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“The queen has a subtle influence on politicians, but does not show obvious predilections,” says the historian.



“The queen has a subtle influence on politicians, but does not show obvious predilections,” says the historian.

BUT Queen Elizabeth premiered for the 16th time United Kingdom last Tuesday, 6. Since 1955, the meeting at which the new government begins has been held in Buckingham Palace. But at this time Liz Truss was received by the monarch in Scotland.

Throughout her 70-year reign, Elizabeth II has been praised for the way she leads this audience, and it’s one of the topics Prince Charles is beginning to experience in the transition conversation. Due to health concerns, the monarch assigned some royal duties to the prince at ceremonies including her platinum jubilee.

The new style of the monarchy and how it will be received by the public is still unclear, so the importance of gradually taking on new royal duties. For a University of Winchester historian specializing in monarchies. Elena Woodacrethe relations of the future king with political leaders are already being formed.

The influence of Queen Elizabeth II on British politicians is insignificant, but the state of her health makes the future of the monarchy uncertain.

“The Queen is said to have had a subtle influence on politicians without being overtly partisan. In the past, Charles has been criticized for certain views, shall we say, harsh, but in recent years he has become more restrained in expressing his point of view. His relationship with politicians will be different from his mother’s, as his own personality and gender will influence these exchanges.”

In an interview with Stadaothe historian explains how the succession of kings takes place and the importance of the rituals.

Over the decades, we have seen the Queen’s relationship with several British politicians. Should this style be supported by Charles and later by William?

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It’s hard to say because what happens in private audiences with the prime minister is confidential. The Queen is said to have had a subtle influence on politicians, but was not overtly partisan. In the past, Charles has been criticized for certain views, shall we say, harsh, but in recent years he has become more restrained in expressing his point of view. His relationship with politicians will be different from his mother’s, as his own personality and gender will influence these exchanges.

Queen Elizabeth II inspects the royal guard with US President Donald Trump.  She wears a brooch made famous by photography. "Three queens in mourning"taken during the funeral of King George IV.
Queen Elizabeth II inspects the royal guard with US President Donald Trump. She wears a brooch that has come to be known as the “Three Queens in Mourning” photograph taken during the funeral of King George IV.

After the celebration of the platinum anniversary, can we talk about continuity?

While the Queen is not currently retiring or handing over the crown, we can see an increase in the number of royal duties she shares with other members of the royal family, especially His Highness Charles and his son William. This is important not only to help the Queen address her compromised mobility, which limits her ability to be present in all activities, but also to help start paving the way for the transition that will occur at the end of her reign. .

Will the role of the monarchy change after Elizabeth’s death? What about popularity?

It is difficult to say for sure what style the monarchy will adopt and how it will be perceived by the public after the long reign of Elizabeth II. I believe that Charles will retain much of his mother’s customs and policies to ensure a sense of tradition and continuity, but he will also leave his mark on the role of the monarchy. The queen is extremely popular, making it very difficult to follow. Few public figures today – and very few monarchs in our history – have been as popular as Elizabeth II is today.

Why does Buckingham Palace have so many plans for the days after the Queen’s death?

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It is customary to have plans for the death and succession of the monarch. Back in the Middle Ages, books of judgments and court records determined what should happen in these events. This is not uncommon. By the way, since the queen’s reign is long, the palace had enough time to prepare for this moment.

Do you believe that Charles or William will try to modernize certain aspects of the monarchy?

Clean. One of the reasons the monarchy continues to survive and even thrive is its ability to maintain a balance between tradition and modernity. I expect Charles and William to continue to make changes to the practice of the monarchy to keep it abreast of changes in modern society.

Barack Obama was the tenth president to meet with Queen Elizabeth II in 2011.  The monarch hosted the President and then First Lady Michelle for dinner in London.
Barack Obama was the tenth president to meet with Queen Elizabeth II in 2011. The monarch hosted the President and then First Lady Michelle for dinner in London.

Why is the ritual of the death of the British monarch and the rise of a new leader so important?

Traditionally, these rituals have been very important in maintaining political stability. A transition can be a time of conflict if the succession is unclear due to a lack of a direct or designated heir, or if there is a competing claimant to the throne. Even when the succession was secured, there could be uncertainty about the future of the new government. Currently, the monarchy has no political power, so a change of government is not a concern. However, the smooth transition that embodies the idea of ​​”the king is dead, long live the king” – or, in this case, “the queen is dead, long live the queen” – demonstrates that the monarchy will continue no matter what. people to take the throne.

Do you believe that after the death of the queen, the decline of the monarchy can occur?

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It is very difficult to predict what may happen to the monarchy after the reign of the queen. Again, she is a very beloved and respected person, even among opponents of the monarchy as an institution. The monarchy will have to work hard to demonstrate that it remains relevant and popular if it is to continue to survive and not decline under its next reign.

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Political support for sports!



Vila Nova deve estrear no Olímpico nesse Goianão 2022

In the 2022 elections, some sports-related names in Goiás tried to compete for a seat in the Legislative Assembly or in the National Congress, but did not succeed in the elections. Dante do Volei was not elected as a federal deputy, nor were Edson Automoveis, former councilor of Goiania, and Luis Bercuo, former president of the Goiás Basketball Federation, were not elected as state deputies. All of them have a list of relevant services provided to the Brazilian sport. They have earned a seat in Parliament.

Of the candidates strongly associated with sports, Daniel Vilela, who was elected lieutenant governor on the list of Ronaldo Cayado, succeeded. Daniel is a former professional soccer player. He has the right to represent the segment. Daniel Vilela is expected to have a strong focus on sports through the expansion of sports promotion programs in our state.

Goiás has interesting projects and sports support programs. Pro-Atleta is committed to serving high performance athletes; Construcindo Champions, a martial arts training program with about 7,900 students from Goiás; The Viva Mais Goias program targets seniors in 19 cities across the state.

The sports and parasports centers have been established by the State Department of Sports and Recreation (Seel) in cooperation with the municipalities of the hinterland. Also in partnership with the organizer of the championship of Spain, Seel implements the social project La Liga Goias with the distribution of sports materials in several municipalities of Goias.

Through Seel, the government promotes various sporting events and competitions. The Open Games of Goiás, the largest sports competition in the state, are designed for the participation of athletes from all the municipalities of Goiás in 21 uniforms. This year, the Quilombola Cup was created, which is held in six stages with the final in the city of Cavalcante.

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At the national level, the Senate approved Bill 940 of 2022, which extends until 2027 the tax benefits provided by the Sports Promotion Act (Act 11,438 of 2006). The rapporteur on this issue was the former player Romario, who was re-elected as a senator from the PL of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to extending the term, the Senate-approved rule increases the rates that companies and individuals can use in their annual income tax (IT) contributions and includes elementary, middle and high schools as fundraisers.

In the case of individual taxpayers, the new LIE increases from 6% to 7% of the IRPF due to the deduction limit as a donation or sponsorship for sports and parasports projects. This, together with contributions to funds for children and the elderly, to cultural projects and investments in audiovisual works.

In the case of companies, it increases the deduction limit for donations or sponsorships of sports and parasports projects from 1% to 2%. It also includes projects for social inclusion through sports, up to a collective limit of 4%, which is currently shared only between cultural projects and investments in audiovisual works.

I think laws and programs to encourage sports should go beyond sponsoring athletes and teams from different sports. They also need to contain strategies for social inclusion. Only in this way will the entire population benefit from physical and sporting activities, leading to a healthier life for all.

We hope that elected politicians will follow through on the promises made during the campaign and step up action in favor of sport. We want to see the plate!

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Portugal wants to give more voice to youth and promote women in politics |



The Portuguese prime minister spoke to UN News about the opportunities and challenges in politics: internally, he is betting on the expectation of seeing a woman at the helm of government in the future, if the Portuguese choose to do so.

In foreign policy, Costa is in favor of expanding the exchange between young people from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries, Corporal.

Reconstruct broke denomination

Antonio Costa was interviewed UN news at the end of September, when he participated in the debate of international leaders at the General Assembly.

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa. Photo: UN//Mark Garten.

“Portugal is really proud. A week ago, the government was equal at the level of ministers. There was a small alteration in which parity was violated. In short, the prime ministers and presidents of the republic will be chosen by the Portuguese. I really hope that I will have a woman prime minister again. One already was. And who knows if there will be another one in the future. Let’s see.”

According to the government website, there are eight women in Costa’s current cabinet of 17 ministers. At the second level, there are 12 secretaries of state.

The only head of government in Portuguese history remained in office for about six months. María de Lourdes Pintasilgo was appointed by President Ramallo Eanes to the post and became the first and only woman to serve as prime minister. At that time, she was second in Western Europe after Margaret Thatcher, who came to power in 1979 and left in 1990.

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In the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, out of 230 seats, 85 are held by women and 145 by men.

Crescent movement

António Costa also mentioned Portugal’s cooperation with the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, Cplp, and said that consolidating his position is one of the tasks that should remain a priority in the block of nine countries.

Flags of Portuguese speaking countries. Photo: cplp

“I see great opportunities to promote Cplp as an international political issue. I have noticed that there is a growing movement of countries wishing to become CPLP observers because they have realized that, unlike other international organizations, the CPLP must be geographically global. Almost every continent has a CPLP country. The fact that he has a great capacity for political articulation, and this is very beneficial. We supported each other in various international positions. This gives a very significant relative weight to the CPLP countries.”

Costa emphasized that the group of nations is connected not only by past relationships. Angola has been chairing the bloc since 2021.

“We must significantly improve economic relations. I think of many countries as examples of how relationships can be reinvented after such a long colonial period. By the way, longer than most others. So tough: we should not forget that for three years and at least on three fronts an absurd colonial war was waged, which ended only in 1974. So the ability is that we had the ability to reinvent ourselves in our relationships.”

Communication between young people

Costa also advocates for greater connection between young people from Member States who have a network and space to think about.

“Many European countries that I see see this relationship with Cplp as an interesting experience in overcoming and rethinking new relationships. And there is a big problem that we have: new generations. Fortunately, new generations have fewer memories, but also fewer connections with each other. We must create mechanisms to maintain these relations, and therefore I think that the mobility agreement is very important in order for these relations to continue to strengthen between our peoples.”

The purpose of the future mobility system is to establish short-stay, temporary and residence visas between Member States.

This year in New York there was no meeting of the leaders of the bloc, traditionally organized on the sidelines of the General Assembly.

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The 13th is not a political interest, the minister says



The 13th is not a political interest, the minister says

Minister of Citizenship Ronaldo Bento denied that the 13th Auxílio Brasil promised by the President of the Republic for female heads of households will be implemented from 2023. Jair Bolsonaro, this Tuesday, have political aspirations. According to him, the limitation of the allowance for women is due to the fact that the female population is the majority in the financial support of beneficiary families, with a percentage of 80%. Bolsonaro is at an electoral disadvantage because of the women in the Planalto Palace dispute with the former president. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

Bento argued that the innovation was backed up by technical analysis and that waiting for the end of the election period to announce the relief did not make sense, given that the starving population was in a hurry. However, Bolsonaro promises to pay on the 13th in 2023. “The political variable was never included in the Auxilio Brasil decision. We have identified dysfunctions in the program. during the election period? We are emerging from the pandemic and during the war. Those who are hungry and in need of social assistance cannot wait.”

As for funding the measure in the midst of a meager 2023 budget forecast that still doesn’t include a promise to keep Auxílio Brasil at R$600 a month, Bento hesitated. The minister only said that an increase in the allowance to 400 reais per month was not provided for in the draft budget for this year. “There was no forecast in Ploa, but we managed to do it in relation to public money. Instead of ending up in a money bag, they will go to the people of Brazil.”

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Regarding the payment on the 13th of Auxílio Brasil, Caixa President Daniella Marquez said that there is no difficulty for Caixa and that it will be made automatically from the moment the measure enters into force.

In addition to the 13th Auxílio Brasil, the government also announced on Monday an advance benefit payment for this month, with transfers that will end five days before the second round of elections (30), up from the 31st originally.

The measures were announced after a tough result in the first round of the presidential election, in which Bolsonaro was closer to former President Lula than polls indicated. Lula had 48.43% of the vote against 43.20% for the incumbent. Now the Planalto chief is waving to audiences he is at a disadvantage to PT, such as the lower classes and women, in an attempt to change the outcome of the second stage of the argument.

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