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How the Game Within the Game Popularized the NFL



Football has always been popular, but decades ago, it received a boost as NFL betting and fantasy sports began to grow in popularity. Granted, sports gambling was illegal and had to be taken elsewhere, but that’s no longer the case as it has grown and is legal in the majority of states or will be in the near future.

It was estimated that the NFL would profit $271 million last season alone. But NFL betting and fantasy sports are unlocking a new horizon to the league and are bringing in those who may not have initially had an interest or taking it deeper from the original team or player level.


Placing bets is no longer under the table, and professional sports leagues stand to benefit. CNBC reported the NFL brought in $1.8 billion in sponsorship revenue from betting firms and technology companies. That’s a 12% increase from the $1.62 billion raised in 2020, which was up from $1.47 billion in 2019.

Sports betting websites such as FanDuel and DraftKings are taking up space in stadiums and arenas across American sports as fans now have the ability to bet on games in the middle of contests. There is the original spread that comes up, and then moving targets as field position, and turnovers change the course of the game.

Add in Caesars, and those three sportsbooks secured partnerships as preferred books of the NFL. Several others – including BetMGM, WynnBet, Fox Bet, and PointsBet – landed secondary deals, all contributing to the owners’ pocketbooks.

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NFL wagering also caused coaches to be forthcoming about injuries. Sure, it’s important from a player safety perspective, but hiding injuries would be commonplace back in the day so as not to tip one’s hand into what a team may see. It’s a lot easier to learn those things with media access and technology. But mandatory injury reports released at specific times are, in part, targeted at sports gambling and fantasy football.


Imagine having Tom Brady at quarterback, Derrick Henry at running back, and Michael Thomas at wide receiver. That team would probably be a Super Bowl contender based on high-end talent alone. That combination may make several hundred or thousand fantasy teams this year and may not even make the playoffs.

Fantasy football was also popularized decades ago as common men and women would meet, select players to their own teams, track their stats, and award wins and losses based on matchups. The world of fantasy football is another extension of gambling in how the NFL has used its popularity to attract new consumers and business partners.

There are season-long leagues, and now these sportsbooks offer daily or weekly fantasy events. Fantasy players can enter a tournament for a small fee – and sometimes multiple entries into tournaments – consisting of a set number of positions to fill with a salary cap, and it can reset each week. The value of accurate injury reports is that the Steelers’ backup running back could be a great value deal as a low-priced option to get a lot of touches if starter Najee Harris is out. That allows players to spend more elsewhere.

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Media growth

That’s caused a boom of start-up companies and even those sportsbooks, which some have traditional casino names that threw their hats into the ring, to create their own media companies and experts. The amount of content available for consumption has created so many niche markets.

DraftKings has its own writers who offer analysis, news updates, and other insight through written articles, video breakdowns, and podcasts. They aren’t alone, as FanDuel has a similar media strategy.

The popularity of fantasy sports and gambling have ballooned that traditional media have incorporated it into their broadcasts and sports pages, and some companies have launched their own gambling divisions.

While the players are competing for wins and losses in pursuit of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and a Super Bowl title, fans across the globe are winning and losing money while betting or playing fantasy football.

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″Has potential for a team like Porto″



″Has potential for a team like Porto″

Chosen by the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport to defend eleven of Europe’s under-23 stars, the guilista left the former Botafogo coach full of pride.

The Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport has named Andrew Silva the best under-23 goalkeeper to have played in nine major European Championships, giving himself the title of an all-star team with names like Benfica midfielder Enzo Fernandes and Manchester City’s Haaland “. .

The choice was received with great enthusiasm by Andrew Silva’s former club Botafogo (Brazil). Marcelo Inácio, who was Chilista’s goalkeeping coach for almost a decade, did not hide his pride: “I already told him that here at the club we were very happy. Me especially. Andrew was 11 years old when we started and he stayed with me until the age of 20, I am very happy to see this growth in the first year in Portugal”, comments O JOGO.

The coach adds that the evolution, and now this Italian praise, does not surprise him, nor does the recent interest of the national champion: “I never had any doubts that this could happen. I am sure that this is just the beginning and that he will shine much more. He has the potential to be in an even bigger team, as is the case with Porto. He has many technical qualities and an excellent reading of the game, but the main thing is his focus and ambitious personality. Of course, he is still very young, he is 21 years old, but he takes this first opportunity very hard.”

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Also João Paulo Marangon, Andrew’s manager, emphasized the precocity: “I work a lot with goalkeepers and I know it’s rare to see someone so young playing with such consistency and regularity.” He also suggested that the news of the alleged interest from Porto spurred him on further: “We heard that his name is strong there, he has a personality and that was the impetus to keep working in search of a great club in the future.”

Property caught in the light
It was Ricardo Soares who bet on Andrew, launching him into the starting XI on February 2 at the Da Luz Stadium, to the detriment of the then owner of the establishment, Sige Frehli, and the club’s young player, Brian Araujo. Gil Vicente won that game (2-1) in a perfect baptism because the goalkeeper was one of the best on the field. Since then, he has already made 21 appearances in eleven and was also Ivo Vieira’s first choice, a situation which, combined with Kritchuk’s return to Barcelos, led to Ziga Frelich’s loan to Chaves.

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Ndur still hasn’t agreed on a contract extension with Benfica



Ndur still hasn't agreed on a contract extension with Benfica

Victor Rodriguez


An Italian player, winner of the Youth League and the Intercontinental Cup with the Eagles, he is the undisputed starter of Team B and is in talks for a new contract with Napoli in search.

The list, which Rui Costa has announced he has pending renewal files for young players, includes the name of Cher Ndur, one of the most promising players on the Red B team, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

O JOGO has discovered that the Eagles president is indeed trying to keep the young Italian international – he made his under-20 debut on Friday against Portugal – but the process continues with no apparent agreement.

The one who is one of the champions of the Youth League and the winner of the new Intercontinental Cup for Benfica is discussing a new contract for five seasons.

If no agreement is reached, the 18-year-old will be able to link himself to another emblem as early as January at no cost, a situation that responsible incarnations want to avoid, not least because training reports point to Ndur as a talent to keep in Seixal.

While his contract situation, labeled as urgent by SAD, is not evolving, and even because of that, there is already news in Italy of Napoli’s interest in the player that the Eagles hired for free in 2020 from Atalanta. already assigned to Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Chelsea and Bayern. This season, the jersey number 73 has made seven bases appearances and has been a starter in the Intercontinental Cup final and two Youth League rounds.

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René Simões: “If Luis Castro were Brazilian, he wouldn’t be here” – Brazil



René Simões: "If Luis Castro were Brazilian, he wouldn't be here" - Brazil

Former Botafogo coach notes the “rigidity” of the work of the Portuguese coaches

René Simões worked at Botafogo as one of his last jobs, especially in 2017. The Brazilian coach, who was Coritiba’s football coordinator until last August, expressed regret that the directors were more understanding of the Portuguese coaches and cited Luis Castro’s case. “I see that the Portuguese coaches are very strict in some things that they do not refuse. The fact that they don’t “rock the waist” makes this adaptation a bit more difficult. [Luís Castro] If there was a Brazilian coach and the direction would be Brazilian, the coach would not be here for a long time,” René Simões assured in a statement to the Samba que é goal program, quoted by Lance. The 65-year-old Coach even showed ignorance towards Luis Castro, who was the champion of Ukraine with Shakhtar Donetsk.

“I don’t know much about the Botafogo coach. It seems to me that he did not coach any team. I think he has always been a coordinator or director, and these are completely different positions. In addition, they attracted many players at the same time. It’s all very complicated, but Brazilian human culture has to adapt to it. It is necessary to adapt to the culture of the country,” he stressed.

In the second season at Brasileirão, Botafogo Luis Castro is in 10th place with 34 points from 27 rounds.

Flavio Miguel Silva


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