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JBL Flip 6 Black Friday 2022: See Price, Pros & Cons | sexta-feira Negra



JBL Flip 6 Black Friday 2022: See Price, Pros & Cons |  sexta-feira Negra

JBL flip 6 – the most advanced intermediate speaker in the Flip line from JBL🇧🇷 Introduced in May in Brazil, the accessory has powerful sound with 30W RMS power. Bluetooth fifth generation and waterproof design. However, despite the advantages, the JBL box does not have a built-in microphone, and its battery provides up to 12 hours of battery life, which is considered low compared to models in the same price range. Model sold on Amazon for values ​​from 646 BRL.

To help users considering investing in a JBL Flip 6 during Black Friday 2022about TechAll prepared below a list with full technical data, as well as positive and negative features of the model.

JBL Flip 6 Offers IP67 Certification – Photo: Reproduction/Maria Alice Freire

Specification of JBL Flip 6:

  • Brazilian launch: May 2022
  • Price: from 646 BRL
  • Dimensions: 17.8 x 6.8 x 7.2 cm
  • Color: blue, red, black and gray
  • Battery: 12 hours audio (charge in 2.5 hours)
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Frequency response: 63 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Power: 30W RMS

The compact JBL case can be easily transported, so it is important that the model is water and dust resistant. with certification IP67the accessory should withstand use at the pool, on the beach, at the waterfall and even in the rain without any problems.

JBL Flip 6 is waterproof – Photo: Disclosure/JBL

The highlight of the Flip 6 is its 30W RMS sound, 10 more than the model. JBL flip 5 – obtained by a system with tweeters, speakers designed to reproduce higher sounds, and a RaceTrack driver to create bass. The JBL layout allows you to cover frequencies from 63 to 20 kHz.

There are also passive radiators on the sides, a system that vibrates to boost bass and is often used in larger, more expensive JBL speakers.

JBL Flip 6 features improved sound and 30W RMS power – Photo: Reproduction/Maria Alice Freire

3. Charging via USB-C

There is no included charger in the JBL box, only a cable, but this alleviates the inconvenience of using the connection. USB-C to reload. The speaker market is still dominated by models with microUSB connectors, a legacy technology that may make it harder to find compatible cables and chargers in the future.

However, keep in mind that in the case of the Flip 6, the USB-C port is only used to charge the battery. Data transfer to the device is limited Bluetooth 5.1since there is no auxiliary port, P2 or even a USB interface for flash drives – Features common to many of the Flip 6’s competitors.

1. No built-in microphone

The lack of this feature even draws attention as the functionality is common in some competing boxes such as LG XBoom Go PL7 your Huawei Sound joy.

JBL Flip 6 does not have a microphone for calls and virtual assistants – Photo: Disclosure / JBL

2. Less autonomy than direct competitors

The JBL Flip 6 promises enough battery life for 12 hours of audio playback, which isn’t bad. However, in context, the model lags behind other options on the market that have a 16 or 20 hour battery.

This is the case of XBoom PL5 and PL7 from LG, for example, or even JBL’s own Charge Essential. If autonomy is more of a buying criterion for you, it’s worth comparing the Flip 6 to these and other models that provide a much larger battery in the same price range.

JBL Flip 6 is limited to Bluetooth – Photo: Disclosure / JBL

To enjoy sound with Flip 6, the user is limited to Bluetooth. The device lacks any other form of connection, be it USB to play audio from flash drives, or even a P2 connection to connect the box directly to the device’s audio output. laptopstablets and smartphones that still use this type of port.

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Transparency note: Amazon and TechTudo maintain a commercial partnership. By clicking on a store link, TechTudo may receive a share of sales or other compensation. Prices shown are subject to change and product availability is subject to stock availability. The values ​​given in the text refer to the month of November 2022.

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Einstein’s complete theories are a breakthrough in particle physics



Einstein's complete theories are a breakthrough in particle physics

More than a century after its first appearance, scientists have completed Einstein’s homework on special relativity in electromagnetism.

Osaka University researchers demonstrate the relativistic contraction of the electric field generated by fast moving charged particles, as predicted by Einstein’s theory, which could help improve research in particle physics and radiation.

More than a century ago, one of the most famous modern physicists, Albert Einstein, proposed the revolutionary special relativity. Most of what we know about the universe is based on this theory, but some things have yet to be experimentally proven. scientists who Osaka University The Institute of Laser Technology was the first to use ultrafast electro-optical measurements to visualize the compression of an electric field around a beam of electrons moving at close to the speed of light and to demonstrate the generation process.

According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, it is necessary to use the “Lorentz transformation”, which combines spatial and temporal coordinates to describe the movement of objects passing by the observer at a speed approaching the speed of light. He was able to explain how these transformations led to self-consistent equations for electric and magnetic fields.

Although the various effects of relativity have been proven many times with a high degree of experimentation[{” attribute=””>accuracy, there are still parts of relativity that have yet to be revealed in experiments. Ironically, one of these is the contraction of the electric field, which is represented as a special relativity phenomenon in electromagnetism.

Illustration of the formation process of the planar electric field contraction that accompanies the propagation of a near-light-speed electron beam (shown as an ellipse in the figure). Credit: Masato Ota, Makoto Nakajima

Now, the research team at Osaka University has demonstrated this effect experimentally for the first time. They accomplished this feat by measuring the profile of the Coulomb field in space and time around a high-energy electron beam generated by a linear particle accelerator. Using ultrafast electro-optic sampling, they were able to record the electric field with extremely high temporal resolution.

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It has been reported that the Lorentz transformations of time and space as well as those of energy and momentum were demonstrated by time dilation experiments and rest mass energy experiments, respectively. Here, the team looked at a similar relativistic effect called electric-field contraction, which corresponds to the Lorentz transformation of electromagnetic potentials.

“We visualized the contraction of an electric field around an electron beam propagating close to the speed of light,” says Professor Makoto Nakajima, the project leader. In addition, the team observed the process of electric-field contraction right after the electron beam passed through a metal boundary.

When developing the theory of relativity, it is said that Einstein used thought experiments to imagine what it would be like to ride on a wave of light. “There is something poetic about demonstrating the relativistic effect of electric fields more than 100 years after Einstein predicted it,” says Professor Nakajima. “Electric fields were a crucial element in the formation of the theory of relativity in the first place.”

This research, with observations matching closely to Einstein’s predictions of special relativity in electromagnetism, can serve as a platform for measurements of energetic particle beams and other experiments in high-energy physics.

Reference: “Ultrafast visualization of an electric field under the Lorentz transformation” by Masato Ota, Koichi Kan, Soichiro Komada, Youwei Wang, Verdad C. Agulto, Valynn Katrine Mag-usara, Yasunobu Arikawa, Makoto R. Asakawa, Youichi Sakawa, Tatsunosuke Matsui and Makoto Nakajima, 20 October 2022, Nature Physics.
DOI: 10.1038/s41567-022-01767-w

The study was funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the NIFS Collaborative Research Program. 

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SpaceX Dragon cargo ship docks at space station to deliver solar panels, seeds and more



SpaceX Dragon cargo ship docks at space station to deliver solar panels, seeds and more

SpaceX’s newest Dragon cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) early Sunday (November 27) to deliver tons of new materials, new solar wings and even some ice cream to the orbiting lab.

robot spaceship dragon It docked at the orbiting laboratory on Sunday around 7:39 am EDT (1230 GMT) as both spacecraft flew high over the Pacific Ocean.

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OxygenOS 13 seems to be causing serious problems on Oneplus 8T



Oneplus 8T Android 11

O OnePlus 8T recently received update OxygenOS 13.0which is a company interface based on Android 13🇧🇷 However, due to the update, several users are reporting a lot of problems with their hardware.

A user posted on Twitter about a problem he encountered on his OnePlus 8T after installing the update to OxygenOS 13. He posted a photo of his smartphone, which shows a green bar in the center of the phone screen from top to bottom.

The user also claims that he experienced this problem after updating his smartphone to OxygenOS 13.0, and several users immediately reported the same situation among other more or less serious problems.

Also, the user says that he reinstalled OxygenOS 12 on his Oneplus 8T and the problem is gone, which is a clear sign that the firmware is the problem.

Oneplus 8T has screen problems?

Another user posted a photo of the OnePlus 8 Pro showing two green lines from top to bottom and a white line from top to bottom.

Due to the issues users are experiencing, we recommend that you delay installing it on your hardware as long as possible.


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