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Stephen Ferreira is the first Portuguese champion of the Sunshine Tour – Golf



Stephen Ferreira is the first Portuguese champion of the Sunshine Tour - Golf

Stephen Ferreira became the first Portuguese to win a title on the Sunshine Tour, South Africa’s first division of professional golf, one of the most prestigious professional courses in the world, after the PGA Tour in North America and the DP World Tour in Europe. and Asian tour.

“I am very happy and proud to be the first Portuguese to win the Sunshine Tour,” said Write down a player from Zimbabwe who needed 137 tournaments played at this circuit to win his first Blue Label Challenge title.

With a prize pool of €140,000, this tournament was the second highest prize tournament on the Sunshine Tour 2022/2023.

That’s why he gave away many Luno points to the Order of Merit. Thus, Ferreira scored 317 points, rising from 36th to 11th place, which is the best result for the Portuguese in this ranking of the South African circuit.

“I don’t think I fully understand what happened, but it is very important and means a lot to me. I’ve been trying to get past the finish line first for some time and I finally got it.” , he told us, after 38 points, after rounds 11, 13, 6 and 8, in a modified Stableford tournament held at the Gary Player Country Club, one of the longest courses in the world, is in Sunny City.

Stephen Ferreira beat South African Luca Filippi by one point, who scored 37 points (7+10+6+14), and everything was decided on the last hole. With only one hole left, the Portuguese was leading by the slightest bit over Luca Filippi when the latter, playing in a group ahead of him, birdied to overtake him at the top of the table. But Steven also made a birdie on 18 (out of par-5), sealing the win.

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“Luca pushed me to the limit on the last hole and it was great that I hit the last shot to win,” a player who lives in Johannesburg during the season in South Africa told the Sunshine Tour.

Steven Ferreira was in 2nd place after the first round, took command after the second round and never let go. A situation that ran counter to the trend of his last participation in the Portugal Open of the Challenge Tour, in which he had good first laps but fell off after production in the following days.

According to the press office of the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG), “the secret of his success was a tip given to him by his fellow professional player Madalitso Mutiya from Zambia.”

At the awards ceremony, the player representing Borrowdale Brook Golf Club struggled to contain his emotions: “I’m still at a loss for words. I’m glad I finally won. finally managed to dominate the beast” (field 7300 meters).

“I participated in the Sunshine Tour for several years (he turned pro in 2011) and came close to the title several times. At some point, doubts began to creep in, but finally I won and I am delighted, ”he added after he received a prize of 22,264 euros, reaching 112 thousand euros in career prizes at this track.

At the Open de Portugal at Royal Óbidos in September, where he missed the cut, he told us that the goals for 2022/2023 on the Sunshine Tour are to “win the tournament and finish the season in the Order’s top 20.” Price”. In one sitting, he did both.

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Showing 22 birdies, 1 eagle, 8 scarecrows and 1 double scarecrow in a special tournament played for points rather than hits. In this modified stableford modality, pairs scored 0 points, birds scored 2, eagles scored 5, and albatrosses scored 8. Negatively, each scarecrow was worth a -1 point deduction, and double scarecrows or worse. cost – 3.

Steven Ferreira has already performed well, finishing 2nd (-10) at the SunBet Challenge – Wild Coast at the end of September and 6th (-6) at VOG Highland Gates at the end of August.

“I was very motivated for the rest of the season and now I want to keep pushing myself for another win,” he told us, adding that this success will have an immediate positive impact for years to come.

“Obviously this is a huge opportunity for me because I am exempt from the Sunshine Tour for the next two years and I will be directly competing in all tournaments, including those jointly sanctioned. This is a giant step in the right direction.” he added.

The Portuguese is referring to the fact that he will be able to participate in all tournaments that are organized simultaneously by the Sunshine Tour and the DP World Tour, the first European division.

In recent years, Steven Ferreira has easily participated in the events that separated the Sunshine Tour and the Challenge Tour, the second European division, but he has not always competed in the South African DP World Tour competitions. This hurdle has now been overcome.

The player who was born and lives in Harare, Zimbabwe (when not competing) dreams of playing in one of two European tournaments and that will be a big help.

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Steven Ferreira also intends to talk to national coach Nelson Ribeiro to ask that South African tracks be included in the FPG Pro Rankings to make it easier for him to get invitations to the Challenge Tour stages, in addition to the Portugal Open. . . .

Either way, the Sunshine Tour counts for world rankings and Olympic rankings, with the 30-year-old Portuguese vying for a presence in Paris in 2024. We won’t find out until Monday what this victory meant for his position in the world. rating and Olympic.

According to the press office of the FPG, “His Portuguese roots come from his maternal grandfather, born in Vidago, in Tras os Montes, who at the age of 19 emigrated to Africa, where he met an Englishwoman from Malawai, with whom he teamed up. . The couple would have had a daughter, Stephen Ferreira.”

Interestingly, this year he told us that he knows how to be a Portuguese by the name of Costa, and not by the name of Ferreira. By the way, his uncle, Roy da Costa, also represented Portugal and qualified for the Portuguese Open in 1985 in Quinta do Lago.

The next tournament on the Sunshine Tour will be the SunBet Challenge hosted by Sun Sibaya from the 19th to the 21st at Umhlali Country Club.

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The Portuguese player who stole the CR7 stage in the Cup is married to the first girl he met in high school



Portugal international Bruno Fernandez rose to prominence during the World Cup in Qatar. The star, who also plays for England’s Manchester United, scored one more goal than Cristiano Ronaldo and played a crucial role in securing Portugal a place in the round of 16.

At the age of 28, the Portuguese has a very quiet personal life and is the father of two children. The star married in 2015, when he was 21, the first and only girl in his life, the Portuguese Ana Piño.

Adult film muse Elisa Sanchez poses with her body painted at a rehearsal for the World Cup.

Bruno Fernandes and Ana Pinho Photo: reproduction / Instagram

Bruno and Ana’s love story began in Porto, Portugal. They met at the school where they studied together, started dating and since then have not parted.

At the beginning of the relationship, Bruno played for the Portuguese club Boavista, so he easily managed to be with Ana and train.

When the player needed to move to Italy to improve his career, Ana supported the star and two years later she was asked to marry him.

They married at the end of 2015, and in 2017 they had Matilda Fernandez, the couple’s first daughter. Three years later, in 2020, Goncalo Fernandes was born, who completed the team of football fans played by Bruno.

Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes
Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes Photo: reproduction / Instagram
Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes
Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes Photo: reproduction / Instagram

Ana, Mathilde and Gonzalo are always present in the Portuguese games, which is very important in raising children.

Bruno Fernandes and family
Bruno Fernandes and family Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Last Monday, when he scored two goals for Portugal, Bruno revealed during an interview that the kids predicted his performance against Uruguay. The children were optimistic. Woman, not so much.

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“Before the game, my children said that I would score two goals. Mother even thought it was an exaggeration, maybe now she doesn’t think it’s so exaggerated, ”Bruno joked.

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"Now you die, I'll burn everything."  Portuguese man arrested in Spain suspected of setting wife on fire - Observer

Catalan justice has ordered the preventive detention of a man of Portuguese nationality for allegedly burning a 48-year-old woman alive. The suspect doused his companion with alcohol with rosemary and acetone, set fire to the house in which he lived in Lleida, while telling her: “Now you will die, I will burn everything.”

According to El Periodico, the 39-year-old man was detained on Monday, while a companion was rushed to the burn unit of the Hospital de la Vall d’Hebron, where she still has burns over 18% of her body.

or country Details that, in addition to trying to burn her, the man tried to strangle her. According to the indictment seen by the same newspaper, the victim went to bed around 11:00 pm, and the partner was still at home. Shortly after that, he left, and when he returned, he began to poke something in the woman’s face. “I will kill you,” I told him.

Companion managed to get out of bed, but the alleged intruder splashed acetone in his face. It was there that the man allegedly set fire to the house and tried to strangle her. The woman ran away, but she was pulled when she went down the stairs: “Let’s go, I’m on fire too.”

The building where the couple lived was destroyed by fire. However, the man denies this version, arguing that there was a quarrel, but that when he came home, there was already a fire. However, the judge who heard him considered that the explanations were “inaccurate” and there were “contradictions”.

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When asked why the woman came up with this story, the Portuguese man limited himself to the fact that “when she is annoyed”, her partner “does not know what he is saying”: “When he gets angry, he tries to hurt everyone.”

In turn, one of the witnesses – a neighbor of the couple – told the authorities that the couple quarreled, despite the fact that they had never witnessed a single episode of physical violence. On Monday, a neighbor overheard their quarrel and went out on the balcony at dawn and heard the cry of a 48-year-old woman: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”


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