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Find out what’s new in the Battlefield 2042 patch.



Battlefield 2042

Update 2.1 for Battlefield 2042 was released last Tuesday (27). Here you will find out the biggest and best news about what the new patch contains, stay tuned.


Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It’s number 17 series Battlefield and the 2018 sequel to Battlefield V.

season”Weapon Masters” is now available on the game and brings incredible new features such as the battle pass which contains new level levels as well as impressive rewards. Even the cycle has arrived with different equipment, vehicles, maps, as well as new gameplay features.

Find out what’s new in the patch

Last Tuesday (27) Electronic Arts released an update. Update 2.1 for Battlefield 2042 comes with a patch that includes items such as a new fast vehicle, weapons in the Battlefield Portal, and last but not least, the new patch also includes an amazing update map overhaul.

Battlefield 2042 1

An important detail to note were the bug fixes and several stability improvements that were applied with the update. The most important additions to the patch include, for example, the Polaris RZR military buggy, as well as the P90, GOL Sniper Magnum and M1911 weaponry for the All-Out Warfare arsenal. The Renewaw has also implemented a new dynamic that favors close combat by applying more coverage and less flag spacing.

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And we can’t help but mention the adjustments that the new Battlefield 2042 update has brought to better balance the helicopter gunships in Nightbird. The Irish APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel can now block attachable grenades, while the AM40 and Avancys will no longer register as SMG bullets.

All in all, the Battlefield 2042 patch fixes all UI issues by adding modifiers to the rules editor as well as reducing the incessant crashes on all maps in the game.

Battlefield 2042

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LastPass security compromised and user data exposed



LastPass segurança dados utilizadores passwords

LastPass is one of the most famous and commonly used password managers on the web. Even with some major changes, it was still a safe offering that many use on a daily basis.

The service was again criticized for another major security issue. This is the second time in a short period of time that attackers have gained access to user data yet again.

Another LastPass security flaw

In August, LastPass had major security issues. A simple attack gave access to the company's servers, from which important company information is believed to have been stolen. At the time, it was clear that there was no user data theft.

Now, months later, it is clear that much more happened in that attack. LastPass has been attacked again and this time it is known that user data has been exposed. Company disclosed that it has detected "unusual activity" on third-party cloud storage, but existing passwords remain encrypted and secure.

The attackers are known to have used information obtained in August to access "some elements" of customer information. LastPass immediately launched an investigation by hiring the security company Mandiant and the authorities were also alerted.

LastPass Security Data User Passwords

User data is open, no passwords

The company is working intensively to understand the scope of this incident and to determine exactly what information was accessed. You further warrant that while this evaluation is ongoing, LastPass products and services will continue to function without restriction.

However, LastPass encourages its users to follow the installation and setup guidelines. This includes various measuresincluding setting up two-factor authentication to access the services of this platform.

The revealed case does not leave a positive image of LastPass. This is more of a case of a security issue that occurs over a short period of time. While passwords are not disclosed or used, there is the potential for sensitive data to be accessed and used.

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Future Apple AR/VR headset system could be “xrOS”



Ilustração do headset de AR/VR da Apple

BUT Apple took another step towards launching his mixed reality headsetthe device, due to be launched next year, will combine augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

According to information from Mark GurmanYes bloomberg, Apple has changed the name of the operating system that will ship with the device. According to anonymous sources of the journalist, the company refused old name “realityOS” and has now adopted the nomenclature “chroOS”.

The new name appears precisely to emphasize that this is a “mixed reality” device, since the abbreviation XR is often used to refer to augmented reality (augmented reality), a concept that spans both AR and VR.

As Gurman noted, while augmented reality overlays virtual graphics and information on the real world, virtual reality is a comprehensive and immersive experience for activities such as playing games and watching videos.

“xrOS” should have exclusive versions of Apple apps such as Messages this is Cards – as well as with some App Storewhere other developers can host and distribute their proprietary software.

Apple expects the mixed reality device to be its latest “great product” that hasn’t been seen in Cupertino since the device’s launch. Apple Watch (in 2015) — today one of the largest sources of profit for the company.

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An extremely rare solar eclipse is coming soon!



An extremely rare solar eclipse is coming soon!
solar eclipses
A hybrid annular eclipse is a rare type of solar eclipse.

Generally, Eclipses occur because the Moon is almost 400 times smaller than the Sun🇧🇷 but it’s about 400 times closer to Earth, so they appear to be the same size in our sky. The closer the Moon is to the Earth, the greater the path of the eclipse and its maximum totality.

Learn more about four types of solar eclipses What can be seen from planet Earth:

partial solar eclipse

This is the type more often solar eclipse, during which observe the part of the sun covered by the moon🇧🇷 A partial solar eclipse that last happened in October is always the initial and final phase of any type of solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse

Occurs when The moon approaches the solar diskturning off the lights for a few moments to bring on twilight🇧🇷 The onset of an eclipse when The moon is relatively close to the earth makes the tip of your shadow – in the shape of a cone – touch the surface of the Earth; and in this case we have a total solar eclipse.

Such an eclipse can be seen with the naked eye and is known to be most spectacular solar eclipse🇧🇷 The last time this happened was last year in Antarctica, and this event takes place around once every 18 months.

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Annular solar eclipse

This eclipse occurs when The moon is farthest from the Earth and covers the center of the solar disk🇧🇷 but in this case, the tip of its shadow in the form of a cone does not touch the surface of the Earth. From the planet you can see ring of fire glowing around the moonwhich is one option that can be seen using some special glasses.

Hybrid annular eclipse

it rare type of solar eclipse what happens during the event, as the name implies, is hybrid. it’s an eclipse starts as an annular eclipse and ends as a total solar eclipse🇧🇷 This happens because the shadow of the Moon does not touch the curved surface of the Earth at the extreme points – sunrise and sunset. What makes it so rare is the range, extremely narrowfrom the shadow of the moon to get to the Earth.

The moon is located in millimeters so that both eclipses occur during the same event.

The consequence of the lack of integrity is that observers can see Bailey’s longest run of accounts – the last rays of light streaming through the valleys of the moon – just before impressive diamond ring🇧🇷 It does it the next hybrid annular eclipse is a real rarity!

When will the next hybrid annular eclipse occur?

In a day April 20, 2023 No Southern HemisphereYes Australia to West Papua. But almost all events will take place in March🇧🇷 Few people understand the meaning of a hybrid annular eclipse, mainly due to the rarity of this eventwhat will happen only seven times in the 21st centuryin addition to your short duration.

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At the height of this event, A total solar eclipse lasting about one minute will be visible. BUT Exmouth Peninsula this is the only part of Australia where everything will be visible except Timor read e West Papua.

How hybrid annular eclipses happen every ten or two decadesalso find out what the next dates will be when we can admire this event in the rest of the 21st century:

  • November 14, 2031 (duration 1 minute 8 seconds);
  • November 25, 2049 (duration 38 seconds);
  • May 20, 2050 (duration 21 seconds) and
  • December 6, 2067 (duration 8 seconds).

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