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“Reading the world and speaking Portuguese” in Teaching Journeys at the University of Timor-Leste



"Reading the world and speaking Portuguese" in Teaching Journeys at the University of Timor-Leste

“Reading the world and speaking Portuguese” is the theme of the VII Days of Education organized by the Portuguese Language Center of the National University of Timor Lorosae (UNTL) next week in Dili.

These days, organized by the FOCO-UNTL project and in cooperation with the Portuguese Embassy in Dili, include several workshops and discussions on various topics, including the general situation of teaching Portuguese in Timor-Leste.

“Reading and preparing readers is an increasingly challenging task for students and teachers, and difficulties with reading and effective communication are a reality in many academic and professional contexts, it is hoped that research in this area can contribute to new knowledge, methods and practices. for more effective teaching of the Portuguese language,” the organizers said in a note sent to Lusa.

From October 19 to 21, professionals, faculty and students will gather in an initiative involving the UNTL Graduate and Research Department and the Faculty of Education, Arts and Humanities, which will take place on the UNTL “campus” and the Portuguese Cultural Center.

“At a time when research in a wide variety of cultural and social contexts is revealing the relationship between reading skills and the development of linguistic and communicative competencies, this edition of the conferences is expected to provide an opportunity to reflect on the relationships that are being established between literature, reading and pedagogical practice. in the process of teaching and learning the Portuguese language,” the organizers emphasize.

“Thinking of the Portuguese language and its teaching in Timor, in Portuguese-speaking countries, in a world in a context in which the classroom is an increasingly multilingual and multicultural space populated by diverse technological knowledge, and where the role of literature and reading is often questioned, is a serious problem facing researchers,” they cite.

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The conference aims, among other things, at “disclosing the monographic works done by the finalist students, presenting messages or posters within certain axes, and exchanging initiatives and projects carried out or being carried out in the field of the Portuguese language”.

It aims to “promote a multiple space for the dissemination of knowledge and discussions in didactics, linguistics, digital education, culture and literature in Portuguese”.

Among the topics of the three-day program are presentations on strategies for motivating reading, promoting reading and writing in preschool education, learning Portuguese in the context of a non-native language or as a foreign language.

Distance learning, digital education, translations, the analysis of the works of the main Timorese writer Luis Cardoso, the promotion of learning in science, pedagogy, poetry, grammar and literature are other topics.

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Official: Mikael Sagna has signed a professional contract with Sporting. The 16-year-old striker, who moved to Alvalade in the 2019/2020 season, was pleased with the new career step.

“Signing a professional contract was my goal”

“I’m happy. Signing a professional contract was my goal and it shows that I’m doing a good job. So now it’s time to move on to achieve new goals,” he told the lion’s media.

“Sporting believes in us”

The athlete plays for the junior team of lions and is very grateful to Sporting for everything that the club has given him: Sporting believes in us, believes in our potential and therefore puts us at a higher level for growth and development. It was good, I grew up.”

Sporting believe in the youngest

“The problems are getting bigger, but I was able to deal with them. In addition, the master [Pedro Coelho] this helped me a lot. Sporting believe in the youngest, bet on them, and I also believe that with my work I can get there,” he repeated, making a promise to the green and white fans: “I will continue to give everything for Sporting, he finished.

This season Mikael Sagna has scored two goals in 13 games for the youth team and four goals in four games for the youth team.


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Qatar out of the World Cup



Qatar out of the World Cup

O Senegal he won 3–1 against Qatar and dictated the verdict to the hosts of the World Cup: the Qatar team was the first to make it through the group stage after goals from Boulaye Dia, 41 minutes, Famara Diediu, 48 minutes, and Bamba Dieng, 84′. O Qatar he still scored over the leg of Mohammed Muntari in the 78th minute, but this result was not enough to change the final result.

The outcome of the home team was eventually dictated by a 1:1 draw between Netherlands e Ecuadorwhich guaranteed both teams the lead in Group A with 4 points each.

It remains for the African champions to catch up and beat Ecuador in order to reach the 1/8 finals next Tuesday.

Not group B, or Iran had to wait for stoppage time to see two winning goals scored by Rosebeh Ceshmi on 90’+8′ and Ramin Rezayan on 90’+11 against Waleswhich, in addition to not breaking through the opponent’s defense, led to the removal of Wayne Hennessy in the 86th minute.

After the defeat to England, the Iranian team under the Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz depends only on themselves to move forward.

Already England in the end 0-0 against USA.

The draw brought the British the point necessary for leadership in the group, but still does not allow them to breathe a sigh of relief. At the moment, any of the teams can still reach the playoffs.

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“Now those who declared the “Golden Whistle” the loudest scandal in Portuguese football are involved” – Benfica



"Now those who declared the "Golden Whistle" the loudest scandal in Portuguese football are involved" - Benfica

Several times during the session that took place this morning at the Campus da Justiça, Carlos Duarte compared the case to golden whistle email several times. The former referee, also a lawyer, was out of his depth when he was invited to speak about Ferreira Nunez’s closeness to Benfica, as well as the connection between Joao Pinheiro, Nuno Cabral and Paulo Gonçalves. “It is outrageous because we have publicly witnessed the impact that Apito Dourado has had on refereeing. We all know what people and clubs like Benfica said. This was a particular surprise and surprise, since we were sure that the distribution of emails, a behavior that we condemned and rejected. It turns out that the position of some leaders in this whole topic is ironic., – defended the former member of the Arbitration Board.

In the presence of Francisco J. Marquez, a witness for the defense of Diogo Faria, one of the defendants in this trial, there was talk of suspicious “promiscuous relationships.” “I took Nuno Cabral’s closeness to Benfica as a betrayal because he is still a former referee. And the word “closeness” is very beautiful. “Promiscuity” with Paulo Gonçalves would be the most accurate term,” analyzed Carlos Duarte, who before the panel of judges went even further with criticism: “Contacts between Joao Pinheiro and Nuno Cabral, who subsequently contacted Paulo Gonçalves, are not proper. I am sure that this is a reason for disciplinary sanctions, and from an ethical point of view, there are no conditions for refereeing the matches of Benfica and some other clubs. Clubitis cannot harm the task of the agents.”

It should be recalled that Francisco J. Márquez published an e-mail on the Porto channel, in which it was clear that João Pinheiro had sent Nuno Cabral, at that time a delegate of the League, a report on the game he managed between Moreirense and Belenenses, in which he had a positive assessment. The judge later complained about the score he had received, which was sent back to Nuno Cabral. He forwarded the above email to Paulo Gonçalves, the Eagles’ former legal adviser. Francisco J. Márquez hypothesized that this email exchange was intended to influence the Eagles so that the referee’s score could be improved.

Carlos Duarte did not finish his testimony without leaving a “beak”. “Perhaps this season we are seeing some dangerous demonstrations, but I want to believe that it’s nothing to worry about,” he shot.

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