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Bolsonarism: political group, heretical sect or organized mob?



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To say that they arrived softly would be very condescending. But even in 2014, this radical group among the Greens and Yellows crowds was still relatively small. In any case, they already then drew attention to the dystopia they brought with them: they saw communism in everything that was not a mirror of reactionism itself, they missed the military regime and therefore already at that time hung posters asking for urgent “constitutional intervention” by the Brazilian armed forces to remove Dilma Rousseff and PT from power.

We did not know this yet, but there, at that time, Bolsonarism was born. At first these people supported Esio Neves (PSDB), a name that could beat PT in this election. The miner nearly lost, further angering the gang. Based on the inconsistency of Esio – a loser who did not democratically accept defeat and began to sabotage the future government before it even began – and with the precious help of the President of the Chamber of Deputies and then future prisoner Eduardo Cugna, the Bolsonarists took to the streets to remove Dilma.

Demonstrations for impeachment, stepping on the pedal where there was no crime of responsibility, were successful. Dilma Rousseff was removed from the presidency in April 2016 and never returned. There was no PT, but that wasn’t enough for these people. It was necessary to find someone really connected with his investigation of dangerous nonsense. And that’s how Bolsonaro found Jair Bolsonaro.

That’s right: Bolsonarism predates the one who named it, because the unproductive MP who would become president just fit perfectly into the idea that was in the air. It must be said that this idea will not end simply with the end of Bolsonaro’s term if he does not get re-elected. The number of these radicalized people has increased and they are increasingly showing that they are here to stay.

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And what appeared is not good. How it appeared in Aparecida do Norte (SP), the most important national religious holiday for Catholics. Bolsonaro, eager to take advantage of any event in which he can use God as a poster boy for his campaign for another four (at least) years of reign, traveled to the Basilica Sanctuary of Nossa Señora Aparecida on Wednesday, 12.

Obviously, as the undoubted mass leader that he is, he carried – a term, by the way, quite suitable for this case – a mass that would be more correctly called the “horde”. Confirming what has already happened on the British lands on the day of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the Bolsonarists proved that they do not respect either traditional rites or any kind of holiness. They burned the most turbulent day in the history of the Feast of the Patroness, disrespect for Catholic repentance.

Sacred for Catholics, the day finally fell victim to a new social disease: patriotic hooliganism.

Other occasions include: a homily (sermon) by Archbishop Orlando Brandes of the House was booed for saying that it was necessary to prevent child starvation (as if caring for the starving was a “PT” or “communist” agenda, not a Christian one); they threw a screaming man in a red shirt with the famous slogan “our flag (which I believe they consider only theirs) will never be red!”; they surrounded the local television people, one from the Basilica itself, and shouted “globolixo” to the professionals, accusing them of being “communists”; meanwhile, a middle-aged old man shouted, “Squid thief!” in front of the camera, the operator of the team, holding a mug with the image of Bolsonaro drunk and a can of beer.

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Sacred for Catholics, the day finally fell victim to a new social disease: patriotic hooliganism. You could no longer tell if they were at a religious festival or in the Oktoberfest aisle. A religious holiday turned into an ignorant micareta, confused like a flat earther’s brain. There was only one certainty: the idol of the day, this and everyone in this group was Jair Messias Bolsonaro. Jesus could get a supporting role if he didn’t interfere with uncomfortable parables.

Looking like a political group, Bolsonarism actually becomes much closer to what a heretical-theocratic Christian sect could be, appropriating, however, in very ordinary ways and ways of organized supporters.

It was this kind of “mode of operandi” that took place in Aparecida do Norte: to lash out at opponents or, failing that, at anyone dressed in red, with a camera or microphone, always outrageous, shouting and in a bunch.

The way they treat the press is especially scary. It’s as if communications professionals were responsible for the editorial line of a car they don’t like. However, they are only workers who serve there as piranha bulls for the feud that the hooligans of the Tupiniquim policy must strangle the owners of the Rede Globo or “Folha de S.Paulo”.

There is not the slightest chance that these people will simply go home to sleep humbly on the night of the 30th if the polls confirm P.T. Lula’s victory. It is much more likely that they will contribute to mass riots throughout the country, which is not excluded – on the contrary – even if their “myth” wins.

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It’s hard to admit, but that group of half a dozen crazy people who hung banners on bridges asking for the return of the dictatorship in the already distant 2014 has grown greatly. These are citizens who had a normal life, with friends and relatives, but in some aspect that only psychoanalysis could explain, they turned the key to a special type of fanaticism that, in domestic intimacy, either brought the family closer to madness or divided it into parts. .completely at home.

Of course, Bolsonaro had more than 50 million votes, the majority share of which does not behave this way. It’s like a crowded stadium where several vandals attack opposing fans at the end of a classic football game. But this minority, in addition to causing enormous damage wherever it goes, is also advancing in numbers.

Yes, Bolsonarism is a reality that has remained far beyond the mandate – or mandates – of the one who appointed him. Whatever the poll results, we’ll have to live with it.

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Video: Gabriela Prioli talks about her new political book Ideologies



Gabriela Prioli

In Brazilian public debate, the terms are used inconsistently (not to mention that they are misleading). Some of them are sometimes criminalized. For example: “Ideology” has become synonymous with something bad. But what underlies this? To challenge this issue, a lawyer, professor and communicator Gabriela Prioli launches the book “Ideologies”, dedicated to the three most famous macro-currents of thought: liberalism, conservatism and socialism.

Throughout the book, published by Companhia das Letras, Gabriela Prioli uses her experience as a communicator to make the debate on this topic accessible, which, like other complex topics, is divided into several options.

“Part of my job is to present complex topics in a simple way, but without simplifying, without losing the essential, keeping the main thing,” Prioly explains the purpose of the work. “Ideologies” is the author’s second book about politics – in 2021 she released the book “Politics for All”.

The book revisits the main political theories of the aforementioned ideologies. Prioli defines himself as a “facilitator” to bring the public into contact with the ideas and thoughts presented for the first time. “This is an invitation, a challenge, it is important that people look for the source, create their own criticism of this thought,” he reflects.

Gabriela Prioli releases book “Ideologies”

Gabriela Prioli. Ed. Company of letters. 242 pages. Price: 59.90 reais.

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Re-elected Rocha remains humble but victorious political articulator | Politics



Re-elected Rocha remains humble but victorious political articulator |  Politics

By Valdir Costa / Dynamic Rondonia
Published in 03.12.2022 at 10:39

The political campaign that resulted in the re-election of Governor Marcos Rocha (União Brasil) was not the easiest. Despite taking the lead in the first round with 1.83% more votes than runner-up Senator Marcos Rogerio (Poland), with whom he ran in the second round and won, by 4.94% valid votes it was difficult. elections that demanded a lot from Roche and his team.

If in the first round the commitment of the partners (secretaries, former secretaries, re-elected and elected deputies, etc.) was not effective, as it should have been, the joining forces in the second round, including with the chief articulator, Chief of Staff Junior Gonçalves leaves his post, to devote himself fully to the electoral campaign in search of unity, commitment and dedication from all partners.

There is no doubt that Marcos Rogerio was a tough opponent. He is a good tribune, knows how to use what he has best, which is his gift of speech, and performed well in the debates held in the second round of the campaign. Several research institutes have reported that Rogerio will be the new governor of Rondônia from 2023.

Simplicity, humility, a government without scandals and with good projects such as Guberno na Cidade, Porteira Aberta, Crianza Feliz, Mamae Cheguey, Prato Facil, Chow Poeira were fundamental in the Quest Rocha of a new mandate.

The partnership with the Legislative Assembly (Ale) chaired by MP Alex Redano (PRB-Ariquemes) also had a huge impact on Roshi’s victory in the second round. In addition to Redano, parliamentarians (re-elected and elected) from the governor’s support group selflessly and decisively joined the campaign after a furious call to “get on the road” in search of votes.

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To deny that Roshi had problems during his first term would be an ignorance of reality. He faced at least two years of a pandemic that scared the world. Rondônia’s agribusiness-based economic strength has also been critical in ensuring a strong economy and sufficient resources to overcome the hardships caused by an unforeseen event such as covid-19 that brought the planet to a halt and claimed the lives of many people. Rocha has also performed well in the fight against the pandemic.

The reflection of the satisfaction of the majority of voters by Rocha and his team in the fight against covid-19 was already evident in the first round, when the former Minister of Health Fernando Maximo was elected from the party led by the governor of Rondonia, União Brasil with over 85,000 votes, the best of eight re-elected and elected representatives to the Federal House.

The Legislative Assembly elections also highlighted the strength of the Rocha partnership and organization. Five of the 24 re-elected and elected deputies represent União Brasil. There are at least nine more people who can be considered partners for a second term, which will begin on the 1st of next year.

Roche’s re-election was no accident. This is a government without scandals that has had a pandemic with negative consequences around the world, but in doing so, managed to get around the problems that were resolved peacefully. Gaining a new mandate, now that the pandemic is under control and the state is resuming development, including the emergence of the denim industry announced by the governor a few days ago, offering more than 1,000 jobs starting in 2023, will bolster Rondônia’s already balanced economy. , with a 2023 budget of BRL 13 billion.

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The emergence of the denim industry indicates the intention to invest in this segment. It is necessary to produce at least a little of what we produce in abundance and quality, for example, soybeans. The denim factory is the start of a manufacturing process that can provide Marcos Roche and his team with the support they need to run smoothly and efficiently.

It is important to warn that partnership does not mean submission, and therefore good relations between the executive and legislature and the vigilance of the judiciary are necessary.

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Deolan claims that he is rancid from Andre.



Deolan claims that he is rancid from Andre.

Today at dawn, during the holiday “Farm 2022″ (RecordTV) with the theme Baile da Corte, Deolan admitted that he once and for all rancid Andre.

“I’m rancid with Andre… Now I’m rancid with Andre,” the lawyer said in a conversation with Bia, Morango and Petala.

“These political talk, really… What a disgusting thing,” the blonde continued.

“He continues to rise above us. He gave you a blank! Have mercy on me,” commented Petala, referring to the dynamics recorded yesterday for “Programa do Faro” (RecordTV).

“Wow, the person who cries the least here is me! To say that I am crying is to want to seem real, because I am a fortress for everything they do here, ”said Deolan.

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