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“My mother got into bad drug habits…”



Diogo Marques revela história emocionante na curva da vida: “A minha mãe entrou pelos maus caminhos da droga…”

The Big Brother Gala 2022 this Sunday, September 18 saw Diogo Márquez share the first “Curva da Vida” of this edition, talking about the most wonderful moments of his life.

I was born without parents, who were always accompanied by my grandmother. I was born with health problems, it was the first time a baby was born in Portugal with a dead bowel. I lived in the hospital until I was 5/6 years old.“, – began with a report competitor from Porto.

Diogo Marquez then spoke about the circumstances of his growth: “My father was constantly absent because of his profession, relations with my mother were shaken and in the end they broke up. I came along in this process. When I was born, my brother stayed with his father. It was at this stage that my mother became addicted to drugs. Because of the drug, I saw things that no child should have seen. That’s when I somehow clung to my grandmother, my grandmother was a mother, father, friend, that’s all. She treated me like a son“.

The contestant’s gripping “Life Curve” addressed his grandmother’s departure: “I came home from a football match and she fell. In desperation, I went to call my friends to help her get into bed, called 112. I remember as if it was yesterday when I explained what had happened. She broke her pelvis when she fell, became bedridden, and left after a few months. I was completely helpless, my father knew what had happened, and no one came to the front to help me and give me a roof.“.

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With tears in his eyes, Diogo Marquez told another detail of life with his mother that turned out to be decisive: “She started the drug business at home, and what little money she made, she stole from me. That’s when I lost love for her, I felt that my grandmother was the most important person in my life.“.

See the full life curve of Diogo Marquez.

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October will be a month full of good luck for these signs.



October will be a month full of good luck for these signs.

OThe stars can predict everything and more, including which months will be best for certain people. Because we don’t want you to miss out, we’re sharing this list of four zodiac signs who will have a lucky October, compiled by Bustle magazine.

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

People of this sign need to make the most of the month because it will be “the calm before the storm”. In the coming weeks, it’s important to prioritize relationships.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

October is the month of Libra, so it is not surprising that this is a harmonious and very positive month for people of this sign.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

The month can bring unexpected news, but very necessary, the magazine explains. In addition, October will also be a great time to clarify situations that have not yet been explained.

Pisces (from February 20 to March 20)

This is the perfect month for new experiences that form a new perspective. This is also a great time to expand your knowledge and be open to more and better.

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Seth Rollins opens up about his relationship with former Shield teammates



Seth Rollins opens up about his relationship with former Shield teammates

Between 2012 and 2014, the Shields were the most dominant group in WWE.

After their breakup and a few sporadic appearances, they all went on to become stars in and out of WWE, although Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns remained with the company. John Moxley left in 2019 and joined AEW.

It has been a long time since the stable was last put together, and the Architect revealed if there was any competition between him and the tribal leader within the company:

There was never any malice, there was never any jealousy, there was never any ‘you don’t deserve this, I deserve this’ stuff, never. He’s incredibly talented at what he does and he’s great as a champion and in his role, especially the last two years, which have been very special for him as a fighter, so I’m not taking anything away from him. , but I can’t tell myself that someone is better than me or can do it better than me. After all, this is not my home and I don’t make his decisions. But yes, it was never head-on, it was always easy to smoothly navigate between him and me.

Seth Rollins also opened up about his current relationship with Jon Moxley:

Same. Obviously, I don’t talk to him that much, we have different schedules and different things to do, but our daughters are almost the same age. He writes little, he is a cat himself. So if there’s a chance, when we were in Cincinnati the last time I was there, I went into his house, said hello and all, asked how he was, and I do the same thing from time to time, just to see how he has things to do and things like that and I’m more friends with René [Paquette] so we’re always exchanging pictures of babies and what’s new with babies and all that. But yes, again, there has never been any animosity, he is great, again, at the top of his game, doing his thing in AEW, so I wish him well, I never, between the three of us, and no, I can not speak for both of them, but they were closer than I was to either of them, as off-screen friends, so I’m guessing they’re still cool, I’ve never heard anything to the contrary. But yeah, I’ve always had great relationships with these guys.

Would you like to see a Shield reunion again?

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Nick Cannon has welcomed his tenth child. TV presenter gave birth to two children in nine days



Nick Cannon has welcomed his tenth child.  TV presenter gave birth to two children in nine days

Nick Cannon, American rapper and host for the tenth time became a father. A little Arise Messiah was born on September 23, exactly nine days after The artist welcomed her ninth daughter.

Another blessing. As my journey on this planet becomes more and more exciting, all I can do is thank God and ask him to continue to guide me.” announced on her Instagram page, announcing that this “That was probably the hardest job” what you have already seen.

This is Nick Cannon’s third child with the model. Brittany Belwho is the mother Goldfive years and mighty queen19 months.

It is important to note that on September 14, the ninth daughter was born to the artist, onyx icethe first is common with the previous model, Lanisha Cole. June 28 he was born legendary lovewhose mom is a model bre you knew.

In 2021, the artist saw birth and death, just five months laterZen S., he had a son with Alyssa Scott. Also last year, Cannon welcomed Zion e Millionsons Abby Rose.

leading The Masked Singer he is the father of twins Moroccan e Monroe11 years, as a result of a divorce Mariah Carey.

It should also be noted that The rapper is about to have his 11th first child as Abby De La Rosa is pregnant again with the artist.

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