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Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira had a ‘day to forget’ in Sepang – Observer



Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira had a 'day to forget' in Sepang - Observer

Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira (KTM) admitted this Saturday that he had “a day to forget” in qualifying for the Malaysian MotoGP Grand Prix in Sepang, the 19th and penultimate race of the 2022 World Championship.

The Portuguese driver, who was 19th fastest in the morning session, won the place due to a three-place miss from Spaniard Paul Espargaro (Honda), who finished in 17th place.

Thus, Oliveira starts in 18th place after experiencing “front wheel vibration” during the first qualifying round (Q1).

In qualifying, I had an unexpected vibration on the front wheel and didn’t have time to change it and didn’t get the chance to get on another bike because it had a different set up. In any case, it was a day to be forgotten, ”said the Portuguese pilot, whose words are quoted by his press service.


Even though it will be a “difficult race”, Miguel Oliveira understands that it will be “difficult for everyone”.

“The race here is very long, it’s very physical, and I think that in this part I can do better and recover positions. Therefore, we are clearly going with all the motivation for tomorrow (Sunday), ”said the pilot, a native of Almada.

The strategy for the race is to “start well, have a good first lap, which is very important at this circuit, and find the rhythm quickly.”

The new tires are another challenge the Portuguese rider has to face.

“With the hardship I experienced in the afternoon, I have no grip [aderência] brake straight and not much support when I lean the bike, although it is a very stable tire. The medium, on the other hand, is rather unstable, but has much more cohesion. Therefore, we will have to choose between these two characteristics, which is the most important thing for us in the race. As for the rear tire, I think it will be pretty easy for everyone, since almost everyone used a soft rear tire, because it lasts the longest and is the fastest,” he concluded.

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In the Drivers’ World standings, led by Francesco Banagia (Ducati) with 233 points and two races to go, Miguel Oliveira remains in 10th place with 135 points.

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Joao Semedo, Portuguese Viktor Frankl – Observer



Joao Semedo, Portuguese Viktor Frankl - Observer

I write these words knowing that at this time the last funeral ceremonies are taking place and honoring the Portuguese Viktor Frankl, Joao Semedo or Johnson for friends. I call him that without fear of being misunderstood, believing that in all of us, and in João Semedo in particular, dwells the same force that lived (or flourished) in the personality of Viktor Emil Frankl, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. Teresa. from Calcutta, Desmond Tutu and many others (just talking about the departed).

I could start by talking about João Semedo and his work, but I can’t because I didn’t have the good fortune to work with him and there are so many others who could do so with great right. I could talk about Viktor Frankl, the famous Viennese neurologist and psychiatrist, but somehow I already did it in last two articles.

What makes me say that I believe João Semedo’s path reflects what Viktor Frankl has always believed in and has led many others to follow in that conviction is that we are within our reach to find the meaning of our lives. helping others find the meaning of life. their lives [1], regardless of our existential biography. For Frankl, in any hopeless situation, there is always an opportunity surpassMos this is us to position ourselves in front of every moment of our lives, counteracting the consequences and symptoms that we may experience, because each of usfromWith this is It is proposed to behave freely and responsibly in all life circumstances. And I believe that João Semedo, faced with adversity and the contexts he experienced, decided to confront life, finding in it the motivation to transcend himself.

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Portugal’s Neemias Kweta scores 20 points in NBA G-League loss to Stockton Kings – World Today News



Portugal's Neemias Kweta scores 20 points in NBA G-League loss to Stockton Kings - World Today News

Portugal’s Nimias Keta scored 20 points and grabbed 11 rebounds on Friday in the Stockton Kings’ 106-108 home loss to the Santa Cruz Warriors in the North American Basketball League (NBA) G-League game.

In a match in which he had 36 minutes to his credit, the Portuguese made eight of 14 field goals and two free throw attempts, and added four assists and two tackles.

After a great game a week ago against the same opponent, with 38 points and 18 rebounds, Nimias was once again the top scorer for the Sacramento Kings second team.

However, this time around, the Portuguese lost the post battle to James Wiseman, number two in the 2020 NBA Draft, who added 24 points and 13 rebounds, in a game in which he converted 11 of 13 “shots” from the field attempt.

The Stockton Kings are now four wins and five losses, fourth in the Western Division, with the Santa Cruz Warriors in fourth with five wins and six losses.

Nehemiah, who went through Barreirense and Benfica in training, has extended his contract with the Kings through the 2022/23 season, re-signing a two-way deal that allows him to play for the first team as well as the secondary side Stockton Kings of the League. G.

The 2.13-meter Pole, 22, became the first Portuguese to join an NBA team since being selected 39th overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 2021 draft on July 29 in New York.

As a rookie (2021-22), Nimias played 15 games for the Kings in which he scored 45 points (average 3.0), 31 rebounds (2.1), eight tackles (0.5) and six assists. (0.4) out of 119.34. minutes (8.0).

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In the 2022/23 season, the Portuguese has not yet been called up to a single game for the Sacramento Kings, who remain in seventh place in the NBA Western Conference (11 wins and nine losses).

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Parties vote against free Portuguese language education abroad | Assembly of the Republic



Parties vote against free Portuguese language education abroad |  Assembly of the Republic

The diplomas voted this Friday in the Assembly of the Republic, which offered free teaching of the Portuguese language abroad, were rejected: the Socialist Party voted against and the PSD, among others, abstained.

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