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Increasing number of successful applications submitted by – Portuguese (Brazil)



Increasing number of successful applications submitted by - Portuguese (Brazil)

Since September, providers of public goods and services can submit applications in the electronic opt-out mode directly through the application. In just two months of use, the application has already counted more than 780 applications submitted by winning companies across the country, and has attracted more and more people interested in participating in public procurement in a flexible, practical and safe way using the new functionality.

Until October, more than 136,000 downloads from the application and made more than 10 thousand applications, of which more than 780 won electronic rejection applications. One such supplier is Gustavo Naves, owner of a printing company in Minas Gerais. He applied through the app and became the electronic rejection winner.

“Our company was founded here in Uberlandia six years ago. We started using the application at the very beginning of the launch, and the fact that signals were given about the opening of trading captivated us immediately,” explained Naves. “Now there are a lot more features like bid registration and bid tracking. Today, it’s a much more complete application.”

In the Northeast region, the application is also popular with microentrepreneurs. Bahian Joceval Conceição, a El Salvadorian, opened a telephone equipment company just five months ago and has already won an electronic rejection by submitting applications through the app. This will meet the needs of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). According to Joceval, the whole process was simple and well managed. “I have accessed various training and guidance through the federal government website and it has been a very productive experience,” he said.

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In Rio de Janeiro, businessman Eduardo de Souza, owner of a small condiment and dehydrated tea company for 36 years, is also celebrating an electronic opt-out victory by submitting applications through the Compras app. This is the second dismissal he won. A user of the app since its launch, Eduardo praises the ease of use and looks forward to progress in the process. “I even managed to send attachments by mobile phone with the documents necessary to fire the winner. However, the whole process should be more didactic in terms of the legal part,” he explained. Key Features

Company accreditation – To accredit companies in the Uniform Supplier Registration System (SICAF), it is enough to simply inform the CNPJ/CPF about participation in the tender processes. The company must be registered with the Federal Revenue Service.

Registration of offers – To do this, simply select an e-waiver that still has the current due date. The offer is available both in the app and online.

Applying – You must select the procedure that has the current term in the dispute and the desired item. It is necessary to register the offer at this point. Select the procedure with the current application deadline, select the required item in the dispute and submit the application.

binding – Allows you to link the CPF of a user registered on with GOV.BR, facilitating access to content and recruitment processes, favorites and saved filters from any device.

Login with biometrics – For secure access using biometrics without having to re-enter credentials. When using biometrics, access security is ensured without the need to re-enter credentials.

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Capabilities – To view hiring processes that have a deadline to receive current offers. Opportunities are displayed according to the filters performed.

Messages – Directly in the application, you can receive official messages related to the recruitment process, as well as warnings, clarifications and calls.

possessions – for submitting proposals, as well as viewing and tracking electronic contracts since 2017.

Public notice upload and process sharing − Quick and easy access to public notices and data sharing about recruitment processes.

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Joao Semedo, Portuguese Viktor Frankl – Observer



Joao Semedo, Portuguese Viktor Frankl - Observer

I write these words knowing that at this time the last funeral ceremonies are taking place and honoring the Portuguese Viktor Frankl, Joao Semedo or Johnson for friends. I call him that without fear of being misunderstood, believing that in all of us, and in João Semedo in particular, dwells the same force that lived (or flourished) in the personality of Viktor Emil Frankl, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. Teresa. from Calcutta, Desmond Tutu and many others (just talking about the departed).

I could start by talking about João Semedo and his work, but I can’t because I didn’t have the good fortune to work with him and there are so many others who could do so with great right. I could talk about Viktor Frankl, the famous Viennese neurologist and psychiatrist, but somehow I already did it in last two articles.

What makes me say that I believe João Semedo’s path reflects what Viktor Frankl has always believed in and has led many others to follow in that conviction is that we are within our reach to find the meaning of our lives. helping others find the meaning of life. their lives [1], regardless of our existential biography. For Frankl, in any hopeless situation, there is always an opportunity surpassMos this is us to position ourselves in front of every moment of our lives, counteracting the consequences and symptoms that we may experience, because each of usfromWith this is It is proposed to behave freely and responsibly in all life circumstances. And I believe that João Semedo, faced with adversity and the contexts he experienced, decided to confront life, finding in it the motivation to transcend himself.

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Portugal’s Neemias Kweta scores 20 points in NBA G-League loss to Stockton Kings – World Today News



Portugal's Neemias Kweta scores 20 points in NBA G-League loss to Stockton Kings - World Today News

Portugal’s Nimias Keta scored 20 points and grabbed 11 rebounds on Friday in the Stockton Kings’ 106-108 home loss to the Santa Cruz Warriors in the North American Basketball League (NBA) G-League game.

In a match in which he had 36 minutes to his credit, the Portuguese made eight of 14 field goals and two free throw attempts, and added four assists and two tackles.

After a great game a week ago against the same opponent, with 38 points and 18 rebounds, Nimias was once again the top scorer for the Sacramento Kings second team.

However, this time around, the Portuguese lost the post battle to James Wiseman, number two in the 2020 NBA Draft, who added 24 points and 13 rebounds, in a game in which he converted 11 of 13 “shots” from the field attempt.

The Stockton Kings are now four wins and five losses, fourth in the Western Division, with the Santa Cruz Warriors in fourth with five wins and six losses.

Nehemiah, who went through Barreirense and Benfica in training, has extended his contract with the Kings through the 2022/23 season, re-signing a two-way deal that allows him to play for the first team as well as the secondary side Stockton Kings of the League. G.

The 2.13-meter Pole, 22, became the first Portuguese to join an NBA team since being selected 39th overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 2021 draft on July 29 in New York.

As a rookie (2021-22), Nimias played 15 games for the Kings in which he scored 45 points (average 3.0), 31 rebounds (2.1), eight tackles (0.5) and six assists. (0.4) out of 119.34. minutes (8.0).

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In the 2022/23 season, the Portuguese has not yet been called up to a single game for the Sacramento Kings, who remain in seventh place in the NBA Western Conference (11 wins and nine losses).

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Parties vote against free Portuguese language education abroad | Assembly of the Republic



Parties vote against free Portuguese language education abroad |  Assembly of the Republic

The diplomas voted this Friday in the Assembly of the Republic, which offered free teaching of the Portuguese language abroad, were rejected: the Socialist Party voted against and the PSD, among others, abstained.

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