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Do you have dependents? Find out if you qualify for an IMI discount



Do you have dependents?  Find out if you qualify for an IMI discount

FROMand let the dependents know that there are some municipalities that offer municipal property tax (IMI) rebates to owners. in this situation. How do you know if a discount applies to you? Here you go.

“They call him familiar to me, but in practice this is a discount on the tax rate that some municipalities provide to property owners with dependents. That is, the total amount of tax payable before a fixed deduction that varies depending on the number of dependents“, he explains DECO Protests.

However, the consumer advocacy organization reminds that “IMI revenues are returned to the municipalities, and it is they who must decide each year not only the IMI rate applied, but also whether to provide discounts for families with children. Municipal Assembly and annually brought to the attention of the tax authority.

What are the necessary requirements?

Also, according to DECO Proteste, in municipalities that provide this discount, “families with one child receive a €20 discount, while families with two children double the benefit with a €40 discount.. Starting with the third child, the IMI discount is 70 euros.”

To find out if your municipality provides a discount for children, visit the Financial Portal – by this link. “This is because there are municipalities where discounts are not available,” says DECO.

It is also worth noting that the discount is only available if the dependents are under 25 years old and not yet earning their own income. “In this case, children with income do not count towards the discount,” he adds. .

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“It is also important that the property in question be the family’s own and permanent home, registered as the tax address of its residents,” concludes DECO Proteste.

It is also worth noting that Operating Systems taxpayers who qualify for an IMI rebate do not have to apply for it from the Treasury Department., nor apply to municipal services to provide any proof of the number of dependentssince “it is the tax inspectorate itself that confirms in the household register of each taxpayer whether he is entitled to a benefit,” the consumer protection organization notes.

“If so, the IMI bill of lading is sent at the assigned discount,” he concludes.

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Will there be a Black Friday discount? Diesel and petrol prices fall again in a week



Será desconto de Black Friday? Preços dos combustíveis voltam a baixar para a semana

After successive increases, fuel prices begin to fall, which ultimately reduces consumer spending significantly, especially for those who travel by car every day. Indirectly, this fall in prices will also affect the prices of the products we find in supermarkets (among many other sectors), which in a period of high consumption will be a welcome relief.

For the third week in a row, diesel and gasoline prices have fallen again.

Fuel prices continue to fall

Today's news shows that diesel and gasoline prices are expected to fall next Monday by 0.05 and 0.045 euros respectively.

According to the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG), next week's average prices should be 1.641 euros per liter of regular diesel fuel and 1.644 euros per liter of 95 petrol, not forgetting that prices can vary from gas station to post office.

Until the end of the year, consumers will continue to benefit from lower ISPs and the suspension of the carbon tax. Despite this decline, prices remain above pre-war levels.

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discover the 10 foods that have grown the most in the past week



discover the 10 foods that have grown the most in the past week

A basket of essential products now costs 212.76 euros, which is 29.13 euros (15.87%) more than it cost on February 23, on the eve of the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Over the past nine months, dairy and meat products are the categories with the largest increases of 20.79% and 19.41% respectively.

According to the organization, “however, growth is being felt across all food categories. In the analyzed period, frozen food, fruits and vegetables, fish and grocery stores also rose in price by 17.96%, 14.45%, 14.38% and 13.34% respectively” compared to February.

Between October 16 and 23, the top ten products with the highest price increase were horse mackerel (24%), quick-frozen peas (18%), ground roasted coffee (13%), sea bass (11%), cereal flakes. (9%), sea bream and extra virgin olive oil (8%), port wine and hake medallions (6%) and finally dried garlic (4%).

From February 23 to November 2: fresh hake (50%), white sugar (49%), tomato pulp (48%), oranges (41%), UHT semi-skimmed milk (37%), turkey steak (33%). , cookies “Maria” and eggs (32%), carrots and a whole chicken (31%).

The Consumer Advocacy Association monitors weekly prices for a basket of 63 staples that includes turkey, chicken, hake, horse mackerel, onions, potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, oranges, rice, spaghetti, sugar, ham, milk, cheese and butter.

The association explains that this increase is due to the fact that Portugal is “heavily dependent on external markets to guarantee the supply of cereals needed for domestic consumption”, which “currently represent only 3.5% of national agricultural production: mainly corn (56 %). , wheat (19%) and rice (16%).

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“And if in the early 1990s self-sufficiency in grain was about 50%, now the value does not exceed 19.4%, which is one of the lowest rates in the world and obliges the country to import about 80% of grain. ” adds Deku.

The organization explains that “the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where most of the grains consumed in the European Union and Portugal come from, has put even more pressure on the sector, which is struggling with the consequences of the pandemic and drought. with a strong influence on production and stockpiling.”

“Limiting the supply of raw materials and increasing the cost of production, namely the energy needed for agri-food production, can thus be reflected in higher prices in international markets and, consequently, in prices at the consumer,” he emphasizes.

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Unéole invents a solar-wind hybrid rooftop generator



Unéole has developed a hybrid production system using solar panels and wind turbines to improve efficiency and productivity.

Unéole combines photovoltaic and wind power to deliver higher self-consumption performance in buildings.

Currently, energy production from solar photovoltaic is one of the most used solutions worldwide.

Although it performs well during the day, its performance becomes limited as soon as the radiation decreases, whether at night or on cloudy days.

To make your own consumption more efficient, UnolFrench start-up has created a hybrid system that combines wind and photovoltaic energy.

New Solar and Wind Turbine System Boosts Yields by 40%

Unéole - Hybrid solar and wind generator
Unéole – hybrid solar and wind power generator

This new hybrid system is based on two sets of 4m high wind turbines connected by a roof made up of solar panels.

Wind turbines are made from recycled or recyclable materials such as aluminum and stainless steel to reduce their environmental impact.

According to the manufacturer, this system can be used on flat roofs of professional premises or condominiums with an area of ​​​​more than 150 m2 and, if necessary, the installation of at least 10 wind turbines.

Compared to traditional systems, the company guarantees a 40% higher yield and greater building autonomy.

First test done last year

Unéole - Hybrid solar and wind generator
Unéole is a prototype solar-wind hybrid generator

With this hybrid system, Unéole promises to offer one of the most efficient renewable energy systems on the market.

From design to installation, Unéole guarantees every step of the project and uses algorithms to determine the optimal number of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels for a building.

To confirm these data, the first tests are already being carried out, having installed an experimental device last year at the CD2e LumiWatt center in St. Loos en GoelFrance.

Video – Unéole – Mixed Energy Platform


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