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How to make your home scream elegance (without spending a lot of money)



How to make your home scream elegance (without spending a lot of money)

To a trip in the month of September also brings another change of season: perhaps – and unfairly, as they say – one of the least desired of the year. It’s time to say goodbye to summer, to long and hot days, to pleasant late evenings on the beach, so often washed by water after a belated swim, sunsets, tropical nights. It’s time to arrange a kind of celebratory mourning, return to base and return to routine.

Naturally, we look at autumn with some suspicion. But this season is not just a painful renunciation, it also has its own magic. Each ending is an opportunity to start over. As the leaves begin to fall outside, it’s time to take stock and let go of what no longer makes sense on the inside. Transform and follow the lighter. To reinvent yourself. And you can start by decorating your home and thus create the right atmosphere for you to project this posture into other areas of your life.

Rest assured. You don’t have to invest all of your savings to put this plan into action. By no means. It’s possible to renovate the space you live in with this fall’s top decorating trends without spending a fortune. In fact, it is to this idea that Homa’s sentences correspond – Happy home life.

New season, new colors, new decor

If there is an ideal time to renovate a home, then this is undoubtedly one of them. After having barely stayed indoors over the past few months for various reasons, including the weather, we are leaning back again and again to leave. And by spending more time at home, we also have more opportunities to analyze what we want to change, make decisions and implement decorative projects.

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Plus, new seasons are known to bring new trends with them, making it the perfect time to finally get your house in order. conformity with more news trends interior decoration, getting the result modern and refined.

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At the epicenter of any decorative renovation are the new colors that ultimately determine the timbre of the remaining stakes. As for the chromatic palette, play with warm and cool tones, focusing on black and white, the masters of sobriety.

Glare of the so-called colors of the time, such as orange, moss green and gold, will work beautifully, and some decorative ceramic objects will well embody the role of brushing the space with these shades; as well as floral arrangements and dried ears – not only should they be in vases, they can also be laid out on the walls – they are able to add a touch of color that you need to balance the composition.

News by the minute © Khoma

Elegance for little money

When it comes to patterns, pay special attention to graphic and geometric shapes. Wallpaper, things – well, they will find out when the cold starts to tighten – pillows, or even curtains e towels are a great canvas for getting these colors and prints. Like some pieces of furniture such as chairs e sofas.

News by the minute © Khoma

Equating with a bigger budget low budgetyou can, for example, leave your old sofa and, through a cover of a different color, combined with decorative pillows with patterns, completely transform it.

News by the minute © Khoma

Also lamps e mirrors attractive ones have the ability to change the atmosphere of a room without having to update all the furniture. In fact, you can rather change the arrangement of furniture, something that, by combining it with new textiles and another bolder accent – here it is, a lamp, a mirror, supportsideboard – has the potential to turn any space into a room filled with elegance without having to spend a lot of money.

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News by the minute © Khoma

You must explore feelings

With regard to materials and textures, stimulation of the senses is of particular importance and should be given priority. marblepolished wood, glass and velvetwith a hint of relief over white lambswool that will dictate the trends for the coming months.

The combination of matte and glossy, namely with the help of metal parts, will give the push that was needed for a solution that screams modernity.

Tips for adapting your home to the decorative avant-garde of the new season at a low cost are already on your side, feel free to apply them: in hôma stores – happy home life you have everything you need, waiting for you!

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On Smile Day, discover the smiles of each zodiac sign



On Smile Day, discover the smiles of each zodiac sign

From the most fake to the most sincere, from the most charming to the most gentle, from the most to the most casual, it is believed that a person can smile in about 50 types of smiles. And just like personalities, smiles can also depend on the zodiac. Are Virgo natives more smiling than Aries natives? Or that Geminis forget to floss more often?

As part of Smile Day on October 7th, Impress, the leader in invisible orthodontics, demystifies the smiles of each sign and reveals the characteristics of each:

Capricorn | spontaneous smile
Capricorns are naturally determined and hardworking people. Since they are very focused on their work, their smile sometimes goes unnoticed. However, that is why when they smile, they do it spontaneously and with feeling.

Aquarius | expressive smile
Creative and easy-going, Aquarians tend to be good problem solvers. Aquarians have the most expressive smiles in the entire zodiac.

fish | Mysterious smile
Calm, calm, understanding, and empathetic are some of the adjectives that characterize the native fish. These people tend to have a charming and enigmatic smile.

Aries | Unforgettable smile
Sheep are people passionate about life and open to new experiences. The smile of a sheep, characterized by great initiative, is seductive and unforgettable for many. This is a sign that smiles with its eyes and whose smile can conquer anyone;

Taurus | strong smile
Taurus are calm and persistent people who love stability and practicality in life, not forgetting the more exploratory side that wants to discover each of the five senses. The sum of these characteristics gives Taurus an intense smile that accompanies his passion for life;

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twins | unexpected smile
Geminis are distinguished by their intelligence and intuition, as well as their humorous fickleness. Like the natives of Gemini, your smile is fickle and can be unexpected, however, when it appears, it is contagious and sincere;

crab | Kind smile
Naturally kind, sensitive and caring for each other, Crabs are always ready to offer a smile up their sleeves. The smile of this sign is a mirror of his kind and faithful soul;

Leo | charming smile
Leos love to be the center of attention and are known in the zodiac world for their self-confidence and infectious sense of humor. Leo’s smile is charming, warm and welcoming.

virgin | moderate smile
Known for their perfectionism and organization, Virgos are practical and straightforward people who strive for perfection throughout their lives. Virgo natives tend to express their mood with modest and restrained smiles, but despite this, their smile remains sincere;

Scale | irresistible smile
Libra smiles are smiles that don’t go unnoticed. Characterized by empathy and devotion to others, Libras are elegant and romantic. Your smile is recognized as irresistible;

Scorpio | seductive smile
The energy of Scorpio is contagious, and people of this sign are distinguished by their ability to redefine paths when necessary. The smile of Scorpio is a seductive and strong smile, like the representatives of this sign;

Sagittarius | infectious smile
Sagittarius are cheerful, good-natured and playful, so the smile for these people is constant, natural and they smile even in the most serious situations. The Sagittarius smile is a joyful and infectious smile;

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“Now it’s time to see if there are metastases.” Boyfriend Philipa Torrinha Nunez reported on the state of health



"Now it's time to see if there are metastases."  Boyfriend Philipa Torrinha Nunez reported on the state of health

former actor Joao Lamosa continues to fight testicular cancer. At the stage when the situation seems close to a successful conclusion, the boyfriend Philip Torrinha Nunezpsychologist and social columnist SIC, states that there is still a period of considerable vigilance.

In an interview with a magazine new peopleJoao Lamosa recalled the need to remove one of the testicles, replacing it with a prosthesis, and is now embarking on a new stage more diagnoses.

They removed my testicle and put in a prosthesis. Now it’s time to see if there are metastases. I started with the diagnostic phase, then came the treatment phase, and now I’m back to the diagnostic phase.‘, emphasized Filipa’s partner Torriny Nunez.

However, Joao Lamosa ensures that he has already done “all surgical processes are done there‘, being dependent only on a new phase of continuous observation.

The couple recently attended a gala party. golden globewhich took place on October 2 at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon and was always very smiling.

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Jessica Lawson died during a study tour in France. After seven years, the process is completed and no one is guilty



Jessica Lawson died during a study tour in France.  After seven years, the process is completed and no one is guilty

Charges were dropped against three teachers who accompanied Jessica Lawson and other students on a trip to France. Seven years after the death of the Englishwoman, the parents are still waiting for answers and the outcome of the process.

Seven years after the death of a young Englishwoman, Jessica Lawson, during a study tour to France, the case being heard at the Palais de Justice in Tulle remains unimpeachable.

Jessica Lawson was only 12 years old and one of the youngest Wolfreton students to take part in the excursion to Club Correze in Maymack. One of the rubber bands on the pontoon broke, and the girl drowned, being under the platform. BBCpublished in 2015. the rescuer still dived twice until he managed to save the body of the childwho was taken to a hospital in Limoges, but already lifeless.

All children present at the study visit were minors.

The case has dragged on since 2015 in French courts, and just this week, professors Stephen Lane, Chantel Lewis and Daisy Stothers, who accompanied Jessica and 23 other students, were cleared of all blame, the report said. sky news. They were charged with grossly negligent manslaughter and faced a three-year prison sentence.

This Thursday, Jessica’s mother wrote on the Facebook page of a foundation created in her daughter’s name, the Jessica Lawson Foundation, an emotional text about the death of a child and the development of the process. “No wins, no losses, no draws. Enough. We as a family are proud and stand together. A closeness born of our tragedy. A closeness that continues to grow stronger through our guiding light. Her name is and remains Jessica Lawson. For the past two days, the world media has been chanting her name. And this is normal for our family. Unconditional love is a powerful thing. Immeasurable. I’m Brenda Lawson. I am Jessica’s mother. She is my little girl. No court in any country can take that away from me… ever.”

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The teachers’ lawyers argued that the three teachers acted on short notice and that it was an “innocent” accident as it is a protected and protected area. supposedly safe and the child was a good swimmer, but the fact that the pier overturned and capsized made the situation more complicated and caused the teachers to lose sight of the child.

“The territory was examined by a rescuer, the rescuer was present, the flag was green. (…) There was no reason to think that the floating platform could capsize. We do not know if the drowning occurred at the time of the platform overturning. (…) Thus, there is no evidence that they [os docentes e o nadador-salvador] were negligent – therefore they are considered innocent, ”said Marie-Sophie Vaguet, head of the Tulle jurisdiction, deciding not to blame the child for the death.

according to The keeperas well as the rescuer Leo Lemaire, who was on site, and the authorities of the city of Liginiac (from whom they demanded a fine of 45 thousand euros) were found not guilty.

The recent court decision did not please the parents of Jessica Lawson. The parent even left the courtroom after learning that the teachers are experiencing the same pain as the family, the publication reports. BBC.

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