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A BOLA – Suspended sports director responds to allegations of sexual harassment (Women’s Football)



A BOLA – Suspended sports director responds to allegations of sexual harassment (Women's Football)

Samuel Costa, who was suspended as sporting director of women’s football in Famalicao following allegations of sexual harassment, reacted this Sunday to the accusations. In the statement, he guarantees that he has not done anything “illegal or wrong,” referring to an “unspeakable assault” on his honour.

Here is the statement in full:

“Over the past few days and hours, I have witnessed countless comments, information, considerations and media reports arousing suspicion and accusations that imply an unspeakable attack on my honor, professional career and personal attitude.

At the heart of this behavior were and are attempts to denigrate my image as a person and attacks on my professional activities. Therefore, on this news, based on untruths and inaccuracies, I will act at the right time and in the right place, so that nothing remains to be clarified.

In my life I have always been a staunch defender of the freedom of the press, considered as a sub-element of freedom of expression, in accordance with article 38 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, an institutional guarantee as an essential element of the democratic and pluralistic placement of the public order. Thus, the public mission that it must fulfill is emphasized.

However, this can never jeopardize the principle of the presumption of innocence, which is embedded in the right to human dignity and honor. Like everything else.

I hereby further confirm that I have full confidence in the justice of the people, I will cooperate with it as it is my duty, and I am fully confident, since I have done nothing illegal or wrong, that I will be fully exonerated in this process.

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I will fight with calmness, but with all my strength, conviction and determination to clarify the truth about the facts, cooperate with justice and restore the principles that have always guided me in my personal and professional life.”

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“He’s very lucky I didn’t catch him in front of me.” Deschamps is outraged that Kunde spent 42 minutes with a gold necklace – Observer



"He's very lucky I didn't catch him in front of me."  Deschamps is outraged that Kunde spent 42 minutes with a gold necklace - Observer

The clock was 42 minutes into the game between France and Poland when a violation of one of the rules of the game was recorded – in this case the 4th – by the French defender Jules Kundet. The Barcelona player entered the field with a gold chain around his neck. and was forced to seek the help of one of the members of the technical team to remove him after one of the members of the refereeing team drew attention to him.

The thread has already appeared in television footage, but apparently its presence escaped the attention of everyone, including the French coach Didier Deschamps, who spared no criticism of his player. “Kunde couldn’t start playing with the string stretched. I don’t know what he has on the necklace, I know he’s a bit superstitious and wears it in training. I don’t know what the thread means to him but I told him that he was very lucky that I did not catch him in front of me at that moment.— admitted the coach after the game.

BUT law 4 rules of the game aims to “equip the players”. Article 1 on safety specifies that they “may not use” the equipment or any items that present a hazard. 🇧🇷Use of any kind of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather or plastic bands, etc.), and must be removed before the game starts. The use of adhesive tape to cover them is not allowed. Players must be inspected before the start of the game and replaced before entering the game.

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The same law clarifies that players must be screened before the start of the game – it is not known how the golden thread escaped screening – and substitutes before entering the playing field. “If a player is wearing unauthorized/dangerous clothing or jewelry, the referee shall order the player” either “to remove the object in question or to leave the field of play at the next interruption” of the same “if he is unable or unwilling to remove it”.🇧🇷 If the athlete refuses, he must be warned. Kunde avoided the yellow card by quickly removing his collar.


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BALL – Leao receives a warning from the coach: “He has to jump” (Milan)



BALL - Leao receives a warning from the coach: "He has to jump" (Milan)

Stefano Pioli, Milan head coach, gave an interview Heaven Football Club and among the various topics covered was the talent of Rafael Leao, who is currently in the service of selection for the World Cup in Qatar and was considered the best player in Serie A last season in which Milan became champions. technician Rossoneri left a clear signal to the Portuguese international.

“Rafael is happy because Portugal had a good World Cup, but there is a lot of quality and competitiveness in the attacking sector of the Portuguese team. Rafael has the technique and speed that few players have, but he had to adapt to the realities of Milan, with all due respect to Lille, where he comes from, but here the pressure is different. Anyone who sees him train knows he has incredible potential, but he has yet to make the leap to become a champion because he can be even more determined on the opposite court. He goes there more shrewdly and decisively, but he is a player who can do anything.

– He is very smart and I am sure that he will achieve great success in his career. In an open field, he is unstoppable, he needs freedom of movement around the field, but I want him to be closer to the finish zone, I constantly tell him about this, ”Stepano Pioli emphasized.

In the service of Portugal in the World Cup, Rafael Leau scored a goal (against Ghana) in 58 minutes of use in three games by Fernando Santos.

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BALL – Paulo Bento and the match against Brazil: “It’s inhuman” (South Korea)



BALL - Paulo Bento and the match against Brazil: "It's inhuman" (South Korea)

South Korea coach Paulo Bento of Portugal predicted tomorrow’s game with Brazil for the 1/8 finals of the World Cup this Sunday, being very critical of the short break in relation to the meeting, which the team played. Portugal Friday.

“I don’t remember anything like that. I watched what happened in 2018 and I don’t remember there being 72 hours between games. There were four or five days, but not 72 hours. It’s inhuman, it’s unfair. We have to live with this reality that FIFA wants, which is to create less conditions for those who already have less conditions and more conditions for those who already have more. It is already difficult to compete with such a great team as Brazil, for me the strongest candidate for the World Cup, but with these restrictions, our task will be more difficult. However, we will try and not give up,” he said at a press conference.

Therefore, the preparation was limited to “video”, explained Paulo Bento. “It is impossible to prepare such a game on the field by playing after 72 hours. No one can do this after the physical and emotional wear and tear we experienced in the previous game. This creates a big embarrassment for the teams, and for us more than for Brazil, because of the way the Brazilian team moved the team in the last game,” he said, remembering that the opponent had already qualified and could change teams.

As for the game itself, he assured that South Korea will do everything to counteract Canariña’s favoritism: “If we played a championship with more tours with Brazil, they would always be ahead of us. In single player, Brazil still has a lot of opportunities, but we also have more opportunities. We have nothing to lose. The task is difficult, but attractive, and we will have to try. In many moments we will play closer to our zone, and we have to put up with it, because the opponent will force us to do it. However, we will fight to the limit of our strength, as we have done so far. We like to compete and we never give up, which we have already proven,” he said.

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Neymar will already be on the side of Brazil: “We would be hypocrites if we said that Neymar is better to play, but, frankly, I always prefer to have the best players in the games. We have to play our best, competing against a great team full of talent, who now add organization and intensity to their individual qualities,” said Paulo Bento.

Regarding the match against Portugal (he was suspended and had to watch from the bench, unable to speak at the end), Paulo Bento admitted that he had a “high emotional charge” considering South Korea’s sports goals and the fact that he stood in front of your country.

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