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For these Portuguese couples, the age difference doesn’t matter.



For these Portuguese couples, the age difference doesn't matter.

There is less and less prejudice against couples who have a greater age difference than most, however, some of these personalities in public life and / or in social networks, others in the private sphere do not avoid the most curious questions and even some criticism.

The Fama website has compiled the top 10 famous Portuguese couples who

Duarte Gomez and Philip Nascimento (11 years old)

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Duarte Gomez (36 years old) and Philip Nascimento (age 26) met on a soap opera recording Opposite lives.It doesn’t bother us,” the actress said in a morning interview with SIC in 2020. “Either I am very young, or she is already very mature”, the actor added. married and girl’s parents.

Carla Baya and Raheem Samcher (15 years old)

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Carla Baya (51) is married to Rahim Samcher (36) and is pregnant and expecting her third child. business woman and designer interiors got married in 2019.

Marta Fernandez and Dinis Oliveira (18 years old)

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Actress Martha Fernandez (aged 42) and musician Dinis Oliveira (24) have already talked about their 18-year age gap. “For a while I thought [começar esta relação]. I myself have been a victim of this deep-seated prejudice.”confessed in an interview Julia.: “I was faced with very practical issues, such as having children. I no longer think about having it, and Dinis is young. We are at different stages of life, but Dinis – old soul“. The actress also talked about her daughter’s reaction.

Bruno Cabrerizo and Ines Monteiro (18 years old)

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Bruno Cabrerizo (43 years old) and Ines Monteiro (25) posed together at an event in Brazil in early October, a few weeks later they shared photos of the same places.

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Joana and Eduardo Madeira (19 years old)

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Joan (31 years old) and Eduardo Madeira (50) have two children and the comedian, who married the actress in 2013, admitted in an interview in 2021 that the relationship was not welcome. “Too many prejudices. I have been attacked a lot. me and her” noticing that they heard very unpleasant things.

Luis Mascarenhas and Martha Oliveira (21 years old)

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Luis Mascarenhas (75) and Marta Oliveira (54) got married in August this year after two years of dating. “We were two friends who loved to talk“, revealed in Julia.

Manuel Marquez and Beatriz Barosa (23 years old)

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Manuel Marquez (47 years old) and Beatriz Barosa (24 years old) suggested their relationship in 2021 and met on the taping of a soap opera A party is a party. The actor even suggested that the end of his marriage to Anna Martins, from whom he has two daughters, it was very hard.

Gabriela Sobral and Ines Heredia (25 years old)

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Ines Heredia (32 years old) and Gabriela Sobral (57 years old) are the parents of two twin boys and got married in 2018.

Ines Heredia: “It was here that I got married and got pregnant”

Jose Raposo and Sara Barradas (27 years)

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Sarah Barradas e Jose Raposo married and both have already discounted the age question in interviews. The actress has already responded to criticism on social networks. “When he grows up, he will call his father grandfather”they wrote. “Thank you for being so concerned about my well-being and the well-being of my daughter. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you too”answered in 2019.

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Fabia Rebordan and Jorge Fernando (28 years old)

Fabia Rebordan (37 years old) first became a mother on March 29 this year. The child was born from the relationship that the fado singer has with the composer, George Ferdinand (65 years old).

Carlos Areya and Rosa Bela (48 years old)

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Together 14 years Carlos Areya (78 years old) and beautiful rose (31 years old) already talked about difficult relationship starttaking into account the difference in age and even opportunity to have children. This week, Rosa Bela spoke about her family’s reaction: “It was a stab.”

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“The longest telenovela in Portugal…”



"The longest telenovela in Portugal..."

Upon the arrival of “Festa é Festa” last week at 500 episodes, Cristina Ferreira revealed on her social media that “longest telenovela in Portugal” as he managed to achieve the round broadcast timestamp on the TVI antenna.

However, this does not seem to be true, as some followers warned about the “mistake” of Christina Ferreira and the data that she forgot to mention: “The de facto record is TVI, but Anjo Selvagem had 603 episodes. Now even TVI competes with TVI itself 😂 Unreleased 😂“, “The Wild Angel series has had over 600 episodes… it might be the longest episode, but it hasn’t been so far.” or “So there were no more than 600 episodes in Wild Angel? One of them went live. Controversial“, some comments to read.

According to subscribers, “Anjo Selvagem” still holds the record for the most watched soap opera on TVI with the aforementioned 603 series between September 2001 and February 2003. The second place among the telenovelas of the season does not belong to “Festa é Festa”, since “A Única Mulher” scored a total of Episode 561 between March 2015 and January 2017. If you look at the statistics of the RTP soap opera series, it turns out that “Os Nosso Dias” 610 episodes and for this reason it is the longest telenovela in Portugal.

Ouch!  Cristina Ferreira

Ouch!  Cristina Ferreira

Therefore “Festa é Festa” appears (only) in 4th place in the list of soap operas with the most chapters in Portugal, contrary to what Cristina Ferreira claimed in her post and because of which she was “caught” in a small (big) “mistake”.

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″I like Hitler″. Kanye West ramps up anti-Semitic rhetoric



″I like Hitler″.  Kanye West ramps up anti-Semitic rhetoric

American rapper Kanye West declared his “love” for the Nazis and admiration for Adolf Hitler on Thursday during an hours-long live broadcast with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

“I like Hitler,” an artist named Yeh said in a lengthy interview, which also included white supremacist Nick Fuentes, broadcast by “I love Jews, but I also love Nazis. I don’t like seeing the word “evil” next to the Nazis,” he insisted.

The artist, who plans to run for President of the United States in 2024, appears in the video wearing a black mask, leather jacket and black gloves.

“I also see the good in Hitler,” said Ye, who has been featured in the newspapers for months for his anti-Semitic remarks. “I love everyone. There is something valuable in every person (…), especially Hitler, ”he added.

Ye’s repeated praise caused friction with Jones, who, known for his extreme positions, said “the Nazis did really bad things.”

Ye and Fuentes recently met with former President Donald Trump for a dinner that has been questioned by some GOP leaders. A few days earlier, Trump received a standing ovation from the Jewish Republican Coalition, which held its annual meeting in Las Vegas. This Thursday, the Coalition issued a statement condemning Ye, without directly mentioning Trump, and urging those who still support him to distance themselves from the artist. “Given his praise of Hitler, it is no exaggeration to say that Kanye West is a vile and disgusting fanatic who attacked the Jewish community with Nazi-style threats and insults,” the statement said. “Conservatives who wrongly supported Kanye West should make it clear that he is an outcast. Enough”.

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Anti-Semitic and racist comments cost Ye this year lucrative deals with brands like Adidas and GAP.

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Kanye West praises Hitler on podcast



Rap Mais

Kanye expressed his gratitude to Hitler during a live performance.

After many news about Kanye West praised Hitler to his employeesthe artist himself praised the genocidal dictator during an interview on Thursday with Alex Jones, known for believing and spreading various conspiracy theories. “Every person has something valuable that he brought to the table, especially Hitler,” he said. You🇧🇷 “Hitler was also born a Christian.”

“I also see the good in Hitler,” he said. You. “I love everyone. Jews are not going to tell me that you can love us, and you can love what we do to you through contracts, and you can love what we promote through pornography. But this guy who invented the highway, he invented the very microphone that I use as a musician, but you can’t say out loud that this person has already done something good, and I’m tired of it.

When Jones said he didn’t like Nazis as the show went into commercial break, Ye intervened. “I like Hitler,” he said in a quote that went viral on Twitter. Twitter🇧🇷 “We have to stop insulting the Nazis all the time,” he said. You returned from intermission after the performance.

Throughout the show, the rapper blamed “Zionists” for several of the issues mentioned on the air, including the suppression of free speech. “You have something of a Hitler fetish,” said Jones, who seemed unhappy with the intensity of his anti-Semitism. You🇧🇷 “I don’t know the whole Jewish thing,” Jones later stated.

You became embroiled in a public controversy over a series of anti-Semitic statements made following backlash at a Yeezy fashion show in October in which he wore “White Lives Matter” T-shirts. In a series of tweets and interviews, the rapper lashed out at his critics and accused the “Jewish media” of censoring him and having plans against him.

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He has since partnered with a white nationalist Holocaust denier. Nick Fuenteswhom he took to Mar-a-Lago for dinner with the former president Donald Trump at the end of last month. Fuentes also accompanied Ye in an interview for the right podcast earlier this week. Ye stormed out of studio after MC shrugged off anti-Semitism You.

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