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GeForce NOW Breaks 1400 Games Supported



GeForce NOW

NVIDIA GeForce Now arrives with news: six new games have been added to the platform and there are now over 1,400 games available for streaming on GeForce NOW library.

In addition, GeForce NOW subscribers using compatible Samsung and LG smart TVs to play games can get into their games faster with an improved user interface.

Your games, your way

With over 1,400 games streaming instantly on GeForce NOW, there’s always something to play.

A wide selection of games are ready to play straight from the cloud.

Enjoy amazing stories like Mass Effect Legendary Edition or Life is Strange: True Colors that you can play on PC and even Mac. Team up with friends in Lost Ark or betray them in Among Us. Get ready to win in Apex Legends, Rocket League and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – and don’t be afraid to fall behind thanks to ultra low latency.

For those who want something scary, have fun chasing ghosts in Phasmophobia or fight to survive and kill in Dead by Daylight. These games sound creepy good with volumetric catfish 5.1 e 7.1 for Priority members.

Expand your personal game library by starting with over 100 free games like League of Legends and Rumbleverse. RTX 3080 and Priority subscribers can also enjoy real-time ray tracing in games like Dying Light 2, Loopmancer, and Cyberpunk 2077, which received a new 1.6 update this week, bringing even more content to Night City.

Play anywhere with mobile devices. Fortnite on GeForce NOW with sensory available on mobile devices to all subscribers playing through the Safari browser on iOS and the GeForce NOW app for Android. Or swipe to visit Teyvet Genshin Impactavailable for mobile devices sensory.

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With new games coming to the cloud every week, the possibilities are endless.

Playback directly from TV

GeForce NOW subscribers who play games on TVs Samsung e LG can now easily find and launch the best games through an improved user interface.

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Turn on your TV and start playing right from the Featured on GeForce NOW section.

Samsung has integrated the Featured on GeForce NOW part into Samsung Game Centerstreaming on select 4K TVs from 2022. The list is updated regularly – it includes new, popular and recently released games. GeForce NOW is also integrated with other lineups such as Popular Games, which Samsung also selects on a weekly basis. Select a game from these menus and easily launch the GeForce NOW app.

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Discover new titles right from your home screen.

LG has updated its user interface with the “Games Library” splash screen. This add-on brings GeForce NOW games right to the home screen, adding a new game search bar for members playing on compatible LG 2022 and 2021 TVs. Members with compatible TVs can download GeForce App NOW and check out the new user interface.

Make a revolution on your weekend

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Lead a revolution insteel rise
with beautiful cinematic RTX ON graphics.

Enter the weekend with six new games streamed from the cloud:

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Will smartphones do away with cameras?



How many people do you see on the street with a special camera in their hands? Probably very few, especially since smartphones have begun to offer shooting quality at least comparable to a DSLR.

However, in terms of quality, despite the great strides made by Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, etc., the truth is that a good camera still outperforms any high-end smartphone. At least for a while!

Do smartphones have what it takes to complete the cameras?

Thus, Sony is no longer the only giant in the mobile technology world who believes that smartphones have what it takes to surpass the image quality of digital SLR cameras in the near future. After all, Judd Heap, VP of Camera Product Management at Qualcomm, seems to share a very similar sentiment. You know why?

Because the capabilities of sensors continue to grow, and in fact the level of development and innovation in this area is much higher than in the rest of the photographic industry.

What’s the secret?

S22 Ultra, Vivo, X80 Pro

Apparently, the potential lies in the level of processing that exists in the world of smartphones, especially in the higher ranges. After all, compared to the most powerful cameras on the shelves, be it Sony, Canon or Nikon, any high-end smartphone is at least 10 times more powerful in terms of processing power.

Computing power, which, as you understand, has only increased.

Big brands don’t want to fight smartphones.

As you may know, Canon has already announced the end of its DSLR lineup, and it looks like Nikon is joining the same train with its focus on mirrorless cameras.

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In short, the greats of this world know that it is impossible to fight the practicality that smartphones offer.

So what about the megapixel war? This is an obstacle to evolution!

A Qualcomm expert believes that this new numbers war in the world of smartphones is useless, and that for a good development of the market, it would be a good idea to bet on sensors between 40 and 50MP.

A curious proposition, as Samsung will make a big and ugly 200MP bet from next year on its top of the range Galaxy S23 Ultra. Here we must take into account that more megapixels does not necessarily mean larger sensors. Pixels will be smaller, and for this reason, they may have difficulty getting light through. In the near future, it is very likely that the maximum sensor size for smartphones will not exceed one inch (1 inch).

Besides, what do you think of all this? Do you think that cameras will die, remaining only for professionals? Share your opinion with us in the comment box below.

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Google Maps launches immersive places to visit



Google Maps launches immersive places to visit

Google will introduce new Google Maps features for those who want to travel and discover new places. The new items were announced during the Search On event by a North American technology company and promise to make our popular tool an even more useful resource.

The highlight on your navigation platform is now focused on how we oscillate between the real world and the virtual world. In particular, to move from a map to the real world to an appropriate representation of places of interest, areas to explore, and the entire environment.

The big novelty introduced now is the immersive look. This is a feature that was first showcased at the Google I/O conference earlier this year, but is now finally available for integration (although there is already talk of room for improvement). In practice, we will have a new way to visualize a certain point of interest through Google Maps.

Although in a virtual way, remotely and through a smartphone / tablet or PC, it becomes possible to get to know a certain area and everything that exists in the vicinity, which allows the user to “know the place” even before visiting it. When visiting, for example, a world-famous monument, we immediately find out what are the best restaurants nearby, the weather forecast for this place, and even where is the best place to take an Instagram photo.

There are currently 250 points available through the platform. The first regions to receive improvements are the United States of America, followed by Europe.

According to the company, this alliance is the result of comprehensive research and will appear at any time with access to locations.

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The second new feature coming in the coming months is Neighborhood Vibe, which will help users feel the energy and vibe of the new neighborhoods they enter by displaying other users’ comments as they scroll through the Google Maps app.

Source: silicone corner

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Samsung: Reports of swollen smartphone batteries worry South Koreans



Samsung: relatos de baterias inchadas em smartphones incomodam sul-coreana

Complaints about various models of smartphones are circulating on the Internet. Samsung with a painful problem: swollen battery. A video on the subject was posted last Tuesday, September 27th, on a technology channel known as mistertoboss. Video reached over 3 million views in just three days. This is not the first time a South Korean has been reported in this situation, but advances in technology should make such an incident more difficult.

Arun Mainithe person in charge of the channel stated that the situation could affect models available worldwide, such as Galaxy S6 (2015) Galaxy S10 (2019) and even Galaxy Z Add 2 (2020). Batteries “swell” after devices have been turned off for a certain period of time. This feature has not been found in other competing brands such as ASUS it’s in Apple.

Maini said the situation could affect models available around the world such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S10 and even the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

BUT Samsung sought out an influencer to clarify the situation, but did not publicly comment on what happened. The video that led to the complaint was this:

Android Police reports that other YouTubers have seen the same issue on Samsung smartphones.

According to tweet below, other influencers have noticed similar issues with the company’s mobile phones. Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) wrote on his social media profile:

Evidence indicates that smartphones that are constantly used do not usually show signs of battery swelling; however, those that turn on after long periods of inactivity present the dangers described above. Arms mentioned that Samsung issued the following statement:

We are aware of this and are looking into further technical evaluations. Customers with questions about their Samsung device are advised to contact their local customer service representative.

Continuation after commercial

Have you had a similar experience with a corporate smartphone? Share your point of view on this issue and follow our social networks!

Source: Twitter, YouTube, Gizmodo


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