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Boris recounts a conversation with Putin in which he realized the Russian president wanted to “become the new Peter the Great”



Former PM already sees (only) end to war and gives up hope

Vladimir Putin always knew that Ukraine was not going to join NATO, that there was no danger of placing American missiles on Ukrainian territory, and even that Kyiv did not pose any threat to Moscow. The guarantee was left by the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, who recounted his conversation with the Russian president, in which he understood the true motivation for the war in Ukraine: “It was about being the new Pedro the Great,” the tsar who managed to create a powerful Russian empire , which fell apart only in the 20th century with the advent of the Bolsheviks.

Speaking in Lisbon, where the British were invited by CNN Portugal, on the occasion of the channel’s first anniversary, Boris Johnson explained that he said all this to Vladimir Putin, saying that the Russian president understood and even agreed with the arguments of the West.

“Then I realized that the motives were not about Ukraine. It was about him and the role he sees as a man who is going to restore the Soviet empire, about becoming the new Peter the Great. He invaded Ukraine because he thought it would make him more popular, because he was deluded and because he had no one to oppose,” Boris Johnson said, referring even to “stupid Orthodox priest-type advisers.” who advise the top face of the Kremlin. and who told you that Ukraine is not an independent country.

The former British prime minister called it Vladimir Putin’s mistake: to think that a country that has been independent for 31 years and whose national feelings have been strengthened with the annexation of Crimea in 2014 is actually not so.

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Therefore, according to Boris Johnson, Europe must remain even more united in support of Ukraine, even if the crisis caused by the war increases the criticism of the population. It’s just that for the British, the heroes whose names are carved on the Maidan in Kyiv deserve it, they deserve peace. But not at any cost.

While he understands the fears of Europeans when winter comes and prices continue to rise – inflation in Portugal is around 10%, the figure even predicted by Boris Johnson could be higher in the United Kingdom – the Brit does not want a “rotten” world. , a peace concluded in accordance with the requirements of Moscow. Especially when Russia illegally annexed four regions of Ukraine (Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk).

“When we dine, thousands of Europeans are left without light, heat and water due to hundreds of attacks in a cynical attempt to dampen morale. [dos ucranianos]🇧🇷 As the cold intensifies, the suffering will increase,” he added, speaking of a world “shocked by the cost of living”, but which should not stop supporting Ukrainians both politically and militarily: more tanks, more missiles, more HIMARS systems.

And from there came gratitude to António Costa and the Portuguese government “for what they are doing”, saying that the two countries are “side by side”, to achieve the goal and the only “possible and tolerable goal”: “for Putin to fail and Ukraine to win “.

“Ukrainians want peace, I know that Zelensky would make a deal if he could, but of course Putin cannot be trusted,” he said, refusing, as the Ukrainian president did, a scenario of an agreement in which Ukraine renounces its earth. achieve peace.

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“How can we negotiate with a crocodile when it bites our legs and its goal is to devour our entire body?” Boris Johnson asks, saying that the role of the West is to support Ukraine, support that he understands should be doubled. If only because, according to him, if we provide all the necessary technologies, the Ukrainians will do the rest, because “they have the leadership and courage” to drive the Russians from all the lost lands.

Fear of nuclear and post-war

One of the biggest fears is that a Ukrainian victory could spark a nuclear war. Let Vladimir Putin use the most powerful arsenal to decisively attack Kyiv and other cities under the slogan that Russian sovereignty is at stake.

Boris Johnson does not believe in this scenario, arguing that Vladimir Putin knows that from now on he will lose all the support or connivance that he has, namely from countries such as China or India, as well as from Africa or South America. . And this idea of ​​the Russian president goes further: “he knows that he will terrorize his own population, that he will put Russia in complete isolation, for decades of poverty.”

Something that Boris Johnson thinks is already happening. The British said that Russia had already lost more soldiers in Ukraine than in ten years of “occupation” of Afghanistan. “It won’t take long to overcome US losses in 15 years in Vietnam,” he also said, referring to Russian troops practicing war crimes such as “constant rape, torture rooms or traps,” which has led and still leads to the death of tens of thousands of civilians scattered in schools, kindergartens or hospitals.

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By envisioning what he says is the only possible future, and by looking at the energy transition the war has accelerated, Boris Johnson left a message of hope: “when Putin leaves Ukraine, the world will be an incomparably better place.”

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BBC journalist beaten by police while covering protests in China



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“They’re acting suspicious.” Fauci says there was no transparency in China’s Covid-19 strategy



“In everything we’ve dealt with in recent decades, whether it’s bird flu or the original SARS in 2002, even when there’s nothing to hide, they act suspiciously and opaque,” Anthony Fauci said in statements in the north. TV channel.-American NBC, the EFE agency quotes.

The epidemiologist, who will leave his post in December, thought that this could be because the Chinese government does not want to be seen as the culprit. “It’s not your fault if something happens in your country, but let’s find out what happened so we can talk about it transparently and prevent it from happening in the future,” he said.

Anthony Fauci, the face of the US in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, also felt that the restrictions in China were especially strict, not making it clear to the public what the goal was.

“The end goal was for everyone to be vaccinated. Then you can understand time limits [como os do início da pandemia]🇧🇷 But they ended up in long-term detention with no apparent benefit, which makes no sense from a public health standpoint,” he said.

China’s epidemic prevention measures are the most stringent in the world under the “zero case” policy of COVID-19. The strategy includes isolating all positive cases and close contacts, locking down entire areas or cities, and continuously conducting mass testing.

In recent days, anti-restriction demonstrations have spread to major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

The protests intensified on Thursday after ten people were killed in a fire at a building held in custody in Urumqi.

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The Chinese capital, which has been under special outbreak protection since 2020, is now experiencing its highest infection rate, with more than 4,300 new cases identified on Saturday, 82% of which were asymptomatic, according to the latest official report.

These numbers, low by international standards but unacceptable by the Chinese authorities, have resulted in restrictions and restrictions that affect much of the capital’s population.

China broke the record for infections on Saturday, with almost 40,000 new cases, although more than 90% of cases are asymptomatic, according to data from the National Health Commission.

Official figures show that about 1.8 million people are currently in quarantine, as it is recommended to transfer those who are ill, including those who are asymptomatic, as well as, but separately, those who have been in contact with the infected, to hospitals or isolation centers.

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“Xi Jinping, step down.” Anti-COVID zero protests in China gain momentum



This wave of resistance to politics covid zero The Chinese government followed the protest in Urumqi, a city in the country’s northwest where The population saw in the rules of self-isolation the cause of the death of ten people as a result of a fire that broke out on Thursday in an apartment building.

In Shanghai, according to the British BBC, some protesters even shouted slogans such as “Xi Jinping step aside” or “Communist Party step aside.”🇧🇷 Rare phrases among one of the most viewed populations in the world. Other protesters waved white flags. Protests also took place at the capital’s universities, Beijing and Nanjing.

A protester said she heard police confess to the same riot, according to a British public broadcaster. “They wear uniforms, so they do their job,” he countered.

Speaking to The Associated Press, another protester said the police beat one of his friends and sprayed pepper spray on the other two.

university students in protest

Photos and videos of university students at memorial services in Beijing and Nanjing in memory of the victims of the fire in Urumqi were circulated on social networks.🇧🇷 This is exactly what happened at Tsinghua Capital University, according to a student quoted by France Presse.

In a symbolic gesture of defiance of censorship by the state apparatus, a group of demonstrators from Beijing appeared with blank banners and chanted for freedom and democracy.

Among the videos posted online, there are images of people pulling down fences on Saturday surrounding the large Tiantongyuan residential complex in the north of the capital..Specialized portal What’s On Weibo indicates that several users of the Weibo social network expressed support for the pickets and asked the participants to protect themselves.

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The latest figures from China’s National Health Commission show that the country has recorded its highest number of infections in the past 24 hours, with about 40,000 new cases diagnosed on Saturday, the vast majority without any symptoms.

Beijing currently has the highest infection rates. The latest official figures point to more than 4,300 new infections diagnosed on Saturday, of which 82% are asymptomatic.

About 1.8 million people are currently in isolation..

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