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Cassia Kish: Homophobic statements set fire to nets



Cassia Kish: Homophobic statements set fire to nets

The 64-year-old actress gives a shocking speech on live television. Cassia Keys’ homophobic remarks are setting social media on fire, and some Brazilian media observers say her long career has been marred by prejudice.

Actress Cassia Keys attacks the LGBT community (Image: DR)

She described herself as a conservative Catholic and attacked the LGBT community. Brazilian actress live Cassia Keys told the journalist Leda Nagle, who interviewed her, that the relationship between gays and lesbians destroys the family.

As you might expect, his words immediately sparked an outcry on social media. The reaction to the veteran actress’s ranting has caused many people to turn directly to Globo TV. Like this excerpt from Twitter: “What does TVGlobo need to fire and take Cassia Keys off the air? Do they tolerate blatant homophobia there? What if it’s racism? How many stupid things this woman said … “.

However, there were those who had a different point of view. In this sense, they considered that the actress who gives life to Sidalia in the soap opera “Travessia”, shown on the Globo TV channel, is unwell.

In fact, some people resorted to humor. There were even those who wrote that something supernatural had been found on the actress. Something from another world.

However, there are others who absolutely agree with Cassia Keys, who declared herself a supporter of Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

In the interview in question, the actress said that “traditional families” are threatened by “gender ideology” and that “schools have a ‘beijódromo’ for the children they belong to.

Homophobic remarks cloud career

A reviewer for Brazil’s well-known digital news channel, Fefito, criticized the actress and concluded that “history shows that talent has never been synonymous with character or wisdom.”

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He added, “There are many untold personalities who are known to be talented.” However, he continues, “It draws attention to the fact that in mid-2022, an actress with a career that would leave an important legacy prefers to be remembered for her biased statements rather than her work.”

However, the reviewer writes much more. She even says that what Cassia Keys said on live television is “totally unfortunate and far from understandable.”

Will the actress’ statements endanger her long career? For the reviewer, there is no doubt that “the actress missed the chance to become famous for what was most important to her: her work.” Regarding his long career, he said he was now “overshadowed by prejudice”.

However, he recalled Cassia’s long career, praising the roles she gave life to. In this regard, she recalls that throughout her long career, the actress has never lacked leading roles. And he remembered some, including the role of a serial killer in the telenovela Porto dos Milagres.

The reviewer wrote that Cassia Keys’ trajectory is “in dramaturgy, no doubt victorious”. However, “so many incredible works are in danger of being overshadowed by recent – and tragic – announcements.”

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Prince Harry was mistaken for a Christmas tree salesman during his first year in California.



Prince Harry was mistaken for a Christmas tree salesman during his first year in California.

December is a sign of the Christmas season. We believe that within the royal families there are dedicated teams dedicated to decorating the homes of kings and princes to keep everything up to par. However, for Harry e Meghan Markleit’s a task they’ve already completed since they moved to California.

Having lived in the US region since 2020, it is not known if the Dukes of Sussex are already planning a Christmas Eve that should only be with their children: Archie e Lilibet Diana.

However, in the same first year of life outside the United Kingdom, after renouncing royal duties, Prince William’s younger brother was the main characterloadedEpisode when trying to buy … Christmas tree.

(Toby Melville – Pool/Getty Images)

According to the newspaper Mirrorwhich quotes a California Christmas store employee, the first year the couple spent Christmas away from the royal family, Harry went to their store to buy a Christmas tree to take home.

James Almaguerthe seller, reports that despite the fact that the Dukes of Sussex no longer have royal titles, they managed to get consent to visit the store in the city of Santa Monica at a time when the place was already empty.

Only when they appeared, there was still a family in space, including a child who confused Prince Harry with a local seller.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came to my office today and we sold them a Christmas tree. But it was disappointing. However, something very interesting happened.“, – said the seller on Twitter, according to the British newspaper.

The family was still there and the child ran through the trees until he found Prince Harry. He immediately asked him about the trees and if he worked in the store, not knowing who he was.🇧🇷 Both Harry and Meghan reacted very well, they were kind and calm with the boy.“, – the seller admitted.

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“Combination of both parents”! Rare photo of Harry and Meghan Markle’s son emerges

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“They are like hyenas who are always laughing…”



Jéssica Gomes ‘atira-se’ a Bárbara Parada e Miguel Vicente: “Parecem umas hienas que estão sempre a rir…”

In the afternoon this Saturday, December 3, the house ‘Big Brother’ turned inside out.

The friendship of former friends Miguel Vicente, Patricia Silva and Jessica Gomez seems to be hanging in the balance.

In the garden, after the tension in the room, Barbara Parada explained the expression used to denote the attitude of mother and daughter: “I said, ‘You (Patricia) and Jessica were like two talking lions.’ The way you said it, I’m not literally calling you a lion. I could be wrong”

Jessica Gomes defended: “I think so because I am not sharp, I was very calm there, as I always say, and I did not understand why you went to pick up when there is no point in picking up”.

Barbara Parada explained: “Because I felt they were like (lions)” – and the daughter of Patricia Silva fired: “Oh, okay. So you two are like hyenas who are always laughing. Here is my comparison. I am a lion, you are hyenas.”.

Miguel Vicente Reagio: “It was not what Jessica expected. But it normal” – and Barbara Parada added: “But it’s cool. No, it’s cool, it’s good. It’s good that you express your opinion, it’s good”.

A visibly upset Jessica Gomes asked: “Is it good that Barbara? Seriously, I really don’t understand what’s going on here.”.

Watch video here.

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“What happened to you, my dear? Why?”



"What happened to you, my dear? Why?"

Clara de Souza is heartbroken when she revealed via social media on Saturday morning, December 3, that her cat “Rissol” had died on Friday night.

The SIC journalist took to Instagram to say goodbye to the cat and began by writing: “We gain and we lose. Life is made of it. Moments of great joy and deep sadness.

“When we lose and do not understand why, when we do not know the reasons and do not expect this, the shock is even greater. Rissol left yesterday. Just a few days ago, I put a little Christmas hat on him, already looking forward to the date. He left everything. was always there“, it can still be read.

“He kept me company like no other. Always watching me cook on the counter, always ready to steal something as soon as I get distracted. Always follow me like a dog. Now he is not with us in a sudden death at the age of only one and a half years. I can’t understand it” it is also admitted that Clara de Souza is alone.

“Just 4 days after the great joy with the arrival of Lucky, with whom he played first, the family became poorer. What happened to you my dear? Because? I will never know. 🇧🇷”still full.

Look here:

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