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Live Match Famalicão Benfica 6 Day League



Live Match Famalicão Benfica 6 Day League
Bwin League
6th day
Benfica one
Rafa 63′

Famalicao-Benfica, match of the 6th round Bwin League at the Famalican Municipal Stadium. The victory of the Eagles with a score of 0:1 (a goal by Rafa), securing leadership in the championship. That’s six wins in six tournament games (11th win of the season)!


After the match: A direct red card is shown to Ivo Rodriguez of the Famalicans.

90’+7′ The match ended in Famalicana: Benfica won 0-1, Rafa scored.

90’+6′ In attack, close to the back line, they foul Ba.

90’+6′ The ball is pumped to the Odyssey area. It is his!

90’+5′ Gustavo Sa received a yellow card for catching Diogo Gonçalves, who was already moving past Benfica’s attack from the left.

90’+4′ Rui Fonte fouls Baja in Benfica’s penalty area. Free for Odysseas to run.

90’+3′ Yellow card shown Colombatto for a foul on Rafa.

90’+2′ Foul Orsnes at the sideline in the attack zone.

90’+1′ Goal kick for Odysseas.

90′ Break time: six minutes.

90′ The foul was fixed by Orsnes in the attack zone. Free for Famalicao.

89′ Pressure from Benfica, who returns the ball.

87′ Odysseas holds the ball thrown into the Benfica penalty area while wearing gloves.

85′ Benfica make a substitution with Enzo leaving, Aursnes coming on.

84′ Grimaldo cuts the sideline.

84′ Foul Enzo signaled. Free for Famalicao.

82′ Famalican substitutions: De La Fuente and Youssouf Zaidoo leave, Jonder and Gustavo Sa come on.

81′ It’s played again.

79′ The game has stopped. Colombatto needs medical attention.

75′ Bach is running with the ball and is fouled on the right pass. Free for Benfica.

74′ Famalican substitutions: Millan and Pele leave, Rui Fonte and Pedro Brasau arrive.

73′ Foul on Antonio Silva. Free for Benfica.

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71′ A free-kick taken in Famalicao’s left pass goes past Benfica’s defence.

70′ The fault message was reported by Bah.

65′ Cut Florentino in the area.

64′ Substitutions for Benfica: Musa, Neres and Gilberto leave, while Rodrigo Piño, Chiquinho and Bach come on.


63′ 0-1. GOAL! BENFICA! RAFA! Grimaldo makes a low cross on the left flank, Rafa appears in the matador’s zone, slightly deflecting the ball towards the goal. This is the Eagles’ third of 27 goals this edition of the Bwin League (and the Spanish left-back’s second assist).

62′ António Silva knocks out the shot and goes out to play. Here’s Benfica…

61′ Neres crosses from the right, but the ball goes a little high.

60′ Musa is overthrown by Ivo Rodriguez. Free for Benfica on the way to the large area of ​​Famalicense.

56′ Famalicana substitution: Moura out, Cadile in.

54′ Neres! Another shot on goal Famalican defends Luis Junior. Overtake Benfica!

53′ Musa’s right foot kicks in and Luis Junior clears the ball away, preventing Benfica from scoring.

51′ Neres tries to pass Pele on the right, but the Famalicense midfielder cuts the chances.

fifty’ Goal kick for Benfica.

49′ Free of charge in favor of Famalicão on the left hand side.

46′ Diogo Gonçalves struck the first blow after the break.

46′ The second half has begun.

46′ Benfica make a substitution with Diogo Goncalves coming on for Draxler.


45’+1′ The first half ended in Famalicana: 0:0 on the scoreboard.

45’+1′ Odysseas pulled the ball and saved Yussuf Zaid’s shot! Song for Famalicao.

45′ Stoppage time: one minute.

45′ The foul is fixed by Grimaldo in the attack zone.

44′ Neres puts the ball in the box, but there is no consistency in attack.

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43′ Another corner in favor of the Eagles, but this time on the left side.

43′ New corner for Benfica on the right.

43′ Grimaldo’s cross from the left cuts through the defense of the hosts.

42′ The game has been restarted.

41′ The game is interrupted to help Moura.

41′ Neres! Left foot kick at the entrance to the Famalicense zone, Luis Junior flies in and delivers a corner.

38′ Millan fouls in the offensive zone. Dangerous game in a duel with Grimaldo. Free for Benfica.


36′ Goal! Draxler’s late pass into the box, Musa’s left touches the ball again and leaves it at the mercy of Enzo, who shoots at Luis Junior.

35′ Musa is caught on Riczeli’s wine. Free for Benfica.

33′ Foul by Ruben Lima on Florentino, who went on the attack. Free for Benfica.

31′ Gilberto backs up on the right and crosses. The ball goes over the crossbar. Goal kick for Famalicao.

28′ Draxler shoots with his right foot in the penalty area. It’s a pressed ball, it’s going up… and goalkeeper Luis Junior takes a corner.


26′ Gilbert is missing. Free for Benfica.

23′ Grimaldo takes a free kick, raises the ball to the entrance to the small area and, leaving the goal, Luis Junior cancels Benfica’s kick.

22′ António Silva enters the field with the ball and gets knocked down. Free for Benfica.

twenty’ Ruben Lima crosses to the left of Famalicense’s attack. The ball is lost behind the end line.

eighteen’ Recovery of the Grimaldo ball. Benfica is back on the attack…

16′ The foul was called by Antonio Silva. Free for Famalicao.


fourteen’ Otamendi’s variant for the right runner. The ball comes out a little long. Throw for Famalicão.

eleven’ Long pass requesting Musa’s race. The Benfica striker dominates the ball, looking around and looking for Rafa. This one kicks with his right foot, but the ball hits the Famalicense defender.

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6′ Offside signaled Rafe. The 27th Benfica still shoots into the box, but close to the goal.

4′ Powerful moment for Benfica: Musa receives the ball in the box and passes it to Neres from the right. In front of the Famalicense goalkeeper, number 7 orlov shoots with his left foot, but only gets a corner.

four’ Possession for Benfica…

2′ Moura struck towards the gate. The situation in the Benfica zone has developed due to the lumbago of the 9th number of Famalicense from the right side of the attack.

1′ The referee Nuno Almeida blows his whistle, the game starts in Famalicao!

Eleven Benfica

Famalicao Benfica
Famalican Municipal Stadium
Eleven Benfica
Odysseas, Gilberto (Bach 64), Otamendi, António Silva, Grimaldo, Florentino, Enzo (Orsnes 85), Neres (Chiquinho 64), Draxler (Diogo Gonçalves 46), Rafa and Mousa (Rodrigo Piño) , 64′ )
Helton, Bach (64′), Brooks, Mihailo, Orsnes (85′), Diogo Gonçalves (46′), Chiquinho (64′), Rodrigo Piño (64′) and Enrique Araujo
Eleven from Famalicao
Luis Junior, De la Fuente (Jonder, 82′), Riccieli, Mihai, Ruben Lima, Pele (Pedro Brazao, 74′)Youssouf ZaiduGustavo Sa, 82′)Colombatto, Ivo Rodriguez, MouraCadile, 56′) and Alexander Millan (Ruy Fonte, 74′)
Dalberson, Penetra, Simões, Pedro Brazao (74′), Cadile (56′), Rui Fonte (74′), Gustavo Sa (82′), Yonder (82′) and Theo Fonseca
during break 0-0
Referee team
Referee: Nuno Almeida (AF Algarve); Assistants: Andre Campos and Pedro Felisberto; 4th referee: Gustavo Correia; VAR: Fabio Melo; AVAR: Bruno Costa
Benfica: Rafa (63′)


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BOLA – Benfica overtakes Porto in the top stadium rankings (Liga)



BOLA - Benfica overtakes Porto in the top stadium rankings (Liga)

This Thursday, the League released the most recent league venue ranking update, an innovation for this season based on Match Center rankings and rankings given by delegates who are nominated for the respective game and stadium.

In the eighth round of the championship, the rankings were led by Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica with an average of 4.95 and a combined score of 23.80. Next up is Estádio do Dragão with the same average as the red club, but in cumulative terms it has a percentage of 23.79, with Estádio José Alvalade in last place on the podium with an average of 4.82.

The collected data evaluates accessibility, quality of service provided to the visiting team, sound installation, media and cleanliness, and the Match Center takes into account criteria such as television product (visual noise, bench occupancy, lighting of the playing field, appearance pitch), promotional and post-game events (flash and superflash).

Here is the league standings at the end of the seventh round:

Stadium “Sport Lisbon and Benfica”, number of games – 4, accumulated – 23.80, average – 4.95.

Estádio do Dragão, number of games – 4, accumulated – 23.79, average – 4.95.

Jose Alvalade Stadium, number of games – 4, accumulated – 23.29, average – 4.82.

Cidade de Barcelos Stadium, Number of games – 4 Accumulated – 22.90 Average – 4.72

Municipal Stadium of Braga, Number of games – 4 Accumulated – 22.80 Average – 4.70

Stadium Bessa Sec. XXI, Number of games – 4 Accumulated – 22.40 – Average – 4.60

António Coimbra da Mota Stadium, number of games – 4, accumulated – 22.30, average – 4.58.

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D. Afonso Henriques Stadium, number of games – 3, accumulated – 16.70, average – 4.57.

Estádio Futebol Clube de Vizela, number of games – 4, accumulated – 21.87, average – 4.47.

Famalican Municipal Stadium, Number of games -4 Accumulated – 21.73 Average – 4.43

Capital do Móvel Stadium, Number of games – 4 Accumulated – 21.45 – Average – 4.36

Portimão Stadium, Number of games – 4 Accumulated – 20.90 Average – 4.23

Maritimo Stadium, Number of games – 4 Accumulated – 20.87 Average – 4.22

Stadium Dr. Magalhaes Pessoa, Number of games – 1 Accumulated – 4.20 Average – 4.20

Municipal engineer. Manuel Branco Teixeira, Number of games – 4 Accumulated – 20.79 Average – 4.20

Aruka Municipal Stadium, number of games – 4, accumulated – 20.30, average – 4.07.

Rio Ave Futebol Clube, 4 games, cumulative 20.07, average 4.02.

San Miguel Stadium, number of games – 4, accumulated – 19.90, average – 3.98.

Honor National Sports Center Jamor Stadium, number of games – 3, accumulated – 13.90, average – 3.63.

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Vitor Costa was sent off against Casa Pia for ‘use of violent gambling and other serious conduct’ – Arbitration



Vitor Costa was sent off against Casa Pia for 'use of violent gambling and other serious conduct' - Arbitration

The Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) announced yesterday the explanations given by referee Vítor Ferreira regarding the exclusion of Vítor Costa with a straight red in the 68th minute in Maritimo Casa Pia, at the end of the 8th round. League Bwin. According to the referee’s report, the move was part of “violent gambling and other serious behavior”. “After the ball became unplayable, the player with excessive force with the boots of his boot hit the opponent in the face, opening a wound in the upper region of the eye,” one can still read. The Marine player was suspended for one game. Remember that after this move, Casa Pia was awarded a penalty and Leonardo Lelo successfully converted the ball, making the final score 2:1 in favor of Lisbon.

Read the CD explanation in full:

“The accused was notified of the official reports of the game on the 4th (…) on the same day he presented the accusations, accompanied by a video, mentioning that it is relevant to the present analysis that (…), Vitor Costa did not work out the facts, because he was punished by limiting himself to jumping at the same time as the player João Núñez to headbutt, which he actually managed to do (…). headbutt, Casa Pia player no. 3, who also jumped to play for the ball, lost his balance and fell to the lawn, causing Vitor Costa to fall (…) As a result of this action of Casa Pia player Joao Nunez, both players fell to the lawn , without any fault on the part of Vitor Costa. This move was poorly received and evaluated by the refereeing team, which, of course, did not perceive and did not appreciate the move as a whole.. Otherwise, you would not have thought that there was violent behavior, he didn’t even punish Vitor Costa with a direct red card. If that were the case, Vitor Costa would not have been expelled. The facts described here are clearly the result of television images taken together, so they must be taken into account when making the final decision, imposing a modification of the actual decision that served as the basis for the red card, as well as the acquittal of the accused. since no disciplinary offenses were committed”, the punishment card also states, with reference to the FPF CD, that “having analyzed the defense presented, it considers that there is no indication of any prejudice to the enhanced evidentiary reliability enjoyed by these officials’ reports, thereby confirming the facts stated in the reports.

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BALL – Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)



BALL - Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)

FC Porto and Sporting CP struggled to overcome their respective fourth-round visitors Placard, Oliveirense and HC Braga, losing 5-4 and 5-1 respectively.

The national champion signed a quick comeback for the fans present at the Dragão Arena, with four goals in nine minutes and a hat-trick by Carlo di Benedetto, who set the score with seven seconds left (44, 48 and 50 m).

Despite winning the match between title contenders via Telmo Pinto (16m), Porto could not avoid an immediate response from Oliveirense Thomas Pereira (16m and 40m) and Lucas Martínez (17m), who scored twice in the second part. . The Argentine striker’s second goal, converted from a direct free kick (36m), resulted in a blue card for Roque Pujadas, who was actively opposed by FC Porto, but criticism of the refereeing by Ruy Torres and Fernando Vasconcelos spread to Oliveirense.

Gonçalo Alves’ penalty goal (41m) was the game’s turning point as Porto gained momentum.

At the same time, in Pavilhão João Rocha, Sporting could not finish due to the organization of the defense of HC Braga and the play of goalkeeper Nelson Filipe. In addition, Pedro Mendez took advantage of not scoring a goal to give Minho the lead (34m).

The equalizing goal belonged to João Almeida, whose move to Sporting caused controversy with HC Braga he represented, followed by Gonzalo Romero (44m), Ferran Font (45m and 50m) and João Souto (49m).

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