we are just strolling through this great journey before moving on to the next one.”he decided.

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Remember that Ruth Oliveira is seven months pregnant.

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Romana talks about her five-year-old son: “Every day I wanted a tulle skirt. [para ir para a escola]”



Romana talks about her five-year-old son: “Every day I wanted a tulle skirt. [para ir para a escola]"

Last Saturday Romana shared a love photo of their two children on social media. Faced with criticism of the clothes Yen wears, the singer decided to make a video to clear things up.: “My 5 year old son is free and happy with his skirt, lipstick, hooks, dolls and he loves pink”.

This Friday, November 25, Romana spoke to Manuel Luis Gusha on the TVI daytime program where he talked about the little Jan.

It all started with the fact that I liked the doll

“It has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation, he doesn’t even mention dating. It all started with the fact that she liked the Monster High doll, which belongs to her sister. He leaned more towards playing with girly things, and he liked it more. I started to see him tying scarves around his waist, wearing headbands.and he said he wants to be like Claudia Wolf, a doll that he likes, a character.”he started with what he said.

“His nature is his nature, and I don’t think I should deprive him. And then i bought him a purple tulle skirt and he liked it, he threw a party, put on a skirt, took her to school for Halloween. I even told her: “You know, maybe someone will say that you have a skirt. No problem?’. And he: “No, the main thing is that I’m happy.”stated and added: “I noticed that he was clinging to that tulle skirt. He said he wanted a skirt, every day he wanted a skirt.”.

“He goes to school in a skirt, he goes to school in a floral nightgown…”

“Santiago [Romero] he was fantastic, a great companion and a great father. We often talked about what would be right [Ian levar saia para a escola]🇧🇷 What I was afraid of was that someone would make fun of him at school and that I would not be there to defend or protect him. But he has such a confident stance.”continued and added: “He goes to school in a skirt, he goes to school in a floral nightgown…”.

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Romana explained that she noticed that in the morning her son was upset because he did not dress the way he wanted, and talked to the boy in the car on the way to school. He told me, “I like girly things.” I didn’t see anything wrong with that. I talked to the teachers, to the assistants, all spectacular and with fantastic openness, who told me: “He is a child, he is well brought up, he is cute, he is smart, why not? Let him be'”he said, deciding that Jan was free to dress as he pleased.


Remember that Roman Santiago Romero they have two children: five-year-old Jan and Aaron, out of four. The singer is also a mother Isis18 years old, from a previous relationship.

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