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MOST POPULAR mid-range: Galaxy M52



MOST POPULAR mid-range: Galaxy M52

This bichão here you asked for too much. I bought it from my friend Virgilio Pauletto on the VerTech channel, check out his channel. So, with the device in hand, we delved into gaming tests. M62 has already passed here, and we must M52. So, honey, sit down, the game is on.

Is the Galaxy M52 5G good for gaming?

Released in September 2021, the M52 brings us Snapdragon 778G processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The M52’s screen is a 6.7-inch physical IPS LCD panel with FullHD resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. Finally, we have a 5000 mAh battery.

>> View the full data sheet of the Galaxy M52


The M52 is currently priced at 1650 reais, but this price may vary, taking into account the depreciation of the device as new ones are launched and so on.


The Galaxy M52 is definitely one of your most requested phones here on the channel so we’ll be playing our classic 11 games but with an extra one: TOWER OF FANTASY, a new release that just came out of the oven and that you’ve been demanding a lot from us comments. Finally, the M52 will compete with another top device in our database, Realme Q3s, which proved to be excellent in almost EVERY game from the list. I also count on the Snapdragon 778G.

Asphalt 9

As always, Asphalt 9 opens our list. The M52 has already started to overclock strongly in this game, scoring 57 medium frames, 98% stability and 3:50 hours of battery life.

The Realme Q3s emerged victorious in this round, averaging 60 frames, with 100% stability and a battery life of 5:50 hours.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for both mobile phones.

Cash on delivery Mobile

The second item on our favorite list is COD Mobile. Around here, the Galaxy M52 peaked 59 average shots with 99% stability and battery life bordering on 3:40 hours of battery life.

The Realme Q3 barely topped it, delivering 60-fps feedback at 100% stability and 5:50 hours of predicted playback away from an outlet.

O ✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for two smartphones, but Realme won a little.

Free fire MAX

It’s time to fight, it’s time for Frifasu. We loaded all the assets, expansions, skins, cosmetics, etc., and despite our tester’s terrible skills in the game, everything went very well. The M52 showed 60fps at 100% stability, reaching a very high autonomy of 7 hours.

The Realme Q3 also boasts 60 frames and 100% stability, but with 7:20 hours of battery life.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for two mobile phones in Fogo Livre.


You already know the answer, but I’ll tell you the result anyway. M52, like all the other vehicles passing here, crashed into Average 40 frames, 100% stability and 3:50 hours of battery life.

Realme had exactly the same result of 40 FPS at 100%, only with a higher autonomy of 5:50h. We know you keep asking us to play with the smallest graphics we know. What happens is that in the fourth season of Roda Liso, we played with the graphics at the minimum, and then asked to set it to the maximum. So take it easy, next season we will reformulate some things and come up with a scheme that better suits all needs.

However, ⚠️Village of Roda⚠️ for both, as usual.

Genshin Impact

This is where the competition gets really tough: it’s Genshin Impact’s turn. M52 with graphics at the average level reached the frame rate 45 with 97% stability and a battery life of 3:20 hours.

Realme won very little as there were 47 average frames with a stability of 96% and an autonomy of 3:45 hours.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for the two smartphones tested, but the one that got the trophy was the Realme Q3s.

Life after

Life After worked well, trust me, but the problem is what you see on your screen: some kind of huge glitches that interfere with the game a lot. BUT The average frame rate of the M52 was 53, with only 88% stability and autonomy in the 2:55 hour range.

The Realme Q3 managed to improve the game a bit, hitting 56fps, with 92% stability and 3:55 hours of battery life.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for both smartphones.

Apex Legends

The M52 deserves a round of applause for its Apex performance because the game ran surprisingly well, congratulations. His performance was 59 frames average, 96% stability and 3:20 hour battery life.

The Realme Q3 didn’t disappoint either, hitting 60fps with 99% stability, almost inverse. The autonomy of Realme was 5:20 hours.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for both mobile phones.

Battle Prime

Competitions in Battle Prime were on an equal footing, with a difference of only one frame. M52 achieves near-perfect frame rates 59 frames, 100% stability and autonomy for 3:55 hours of battery life.

Realme Q3s leads the way with 60 frames at 100% performance. Its autonomy was 5:50 hours.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for both devices.

Diablo the Immortal

To your surprise, the M52 allowed us to enable the 60 FPS option, which is interesting. But, unfortunately, the device could not support this frame rate and ended up with only an average of 52 frames, 98% stability and a battery life of 3:30 hours.

The Realme Q3 not only retained 60 frames, but completely outperformed the Diablo, scoring 60fps at 100% and 6:25 hours of battery life.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for both mobile phones.

Mortal Kombat

The M52 surprised us in Mortal Kombat, do you know why? he took one Average frame rate of 105, stability of 88%, and battery life of 3:20 hours.while rival Realme Q3s stuck at 60 frames at 100% stability and 9:45 hours of battery life.

Galaxy M52 is proud to receive 💎Competitive wheel seal💎 no Mortal Kombat.


To be honest, I was expecting terrible performance here, because 90% of the time, the tested mobile suffers a lot when running Fortnite, but this did not happen. M52 calmly took his Averaged 45 frames, minimum 36. There weren’t many crashes, and overall the gameplay was pretty stable.

The Realme Q3s, despite a higher average frame rate of 52, was choppy, finishing with just 25 frames.

✔️Village smooth wheel✔️ for both devices.

fantasy tower

Opening today for Tower of Fantasy, a game that is definitely NOT a copy of Genshin Impact, let’s be clear (ironic tone). I confess to you that the biggest difference I noticed is that now the doll breaks her ankle when she falls from a high place (Eugen put a stretch when I jump off a cliff). M52 with graphics on medium settings reached average frame rate of 38, stability of 62% and autonomy of about 2:55 hours. This game has a lot of potential, but the developers still need a little help to optimize the game a little more, because it crashed a lot while we were testing it.

# Cell Phones Punctuation Graphic arts FPS Stability Autonomy Village Price
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G 32.356 AVERAGE 38 62 02:55h 1,664.10 reais

THIS IS ⚠️Village of Roda⚠️to play it well, you will have to lower the graphics.


With an ambient temperature of 24°C, we played COD Mobile in battle royale mode for half an hour to see just how hot the M52 got. After this time, the device started working 🔥17°С🔥 at your temperature, which is quite a lot considering the level of the cell phone. In the summer, with 38-degree heat, this can cause you very serious problems.

We played this game for half an hour starting with 100% loading of the device and, after the gameplay, he got 91% batteryit is worth noting.


You were right, the Galaxy M52 is without a doubt a great device. Autonomy is excellent, performance too. At a cost of 1650.00 reais in the national market this smartphone has a great economic value and is really worth it for those who are more casual users and gamers from time to time.

Now the question I want to raise is, shouldn’t you get the Galaxy M53 outright, which is a direct evolution of this guy? I say no because the M53 costs 2100 reais and doesn’t have much difference in performance, it’s almost the same (believe me we tested it too). Apart from the excellent display, you won’t gain anything by choosing a more expensive and latest model, so you can hold on to the M52 because it’s a great smartphone and will be talked about for at least another two years.: Smooth wheel seal for it.

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NASA’s DART spacecraft crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos. Collision to Save the Earth – Society



NASA's DART spacecraft crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos.  Collision to Save the Earth - Society

In a filmmaking-worthy suicide mission, NASA conducted humanity’s first test of protecting the Earth from space objects. It was 00:14 Tuesday in Portugal – 19:14 Monday on the US East Coast – when the 550-kilogram Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft “successfully” collided with the 160-meter asteroid Dimorphos. in diameter. It happened at a distance of 9.6 million kilometers and at a speed of 22,500 kilometers per hour, when DART crashed into a space rock, the moon orbited Didyma (780 meters in diameter), a system of two asteroids discovered in 1996. if the collision had the desired effect and for this it is necessary to wait a few days.

The probe was “doomed” from the start. The goal was to test the ability to change the asteroid’s trajectory. While this did not pose a threat to Earth, NASA explains that the purpose of the mission was to test a technology that could be used to protect the planet from possible risks. Since it is about 100 times smaller than Dimorphos, the probe did not destroy the asteroid. But that was not the point. The idea was to change the speed and path of the celestial body. Mission officials likened the action to “a car golf cart crashing into one of Egypt’s Great Pyramids” to the energy that left the crater.

In the future, the project will receive support from the European Space Agency – in 2024 the Hera mission will be launched to study this phenomenon – and using Portuguese technology to test the real effect.

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Ground-based observatories will now monitor the asteroid system after years of preparation for a mission that kept the probe in space for ten months.

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UOL - O melhor conteúdo

New video from YouTube broke recently leaked images Grand Theft Auto 6opening a few Easter eggs in GTA 6 – including a message for the demonic clown Pennywise from book and movie it. After years of hope and speculation Rockstar games finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development earlier this year.

However, the developer soon made headlines for a completely different reason: in September, a hacker leaked at least 90 GTA 6 videos. This massive leak of information about Grand Theft Auto 6 caused a shock on the Internet and the gaming industry. Take-Two interactive quickly began ordering removal of images on specialized GTA fan forums.


Failed to load ad

Rockstar itself condemned the leak, but dispelled fears that it would affect GTA 6’s development after the source code was allegedly stolen during the same hack. Regardless, fans have been scrutinizing the leaked footage since it surfaced last weekend.

These leaks appear to have confirmed previous reports that GTA 6 will have a Vice City setting and a female protagonist, with the footage referencing a Miami stunt double and showing two playable characters – a man named Jason and a woman named Lucia. Beyond story details, these GTA 6 leaks also reveal weapons and combat gameplay, hinting at what Grand Theft Auto took from Rockstar’s latest project. Red Dead Redemption 2.

New quests and Pennywise Easter eggs

O Youtuber strange manrecently posted a new Grand Theft Auto 6 video listing 10 recurring Rockstar Easter Eggs and references that appear to have been confirmed in leaked GTA 6 screenshots. Fans should expect a lot of weird supernatural occurrences in GTA 6 such as UFO sightings and bigfoot return from Grand Theft Auto 5.

On a darker note, some of GTA 6’s new side missions will take players to a satanic house and haunted warehouse. For those looking for a less scary time, players will apparently be able to find another warehouse full of sex robots they can interact with.

The Strange Man video also discusses a side quest in which the player investigates a serial killer targeting strippers, as well as the mystery surrounding a pair of such criminals. Bonnie and Clyde.

Another GTA 6 mission appears to involve a drug dealer from Grand Theft Auto Online, blonde. However, perhaps the most intriguing inclusion is the presence of an eerie voice coming from the sewers, which Odd Man suggests may be a nod to the infamous Pennywise from It, written by Stephen King.

The Grand Theft Auto series is no stranger to pop culture references or its own games. GTA has Easter eggs from red dead redemption vice versa. Many of these hidden details have fans speculating about the upcoming GTA 6 as a secret nod to GTA Online’s Vice City.

Others suggest a common continuity between Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption: Bigfoot appears in side quests, and the time traveler from RDR2 appears to be connected to GTA’s Epsilon program.

It looks like this tradition will continue in Grand Theft Auto 6, with recent leaks talking about Bigfoot, UFOs, sex robots, ghosts, and even the mention of Pennywise waiting for players. While the circumstances surrounding this new information are unfavorable for the developers and fans of Grand Theft Auto 6, it’s still rewarding to watch dedicated players uncover hidden details and hidden messages in Rockstar’s upcoming open-world crime blockbuster.

Via: Screen Rant/YouTube/Strange Man

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Xiaomi files patent for DSLR-style zoom on mobile phones



Xiaomi registra patente de zoom estilo DSLR em celulares

Patent dated xiaomi can completely change the structure of the main cameras present in the company’s smartphones. According to the registry, new Xiaomi’s patent is a DLSR-style zoom system.. At the moment, the system will not necessarily be implemented on smartphones, it just shows that the brand’s engineers are investigating this topic.

Patent disclosed by the portal Header Android Can mean an important change in the smartphone segment generally. At first, a phone with a Xiaomi DLSR-style zoom module only needed a rear camera. The lens could move to change the aperture and vary the focal length, similar to professional cameras on the market.

As seen in image above, the patent shows a simple cell phone design with only one rear camera. In any case, there is no guarantee that the company will introduce a new patent in the future. It is common for large companies to file patents and discard ideas over time.

Samsung has already tried to implement a similar system

If it implements a scaling system, Xiaomi will not be the first company in the market to test the solution. Samsung has already tested a similar device with the Galaxy K Zoom, released in 2014, but the cell phone line has sold poorly. Over time, Samsung abandoned this idea, as one of the big problems at the time was that DLSR-style zoom makes the smartphone look thicker and less ergonomic.

Ergonomics of a product is one of the most difficult tasks to please the public. The solution needs a lens capable of many movements, which makes the rear camera module much larger. Although, there is a possibility that Xiaomi is developing a solution to this problem.

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If the company manages to create a single zoom rear camera module capable of performing the functions of a traditional triple module, and at the same time offer a smartphone with a thinner design, Xiaomi could explode the market.

Continuation after commercial

Source: Header Android


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