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High spirits first thing in the morning at Big Brother’s house: “Not normal!” – Big Brother



High spirits first thing in the morning at Big Brother's house: "Not normal!"  - Big Brother

The mood rose early in the morning in the houseOh Big Brotherall because of the food. While several members are having breakfast, Mafalda Diamond and Joanna Schreyer complain about the amount of food their colleagues ate the night before.

“They ate like maggots last night,” he complains. Mafalda Diamond. “The issue is really that there were a lot of people who ate a lot of things,” adds Joana.

“Waste eggs, and then there are no eggs, they look like children and don’t learn anything,” Mafalda shoots. “People are not aware of what they are eating,” adds Joan Schreyer. At that moment, Miguel intervenes and asks them to stop. “Don’t start, for heaven’s sake,” he complains.

“You’re one of them!” the leader of the week immediately accuses. “You clap my head first thing in the morning, why?” he asks. Miguel Vicente, leaving Joanna furious. “Do not interfere in a conversation that does not belong to you. If you do not want to hear anything, do not interfere in conversations that do not belong to you … “

Tatiana Boa Bova intervenes and asks for “calm”. However, Mafalda Diamond continues and complains about the amount of meat that Miguel Vicente thawed out. “Miguel, you don’t cook six-course meals!” Miguel Vicente says he just thawed food. “Yesterday, if not for me, it would have been frozen, and today you would have had lunch later. I just had the initiative to unfreeze.”

Tatiana is worried about the direction of the conversation. Mafalda, so be it. If you don’t eat everything at noon, it’s at night. Calm down, it’s morning already!

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In the bedroom, Diana Lopez also asks Mafalda Diamond to calm down, but the rival is very nervous and calls her colleagues “crazy”.

“We have been walking for a month and a week without food. We finally have food and I have to stop eating next week because there are crazy people who don’t know how to handle food? Should I stop eating because of these anomalies? ABNORMAL in Caps Lock,” he says.

Watch the various videos and watch the moment that brought life to Big Brother’s house this morning.

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Bryan Danielson accused of indecent talk



Bryan Danielson accused of indecent talk

Bryan Danielson is one of the best fighters in the world, but he is also quite ridiculous due to his talk or public statements.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful before Dynamite last WednesdayDax Harwood commented on his fight against American Dragon as follows.

Obviously, I’m very excited before the fight. He may be the best fighter in history. If we’re talking about work [em ringue]he might be the best ever. I am very excited before the fight.

They said: “You will be fighting Bryan Danielson and we need you to do this promo”🇧🇷 I was like, “What can I say to make these people care about the fight?” Obviously people will enjoy watching the fight.

I’m not one of those people who think that every fight should have a story. I see you complain all the time. When the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Atlanta Hawks, do you think there’s a story behind it or are they just playing to win?

Are there two fighters, or four fighters, or six fighters? [ao ringue] Win. Not every match has to have a story, but I wanted people to be interested in this match, so I had to come up with a reason very quickly, and that’s how I got it.

Regarding the conversations Bryan Danielson sometimes makes, including about “flabby penises”, the FTR member had this to say:

I didn’t see the news but I’ll tell you something, this story along with many other stories he talks non-stop. All he does is talk about penis size in the locker room. All such “Brian, why are we talking about this?”.

What do you think of these statements by Dax Harwood about Bryan Danielson?

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Detail in photo of Harry and Meghan Markle sparks controversy



Detail in photo of Harry and Meghan Markle sparks controversy

The first footage of the documentary series about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle caused a storm of discussions in social networks, and the controversy was not long in coming.

One of the discovered photographs shows one of the entrances located on the north side of Buckingham Palace, directly below the Queen’s private quarters.

The location of the moment was made possible by a detail in the photograph, namely a box on which the words “Your Majesty” can be read.

” data-title=”Detail in photo of Harry and Meghan Markle controversial – SAPO lifestyle”>

Photo that caused controversy© Playback – Netflix

According to royal protocol, photography and filming inside the palace requires permission, and according to The Telegraph, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not have such permission.

However, it is believed that the couple did not receive any complaints (yet) or that the photographer was forced to leave the premises.

It should be noted that the photo was taken during a “farewell tour” in which Harry and Meghan completed a series of royal engagements before leaving for the United States.

The documentary series Harry and Meghan is coming to Netflix soon.

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Bronka at MasterChef Celebrity. Former contestant denounces drug use and accuses production of manipulation



Bronka at MasterChef Celebrity.  Former contestant denounces drug use and accuses production of manipulation

The seventh edition of Spain’s “Masterchef Celebrities” wrapped up on November 30, but after the finale (which ended with host Lorena Castell winning), controversy erupted on social media. Patricia Conde, who is also a TVE cooking show host and contestant, made a lengthy statement on social media in which she accused the producer of manipulating the format, as well as insinuating drug use by the two contestants.

Patricia Conde was eliminated in the fourth edition, but, according to the results, reached the semi-finals of the program. However, due to pressure and fatigue, he withdrew midway through the race. “When I get yelled at or treated badly, I don’t know how to deal with the situation,” he wrote in one version of the text posted on Instagram. “Country”. The former Masterchef Celebrity contestant also accuses the crew of “doing things like turning off the oven during tasting” when she wasn’t watching.

In this clip from the program, which shows the semi-final race that Patricia participated in, you can see a visibly tired and disoriented host. “I don’t even know where I am. They are so tired, I want to sleep so much. I’m upset. . Voices are heard from the other side of the chambers, but it is not clear what they are saying. Patricia Conde leaves the kitchen.

In another excerpt from the text, which has also been removed, the presenter explains that she was blocked due to pressure. “Not only about the dish that I had to cook, but also about everyone who gives orders in front of us, and, above all, about what social networks will say about us later. Which, as you already know, has dire consequences,” he wrote. Patricia Conde also hints that her involvement was fabricated. “I wish I was more competitive and ambitious. I prefer to laugh at myself and put on the show I’ve been asked to do. It’s TV, it’s not real.”

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Patricia Conde goes even further and claims that drugs were used during the recording. “I only had one dream in my life. I never got high on a TV show when I was filmed by 14 cameras. I would never do anything like that, I respect myself and want the best for my son.”🇧🇷 Speaking to Samantha Vallejo-Nagera, one of the judges of the format, Patricia Conde continues: “You know perfectly well who these two people are in this edition who did this every day.”

Finally, the final version of this post on instagram it contains only praise for the creation of the format, as well as an apology. “I would like to apologize to my family (they know perfectly well that if I don’t sleep, then I don’t work), friends, the MasterChef team, who trusted me more than me.”

Producer Shine Iberia, responsible for the format, has already denied the allegations made by Patricia Conde. “Shine Iberia regrets and rejects Patricia Conde’s accusations against the program team, as well as against the other participants in the latest edition of Masterchef Celebrity, of erroneous comments that infringe on the honor of all people involved in the production.”

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