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And last week’s technical highlights were…



And last week's technical highlights were...

Because our priority is the quality of the information that reaches our readers, we have selected a few articles published over the past week that reflect the most current talks in the technology world at Pplware.

We talked about the new MediaTek and Snapdragon SoCs, analyzed the Xiaomi 12T smartphone and the Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard, several scientific achievements and much more.

MediaTek is currently one of the most important manufacturers in the mobile processor segment. But it's also no news to anyone that it's a less popular brand in terms of consumer praise. Despite this, the company remains firm and firm in its mission to bring new products to market.

In this sense, the Taiwanese company recently launched its new Kompanio 528 and Kompanio 520 SoCs for Chromebooks.

Xiaomi recently introduced new smartphones Xiaomi 12T and 12T Proūüáßūüá∑ These two models attack different ranges with very attractive prices compared to the specifications, with the Xiaomi 12T taking a prominent place in the upper mid-range.

After a few days of testing and using it as my main smartphone, the day has come to share some of the best things I found about this smartphone, as well as the ones that I liked the least.

Analysis: Xiaomi 12T, the mid/high-end smartphone that came to conquer

After numerous setbacks, Artemis Mission 1 was finally launched. Originally scheduled for August 29, the launch of the rocket will be the first step towards the return of earthlings to the moon.

This officially marks the start of the NASA Artemis program.

Humanity is closer to the moon!  NASA Artemis launch successful

Users who like to stay up to date with what's happening in the hardware segment also like to find out what's happening in the consumer segment, as well as the most powerful news about professional and extremely powerful systems.

So, Cerebras Andromeda was recently introduced - one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, with at least 13 million cores.

Rugged smartphones tend to be oversized and inelegant machines, but manufacturers have taken care to add details that make a difference in terms of design. The new Oukitel WP21 is one such case.

But this is not just a smartphone with an improved image. Oukitel WP21 offers features that promise high performance and even a second screen on the back that can provide the user with quick and useful information.

Rugged phone Oukitel WP21 ‚ÄĒ stylish and reliable smartphone

After MediaTek announced the first smartphone SoC to support Wi-Fi 7, it was expected that Qualcomm would not take long to introduce its own solution. Here comes Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. In addition to better performance, compared to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (in both versions), there will be even more processing of information based on artificial intelligence processes.

Qualcomm's new SoC should start showing up on smartphones later this year... with a curious absence from the list of partners.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 comes with Wi-Fi 7 support

O space telescope James Webb (JWST) took a picture of a star that has not yet finished forming, showing a disk of debris that could eventually become planets. This birth image was taken about 450 light years away and the details are unique, never before seen by humans.

JWST has captured a protostar or prototype star. This object is a candidate for stars if its mass is large enough. But there is more interesting data in this incredible image.

ARM SoCs are increasingly present in the PC market and Qualcomm wants to be one of the biggest players in this coming change. The proposals are already there, but they still need to be finalized, especially in relation to Windows and what this system offers.

To speed up this process, Qualcomm has introduced a new offering that will be released to the market soon. He showed the Oryon SoC, which will surpass the Apple M2 in the PC market.

PC Apple SoC Qualcomm Oryon

In the conditions of the energy crisis, the possibilities of launching new technologies and developing others that are already known are taking on a new expression. The gas crisis, the prices of other fossil fuels and the reflection of these high energy production prices are opening the door to new products. This was the goal of investing in a solution that has been talked about for several years to use an acoustic heat pump that does not emit greenhouse gases and has a very low carbon footprint.

In practice, this equipment uses sound energy to heat and cool homes. Do you know that even noise can generate heat energy?

Illustration of a heat pump turning sound into heat

The Logitech MX Keys keyboard has been one of the best productivity keyboards of the last couple of years, offering a solid feature set and a very modern design. However, it looks like Logitech is trying to improve its performance even further by combining the same features with the capabilities of mechanical keys in the new Logitech MX Mechanical, a wireless keyboard that's simple and has slightly different typing.

After two weeks of use, today we present our Logitech MX Mechanical review.

We have seen here many times that technology combined with medicine can change lives. This time, what we bring to you may not change them, but it will certainly make many processes easier: 3D printed medicines.

Sounds like science fiction, but trust me, it could happen soon.

3D printed medicine

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Galaxy S23 may debut with super-bright screen and new biometrics | Cell



Galaxy S23 may debut with super-bright screen and new biometrics |  Cell

About site SamMobile believes that the new component for digital printing could be Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max, the most advanced in the world for this kind of task. It is generally ten times faster than the 2nd generation 3D Sonic found in Galaxy S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra. The part should also have five times better accuracy and can scan a 20mm x 30mm area, allowing up to two fingers to be used at the same time for greater security.

Qualcomm’s new scanner can be enrolled with just one touch, meaning it will no longer be necessary to position the finger in various ways on the reader until it is fully captured, which will also save user time. However, it is worth remembering that none of this information has been confirmed by Samsung.

Other rumors raised by the publication also indicate that the Galaxy S23 may have a processor. Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 and a Super AMOLED E6 LTPO 3.0 type screen, one of the most advanced to date. I would still count on the unpublished WiFi 7which tends to be more stable and faster than the previous one, and a 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor, but only in the “Ultra” version of the device.

One published report In early October, it was indicated that the Galaxy S23 Ultra, due in 2023, could have a 5,000mAh battery and up to 12GB of RAM.

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Tower of Fantasy to get Portuguese dub in update 2.1



Tower of Fantasy to get Portuguese dub in update 2.1

O MMORPG open world from Hotta Studio, fantasy towernew bosses, exciting challenges and testing of dubbing in Portuguese are waiting for you.

Update 2.1: The Twisted Labyrinth adds a new map, the Chaotic Abyss, filled with formidable enemies and a new Lin Simulacrum.

While exploring the abyss that lies beneath the Reflection, players will find the ruins of the Third City.

Enemies in this region have been affected by the Chaotic Abyss and have become more powerful and dangerous than ever before.

For those adventurers who manage to survive the challenges and areas of the new map, exclusive rewards will be found, as usual in Tower of Fantasy.

dubbed in portuguese

The new Tower of Fantasy update features a new Brazilian Portuguese dub of the game, but it’s still in testing.

Distributor Level Infinite hopes to get feedback from players to improve and continue to invest in dubbing the game.

Fantasy Tower No. TGA22

The MMORPG is nominated for Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2022 and also participates in the Google Play Users’ Choice Game poll.

Tower of Fantasy is now available for free for Android, iPhone and PC.

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Epic Games Store will give away one free game per day during Christmas 2022



Epic Games Store will give away one free game per day during Christmas 2022

The Epic Games Store has already established a tradition Give away free games every Thursdaybut it looks like the platform is creating an even more interesting new culture by running daily giveaways during the Christmas period, as it has done for the past three years.

Although the platform has yet to confirm that it intends to repeat the dose, the leak seems to have finally rekindled fans’ hopes.

According to Dealabs user billbil-kun, who has repeatedly correctly reported free games from the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass, the Epic Games Store repeat last year’s feat by hosting daily free games in the run-up to Christmas.

In 2019, the Epic Games Store gave away 12 games before Christmas, and in 2020 and 2021, 15 free games were given away during that period.

When asked about the possibility of distribution of a new wave of games this year, Billbil-kun said that the offer will be valid from December 15 to January 10, 2023.

It’s worth noting that the platform started giving away Star Wars: Squadrons this week, but given the games distributed over the Christmas period in previous years, it looks like we’re in for some big surprises.

Despite the credibility of the source of information, we must treat this information as a rumor until it is officially confirmed.

What games would you like Epic to distribute this Christmas?

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