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BALL – Ismail Elfat: The life of a Portugal-Ghana referee is a fairy tale (Portugal)



BALL - Ismail Elfat: The life of a Portugal-Ghana referee is a fairy tale (Portugal)

On Tuesday, FIFA appointed North American referee Ismail Elfat, 40, to manage the Portugal-Ghana team, on Thursday, the 24th of this month, the debut game of Qatar World Cup Qualification took place in Doha, at 874 Stadium. (16 hours, Group H ).

Selected U.S. Referee of the Year – He managed the Major League Soccer Final between Los Angeles and the Philadelphia Union and also made 27 appearances to that point, for a total of 193 North American Pro Football League appearances throughout his career. Elfat is one of only 28 judges to make his debut in the World Championship finals, the only one from the country of “stars and stripes” and only the eighth judge in the history of the United States of America and 22 final stages of the World Championships from 1930 to deserve the award for participation in the World Championship, and in this in Qatar, only 36 get this honor.

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, the family of Elfat, who was born in Casablanca, Morocco, won a green card entry visa for immigrants to the United States in an annual drawing, and when he was 18 years old, he emigrated from Africa to the other side of the Atlantic. Elfat lives in the capital of Texas, Austin, is married and has three children, two of them are 17 and 5 years old (the other is 9), the players are the first defender, the second is “still looking.” for his position, ”Elfat himself confirmed in an interview with the Austin American Statesman website.

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The referee had already crossed paths with Portugal at the Under-20 World Championships in Poland in 2019, judging a selection that then included three of those now selected, Fernando Santos, Diogo Costa, Diogo Dalot and Rafael Leão, from the group in defeat. (0-2) against Argentina in the group stage

A professional referee in MLS since 2009 and with international club insignia since 2016, Elfat made a 14-hour direct intercontinental flight from Dallas (USA) to Doha and, at the time, disclosed to North Americans the citizenship he acquired after leaving. Morocco “with 200 dollars in his pocket and nothing else” in 2000 – who knows what he’s going to do. “Typically you only have one game to referee, but if you do well, they might nominate me for more.”

This former striker, who realized as a teenager that “it’s not very useful, the best thing would be to become a referee” – after he played basketball and street football – admitted to the website of the city where he lives in the USA. that participating in the World Cup was a “dream come true”, “the pinnacle of a career”, which he says forces him to spend an average of 140 nights a year away from his family to hold meetings.

A member of the Islamic community in Austin, Ismail Elfat belongs to the Alliance of American Muslim Leaders and the Alliance Football Foundation, having played a prominent role in 2020 and 2021 in the Covid-21 pandemic, active in the Islamic Center of Texas. Capital: He rolled up his sleeves, cooked and served soup, coronavirus shots, and shelter to the needy in Austin.

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Elfat will be assisted by compatriots Kyle Atkins and Corey Parker, with France’s Stephanie Frappard as fourth referee. American Armando Villarreal will be VAR.

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BALL – “This is an important victory, and we are in the fight” (Boavista)



BALL - "This is an important victory, and we are in the fight" (Boavista)

Petit analyzed Boavista’s 1-0 victory over Vilafrancense, looking to advance to the second round of Group F of the League Cup. In total, chess players have up to two triumphs in the same number of games in the competition.

“It was an honest victory for what we did. We could have scored more goals, it was a good game. We added to the match in the 30th minute. In the second half we were much better, this is completely our advantage. We could have scored one more goal. This is an important victory, and we are fighting, ”he began by saying that in flash interview.

Panthera won, but did not get rid of the panic towards the end of the match, when Nene from Vilafrancense appeared in the penalty area and almost hit his head: “We know Nene well, he is a free kick player. We have some defensive gaps, but we’ve been working on it. He won the ball, sometimes we can’t win all the balls. But the important thing is that we won another competition, and that inspires us.”

The coach spoke about the losses that he has in the team: “The absence of some is an opportunity for others. We have young and young players who have worked with us and already know what we want from the game.”

Boavista will take the field again on December 12, in the third round of the competition, against Vitoria de Guimarães: “There are fifteen days left until the next game. It’s a very big break, but it’s good for the players that there’s competition like this.”

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BALL – Draw in the big show between Spain and Germany (World Cup 2022)



BALL - Draw in the big show between Spain and Germany (World Cup 2022)

Spain and Germany presented perhaps the best game in this World Cup. The Spaniards came into play with a 7-0 thrashing of Costa Rica in the first game of the tournament, while the Germans had to call on their admitted composure to overcome the pressure created by Japan’s surprise defeat in the first game. Just a new defeat greatly upset the Germans.

What is certain is that the ball began to roll, and it soon became clear that both teams must win. A lot of dedication, a lot of struggle, a lot of respect, and the result was a great football game, in which, however, goals were only scored in the second half. However, they could well come in the first half. For Spain, Dani Olmo came close to scoring (7′), but Neuer saved the shot and the ball went to the crossbar, and then Jordi Alba (22′) shot close to the post. The same goal was scored by Germany, through Rüdiger (40′), but the move was annulled, the German defender was out of the game.

The second half was still very contentious and in Morata’s case it would have been a new man who would have made the nets shake: in the 62nd minute Olmo crossed Jordi Alba from the left, he crossed close to the field and the striker signed a great right hand foot.

When losing, Germany never lost organization and eventually reached a draw, rightly so, in a move in which the one who also shone was the man who started on the bench, in the case of Fullkrug, in a move that started in Musial, under cooperation of Sane and the supply of striker Werder Bremen. Previously, by the 74th minute, Musiala and Fullkrag missed good opportunities.

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The game continued very interesting until the very end, but the result did not change. There were two great teams on the field.

See goals:

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BALL – “I respect all the players in Portugal, but I prefer those in Uruguay” (Portugal)



BALL - "I respect all the players in Portugal, but I prefer those in Uruguay" (Portugal)

Diego Alonso, coach of Uruguay, analyzed Monday’s match against Portugal with the second round of World Cup Group H in mind. A meeting of heightened importance for the South Americans, who drew with South Korea in the first game.

“We have already seen the balance that exists in this World Cup and what has happened with Argentina and Germany. [n.d.r. perderam com Arábia Saudita e Japão, respetivamente] and how difficult it was for Portugal to beat Ghana. We don’t underestimate the opposition or the result we showed against South Korea, but we are here to win games and keep the dream going,” he began with a warning before praising the Quinas teams:

“They have a very good team, with very good personalities, and an experienced coach who knew how to lead a team to titles. They have been playing together for a long time and that makes Portugal a dangerous team. But we also have our own arguments, which also make us a dangerous adversary.”

“Portugal have several options: they can play counterattack because they have speed or they can dominate because they have inside play. It’s a whole team,” he added.

When asked which element of the Portuguese team he would choose to play in “his” Uruguay, Diego Alonso answered bluntly: “With all due respect to the players from Portugal, I prefer everyone I have in Uruguay.”

The coach ruled out any advantage for Uruguay, Portugal’s “executioner” at the 2018 World Cup, stressing that “all games have a different story.”

On Uruguayans with Portuguese football experience – Darwin (ex-Benfica, starting XI against South Korea), Coates and Ugarta (athletes, unused substitutes): “They may have a deeper knowledge, but I don’t think that’s an advantage. We , of course, talked to them about any doubts, because we all help, but whoever is in the best conditions and in the best football moment will play.”

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