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Forcados and fans, outraged by the festival’s failure, fill the Palha Blanco arena (with photos) :: Touro e Ouro



Forcados and fans, outraged by the festival's failure, fill the Palha Blanco arena (with photos) :: Touro e Ouro

Forcados tried to open Paglia Blanco and show TuroEuro the condition of the arena.

Following the inauguration of the “Largo do Forcado”, located very close to Praça de Toros Palha Blanco, in Vila Franca, an extensive group of current and former members of the amateur group Forcados Vila Franca were present there on the day that was to take place. the party has done everything to show TouroeOuro the condition of the Vilafrancuense bullring, even opening its doors so that everyone can set foot on the ground.

Unprecedented in Portugal, the arena was full, everyone was advancing and advancing, in order to prove that at exactly 16:00 the arena was usable and that there would be no risk to the physical integrity of the declared bullfighters.

Lots of sadness, anger and resentment in the mouths of all the pitchforks that engineered what would become perhaps one of the most famous bullfighting events of the year and be a box office success.

According to a statement printed at the box office of Palha Blanco, the Bullfighting Festival commemorating the 90th anniversary of the founding of Grupo de Forcados Amadores de Vila Franca did not take place due to the impractical condition of the floor/arena.

sand condition

TouroeOuro can attest to the condition of the arena “in loco” and prove that the arena meets more than “trustworthy” conditions for an event.


Never before has the organization of a postponed or canceled Bullfighting Festival been aimed at proving to everyone, but especially to the fans in general, and the fans and friends of the Vila Franca group in particular, that the alleged reasons for the postponement of the event are not legitimate.

Among the visitors to the arena, in addition to former and current members of the Group and their families, were the veterinarian who advised the race management, Jorge Moreira da Silva, the Levesinho family (entrepreneurs of the taurodrome) and Luis Capucha, president of the Associação. de Tertulias Bullfighting.

Result: sadness and disappointment were imprinted on the faces of everyone …


At the start of the festivities, as well as two or three hours before the show, not a drop of water fell in Vila Franca, and the sky was slightly cloudy or even clear.

The Harm of an Unreasonable and Unannounced Postponement

The decision to postpone or cancel it, made belatedly, forced the masses of the public to flock to the bullfighting track and only there, along with the closed box office, they realized that the show would not be.

All fans were unanimous that this is a misunderstanding and that all this is a huge disrespect for those who “feed” the Festival. TouroeOuro can see that there were fans who traveled over 150 kilometers to watch one of the best cartels of the season arriving and “knocking on the door‘.

Available and those who dictated “no”

There were many versions that circulated minutes before and after the festival, and it is certain that none of the horse-drawn carriages were present in the vicinity of Paglia Blanco. Those who have seen say that it seems that there was nothing there and never will be…

During the drawing of lots in the bullring in Passagna and the settlement of the first doubts, the owner of the cattle rancher “allowed” the winding up of the astados, accepting responsibility for the final decision that could arise from this …

However, “available” and “unavailable” began to be outlined, we all knew that the first decision belongs to the head of the poster, that yes, the decision was made, convinced and without “pimples”. Festival on earth!

After that, a round of those who agreed to move forward began, and those who did not want to, did not go. We know that seniority is a position, and in bullfighting it is a real position, however … Due to the exclusion of parts, Salgueiro and Marcos Bastignas were ready to fight in the bullfight, the rest delegated the decision of the “oldest position”, as they say. , the rules and that they even wanted race director Lara Gregorio de Oliveira to write in a report to IGAC that there would be no conditions for the show to be “requiring” the director that the artists sign their intention, so the truth came out in that report.

Unanimous decision?

Of course not, but here and according to the rules of bullfighting, we know that the decision does not have to be unanimous, and it is for this reason that it makes sense to quote the posting of Marcos Bastignas on his social media pages. “… I had a big illusion that I was again among the audience of this bull land, but apparently half of the square did not meet the conditions”.

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“They are like hyenas who are always laughing…”



Jéssica Gomes ‘atira-se’ a Bárbara Parada e Miguel Vicente: “Parecem umas hienas que estão sempre a rir…”

In the afternoon this Saturday, December 3, the house ‘Big Brother’ turned inside out.

The friendship of former friends Miguel Vicente, Patricia Silva and Jessica Gomez seems to be hanging in the balance.

In the garden, after the tension in the room, Barbara Parada explained the expression used to denote the attitude of mother and daughter: “I said, ‘You (Patricia) and Jessica were like two talking lions.’ The way you said it, I’m not literally calling you a lion. I could be wrong”

Jessica Gomes defended: “I think so because I am not sharp, I was very calm there, as I always say, and I did not understand why you went to pick up when there is no point in picking up”.

Barbara Parada explained: “Because I felt they were like (lions)” – and the daughter of Patricia Silva fired: “Oh, okay. So you two are like hyenas who are always laughing. Here is my comparison. I am a lion, you are hyenas.”.

Miguel Vicente Reagio: “It was not what Jessica expected. But it normal” – and Barbara Parada added: “But it’s cool. No, it’s cool, it’s good. It’s good that you express your opinion, it’s good”.

A visibly upset Jessica Gomes asked: “Is it good that Barbara? Seriously, I really don’t understand what’s going on here.”.

Watch video here.

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“What happened to you, my dear? Why?”



"What happened to you, my dear? Why?"

Clara de Souza is heartbroken when she revealed via social media on Saturday morning, December 3, that her cat “Rissol” had died on Friday night.

The SIC journalist took to Instagram to say goodbye to the cat and began by writing: “We gain and we lose. Life is made of it. Moments of great joy and deep sadness.

“When we lose and do not understand why, when we do not know the reasons and do not expect this, the shock is even greater. Rissol left yesterday. Just a few days ago, I put a little Christmas hat on him, already looking forward to the date. He left everything. was always there“, it can still be read.

“He kept me company like no other. Always watching me cook on the counter, always ready to steal something as soon as I get distracted. Always follow me like a dog. Now he is not with us in a sudden death at the age of only one and a half years. I can’t understand it” it is also admitted that Clara de Souza is alone.

“Just 4 days after the great joy with the arrival of Lucky, with whom he played first, the family became poorer. What happened to you my dear? Because? I will never know. 🇧🇷”still full.

Look here:

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Sarah Norte again postpones the wedding: “My family had a difficult time”



Sarah Norte again postpones the wedding: “My family had a difficult time”

North Sarah have a love relationship with Vasco Vala Cruz six years ago. In May of this year, the couple celebrated another anniversary and, being engaged, the actress did not rule out the possibility of marriage.

However, this is a step that was postponed🇧🇷 Both were about to come to the altar, but start of the Covid-19 pandemic and later, Death of Sister Beatricea victim of leukemia meant the couple had to change the date and plans for the ceremony.

Despite this, the actress, who is also a commentator on the Red Carpet program at SIC Caras, admits that she still don’t feel prepared take a decisive step forward, and the wedding is still postponed.

Speaking to a magazine VIPSarah Norte said:I still don’t want to think about it. My family has had a tough time and I think it needs to get stronger. When everything is fine and peaceful with us, then yes, it makes sense. Not yet“, he confessed.

However, the actress says she is already in the Christmas spirit and is thinking about how she will spend Christmas Eve with her family. 🇧🇷This will be another night when my family gets together. Truth be told, it’s a night when I’m more nostalgic, but being surrounded by my people makes things easier.“, he stressed.

Recall that recently Sarah Norte experienced a small “trouble” with the health of her father, an actor. Victor Nortewho underwent surgery for a tumor on his head and recovered quickly.

Sarah Norte remembers her sister: “For the first time in two years I went to watch your videos”

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