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Activists who threw soup at Van Gogh painting plead not guilty in court



Activists who threw soup at Van Gogh painting plead not guilty in court

Anna Holland, 20, and Phoebe Plummer, 21, both members of civil disobedience group Just Stop Oil, pleaded not guilty to District Judge Tan Irkam.

Both were released on bail and are awaiting trial on December 13 in London.

The painting itself was unharmed as it was protected by glass, but the frame received “minor damage,” the gallery said.

Two activists entered the National Gallery and threw two cans of Heinz tomato soup onto a canvas painted in 1888 by the Dutch Impressionist master. The work is valued at 72.5 million pounds (almost 84 million euros).

It all happened around 11 am in the museum located on Trafalgar Square: video posted by the organization on social media shows the band’s T-shirt duo throwing out the contents of two cans of Heinz tomato soup before sticking their hand to the wall below the ruined painting.

Then one of the activists, 21-year-old Phoebe Plummer, is heard saying, “Which is more precious, art or life? Is it more expensive than food? More than justice? our planet and people?

Shaking the can, he added: “The cost of living crisis is part of the cost of the oil crisis. Fuel is out of reach for millions of hungry and cold families. They can’t even heat up a can of soup.”

Visitors, journalists and photographers surrounded the activists after the attack before being escorted out by National Gallery security, who quickly sealed off the room where the painting was on display.

Police arrested the two women on charges of “intentional restitution and aggravated misdemeanor.”

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Sunflowers is Van Gogh’s second most famous work to be attacked by the Just Stop Oil group. In late June, two activists from the group glued their hands to an 1889 painting, Peach Trees in Bloom, at the Courtauld Gallery in London.

Activists associated with the group have been blocking roads around Parliament and elsewhere in London for 14 days, advocating the immediate suspension of “all future oil and gas exploration, development and production licenses” in the United Kingdom.

Increasingly questioned over her political, economic and environmental decisions, the new British Conservative Prime Minister Liz Trouss, appointed on September 6 as the successor to the controversial Boris Johnson, announced two days later the lifting of the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the United Kingdom. United.

In addition to resolving this controversial fossil fuel extraction method, previously banned in the country, Truss also announced an increase in North Sea oil and gas licenses as part of its response to the energy crisis.

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Martha Melro in tears with a message from Vintém



Martha Melro in tears with a message from Vintém

The actress becomes emotional and cries when she hears a message from Paulo Vintema, her partner. It happened today “Two in 10” (TVI). What did the former member of Strawberry and D’ZRT say to Martha Melro?

Martha Melro is touched by a message from her partner Paulo Vintema.

On 2 in 10 (TVI) this Tuesday, Martha Blackbird she is surprised by a message from her partner Paulo Vintema and cries. The actress is clearly moved as soon as she hears words of praise from their daughter’s father.

“My love, look … today I took care of Aurora🇧🇷 Usually it’s you, because I go back and forth. And here we are joking, and now she is laughing at me. Aurora, I don’t know if you want to say something to your mom?!”, the artist began.

And while listening Paulo Vintemthere are images of him with their daughter Aurora, who was born last August.

Paulo Vintem continues: “…you are a wonderful mother. You followed your instincts from the very beginning. And one has only to look at her to understand that she is fine and continues to grow healthy, friendly, smiling and in a good mood. A very big kiss and… I love you very much!”

With a message like this Martha cries and says, “I’m a little out of my mind.” And he also shows that it was an “incredible” but difficult process. However, both she and her partner in that initial period of the first 15 days after the birth of their daughter had fun even from the nonsense they did.

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On a special date, Clara de Souza introduces a new member of the family: “Another reason to smile.”



On a special date, Clara de Souza introduces a new member of the family: "Another reason to smile."

Clara de Souza Congratulations! On Tuesday, November 29, the journalist and presenter of SIC celebrates her 55th birthday. Already in the morning and to commemorate the date, the face of the Paso de Arcos station was one of special guests of the programHappy House.

But before that, and through her social media, Clara de Souza also took the opportunity to mark the moment. The journalist shared a photo in which introduced a new member of his family.

(…) In addition to celebrating my 55th birthday with health and vigor, personal and professional satisfaction, I have one more reason to smile at my growing family.“, – he began with what he wrote in the caption for the publication.

His name is Lucky, and I’m lucky that he came into my life like that, without waiting.“, he added, showing pictures of the quadruped. Look below:

The publication apparently added sympathy to thousands of Clara de Souza’s followers. Among the many who congratulate the communicator, several are also partial to the tender photographs published by the journalist.

Clara de Souza recalls: “My mother gave me this responsibility when I was 9 years old.”

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Four zodiac signs who find it difficult to maintain friendships



Four zodiac signs who find it difficult to maintain friendships

BUTSome manage to make friends in just a few minutes, while others have great difficulty, and when they finally do, they cannot maintain friendships. Are we talking about you? Then it is likely that your sign is on this list published on the Entertainment Times portal.

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

They are very stubborn, impulsive and often controlling. Characteristics that turn people off and make them end their days arguing with friends.

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Crab (from June 21 to July 21)

Since they are temperamental, sensitive and impulsive, they cannot maintain friendly relations. In addition, they exaggerate and take offense at everything they are told, creating unnecessary problems in their heads.

Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

They love making new friends, and they even have a lot of fun, though they also need to be alone and recharge. Something that causes a huge communication gap between them and their friends.

Leo (July 22 to August 22)

They always put themselves first and only then take care of others. It is because of this and other more selfish acts that they fail to maintain friendly relations.

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