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Katherine Belton. “I won’t be surprised if someone in Russian intelligence tries to alienate Putin” – Observer



“KGB Capitalism”. With this term, Catherine Belton describes the entire system created by Vladimir Putin and his allies in Russia during his more than 20 years in power, which, according to her, helped him perpetuate himself in this place. A mixture of distrust of the West with the use of its financial instruments to personal enrichment e corrosion of western adversaries. ideology of a kind which rejects the Soviet legacy by promoting a “cold war mentality”. A mentality that does not hesitate to eliminate former allies when they are no longer convenient.

This is the main thesis Putin’s people (ed. Ideias de Ler – Porto Editora), the Portuguese edition of Catherine Belton’s work, arrived in Portugal this Thursday. A book that was met with rave reviews in the Anglo-Saxon world. Time even called him “the most important book about modern Russia” – but what brought its author and international publisher a claim in the British courts brought by Roman Abramovich.

Despite the fact that both sides have reached a legal agreement in the meantime, Belton continues to spare no criticism of Abramovich. Proof of this was his conversation with the London Observer, where he did not avoid the topic: “We had three of his former business colleagues who told me that Putin asked him to buy [Chelsea] get this influence. I presented these allegations to his representative and we included his disclaimer in the book. So I was very surprised when he sued me for this. For me, his connection to Putin is very clear.”

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Iranian advisers killed in Crimea by Ukrainian security forces – Obozrevatel



whitefish here our liveblog about the war in Ukraine

A senior Ukrainian security official confirmed the killing of military advisers in Crimea and warned that any Iranians in Ukraine who support Russia’s invasion of the country would be targeted by firing squad.

Statements were made by Secretary of the Council of National Defense and Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who said that the Iranians were in Crimea in order to to teach Russian soldiers to operate Shahed-136 combat dronessupplied to Russia by Iran.

Although Danilov did not confirm how many Iranian troops were killed by Kyiv forces in October, the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post It was reported that ten councilors were killed during Ukraine’s attack on Crimea, which has been occupied by Russia since 2014.

According to The keeperin an interview in Kyiv, Danilov downplayed the attack, saying the soldiers were “collaborating with terrorists and taking part in the destruction” of Ukraine. “You shouldn’t be where you shouldn’t be”he added.

After Tehran initially denied supplying the drones to Moscow, Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahyanconfirmed that the government provided “a limited number of drones to Russia months before the war in Ukraine.

Iran admits for the first time that it supplied drones to Moscow

In an interview Thursday, Danilov said it remains to be determined if Iran will supply ballistic missiles to Russia in addition to drones, saying if that’s true, then Moscow.does not have the ability to produce its own missilesat least in numbers that would allow him to continue a full-scale war.

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The Ukrainian official also questioned the effectiveness of sanctions imposed on Iran by the West, given that the country, which “has been under sanctions since 1979,” has the ability to “produce such weapons.”

The official documents lying on Alexei Danilov’s desk were covered with white sheets for security reasons, but in the middle of them was a game of chess with only one black pawn going forward. When asked about the symbolism of the board, Danilov replied that the game is a metaphor for a world where the rules no longer apply or respect.

“It shows that now everyone has begun [a jogar] with black,” said the soldier. “Or that black can also be white, or that it can be gray.”


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Putin warns of ‘serious consequences’ if Russian oil price is capped



Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday warned of “serious consequences” if Western powers impose price caps on oil from Russia.

“Such actions are contrary to the principles of market relations and, most likely, will lead to serious consequences for the global energy market,” Putin said during a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shaya al-Sudani.

In the conversation, Putin and Sudan touched upon the plans of the West and the work of both within the framework of the meetings of the OPEC + alliance (an alliance of oil-producing countries led by Saudi Arabia and Russia), guaranteeing the stability of the oil market. market.

Russia has repeatedly warned that it will not supply crude oil to countries that have adopted such restrictions, and predicted big problems for the population of these countries in the winter.

In addition, the Kremlin may also take retaliatory measures, such as reducing production from the current 530 million tons this year to 490 million tons in 2023.

On Wednesday, European Union governments failed to reach an agreement on a price ceiling for oil from Russia, which the G7 powers want to impose on Moscow as a sanction for military aggression against Ukraine.

The top price cap does not directly affect the EU, which has already decided to ban purchases of Russian oil from December 5 (except for those from the pipeline supplying Hungary, which is almost entirely dependent on those supplies), but would hurt the cargo. ships carrying oil from Russia, some of which are flagged with Greek, Maltese or Cypriot flags.

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At one time, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that the EU embargo on crude oil and petroleum products from Russia would increase market tension.

Instead, when evaluating a proposal to impose a cap on Russian oil, he believes that “it could ease tensions.”

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Putin instructed to send more “high-quality” weapons to the army



follow up here liveblog about the war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered this Thursday to supply more “quality” weapons to troops fighting in Ukraine, nine months after the start of the military campaign launched by Moscow.

“It is important not only to increase the volume and variety of supplies, but also to improve their quality,” Putin said during a meeting of the Coordinating Council for meeting the needs of the Armed Forces.

Putin called for improved communications between the military, manufacturers and manufacturers to amend orders when necessary.

There is no need to introduce emergency measures. But we must launch clear, high-quality, well-coordinated work. It is always useful, but in this case it is simply necessary to provide everything that our Armed Forces need in a timely manner during a special military operation,” he said, using the name given by the Kremlin to the invasion of Ukraine.

In this regard, it was believed that military personnel in the field should receive weapons and equipment on time and in predetermined quantities.

For several months now, US and British intelligence agencies have indicated that the Russian army is experiencing a shortage of troops, weapons and ammunition in Ukraine.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Wednesday that Russia faces ‘significant shortage’ of ammunition for its artillerymainly due to the logistical problems he is facing which could limit his field operations in the future.

Austin also assured that Russian troops are getting more and more precision-guided missiles and that its defense industry is facing major challenges in rapidly producing new guided weapons.

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Several European experts cited by various media believe that the Russian withdrawal from the northern third of the Kherson region was motivated to a greater extent than the advance of the enemy or supply problems, lack of ammunition, which would only be enough for a month of battle.

As for the Iskander cruise missiles, which caused serious damage to Ukrainian military and civilian infrastructure, Russia had only 120 units.

Faced with the inability to guarantee a significant advance on the battlefield, the Russian army has decided to launch a massive bombardment of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, and with winter approaching, Kyiv is asking the West to urgently send anti-aircraft batteries.


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