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BALL – He spent 11 years at Alvalada and returns this Tuesday (remember him?) (Champions League)



BALL - He spent 11 years at Alvalada and returns this Tuesday (remember him?) (Champions League)

Tottenham’s visit to Sporting CP (Tuesday 5:45 pm) marks a very special reunion for Eric Dier. The 28-year-old English centre-back, one of the mainstays of the defense built by Antonio Conte, returns to Lisbon to face the club where he first trained.

Eric Dier’s path was unusual for an England international and he began his career in Lisbon and at Sporting CP, where he arrived in 2003 after his parents, Louise and Jeremy, found work on Portuguese soil. And the year seems to have been enough for the defender to become attached to the lion’s team, since even the family’s move to Valencia after Euro 2004 did not convince him to leave the green-and-white team, with Dier in training. himself with a local team in Spain and on the weekends he goes to play for the lions.

A return to England, where he was born – he represented Everton’s youth squad in 2010 and 2012 – to experience a different competitive environment did not change the focus, and Eric Dier ended up making his debut the following season with Sporting. First for the B team (against Atlético, fourth round of Ligue 2), and then for the first team, when Jesualdo Ferreira started him against Braga (ninth round of the 2012/13 season), and the Englishman responded with an assist. Wolfswinkel will score the winning goal (1-0). The following day, he was once again decisive when he scored the only Green-White goal that guaranteed a lion’s draw in Moreira de Conegosh.

This was followed by another 30 matches (in seasons 2012/13 and 2013/14) as part of a lion’s team that did not go through the best stages, adding 16 wins, nine draws and six losses.

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The departure came in a year of controversy shrouded in 2014. In July of that year, Tottenham Hotspur paid €5m for a centre-back and the Lions claimed a controversial clause: they could not refuse an offer for a British emblem worth less than €5m. or equal to salary. The management, led by Bruno de Carvalho, claimed that he tried to extend this prerogative, but the player always refused.

This situation, however, did not remove the high appreciation of the player and the athlete himself by the fans in relation to the club. Dyer has never made a secret of his support for Sporting and is still fluent in Portuguese, communicating with former colleagues on social media.

He returns to Alvalada in 2022, having made 243 Premier League appearances for Tottenham and 45 England appearances in the 2016 European Championship and 2018 World Cup.

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A BOLA – H. Patins: Electrification Benfica-Sporting to watch live (20:00) (A BOLA TV)



A BOLA – H. Patins: Electrification Benfica-Sporting to watch live (20:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Wednesday, September 28, you can see in your BOLA TV (channel 13 to Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO) …

Highest quality roller hockey to see tonight (20:00) n’BUT WAS TV. Face to face, Benfica and Sporting CP, two very strong contenders for the national title, will offer an adrenaline-pumping fight. Playing in their Pavilhão da Luz, the red team coached by Nuno Resende scored a significant victory (4:1) in Pacos de Arcos with goals from Di Benedetto (2), Ordonez and Pablito Alvarez. The Lions of Alejandro Domínguez beat champions Porto 4-2 at the João Rocha Pavilion in a match that counts for Nacional’s first round. The lion’s goals were scored by Joao Souto, Nolito Romero, Platero and Tony Perez.

Benfica-Sporting, a match not to be missed, counts towards the second round of the Poster League of Rink Hockey to see n’BOLA TV!

Fernando Guerra, Jose Capristano and Litos at BOLA DA NIGHT (22:00)

The defeat of Portugal from Spain (1:0), which is tantamount to saying goodbye to the qualifying group stage of the Champions of the League of Nations, and an analysis of the return to the Primeira League with an emphasis on the matches of Sporting – Gil Vicente. (19:00) and FC Porto-SC Braga (21:15), both Fridays, and V. Guimarães-Benfica, Saturday (20:30), dominate NIGHT BALL in this Wednesday. Fernando Guerra, journalist, José Manuel Capristano, former Benfica manager, and Litos, coach and commentator. BOLA TVtake part in a program moderated by Jorge Pessoa and Silva, editorial coordinator.

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Andre Pipa and Pedro Castelo at BOLA DAS 7 (19:00)

Journalists André Pipa and Pedro Castelo participate in BALL OF THE SEVEN in this Wednesday. The defeat with Spain in Braga and what comes from the Primeira Liga will be on the table moderated by Jorge Pessoa and Silva, editorial coordinator who also represents LAST BALLprogram, which will feature journalist Eduardo Marquez.

André Pipa conducts JOURNAL PRESS (17:30)

Journalist Andre Pipa analyzes the main news of the foreign press, focusing on European competitions.

PLAYBALL plays at 16:35

PLAYBALL is a program dedicated to current events and curiosities of games. Every week we will host a virtual confrontation between the three greats of Portuguese football, leading up to the journey of the main championship, but not only. We’ll also show you the top market news, tricks to make you look professional, and take you on a guided journey to the treasures of the past.

Big passions in THIS FOOTBALL (18:05)

Traditions and stories, heroes and villains, rivalry and passions! All for fidelity to the club of the heart. Whatever you choose, feel it! This is Football!

GRILL starts at 18:30.

From Formula 1 to NASCAR, through World Rally and World Endurance, this series covers all the action and behind the scenes of world stars. Unparalleled access to the biggest teams and personalities in motorsport, GRILL This is an unforgettable combination of all-wheel drive and a unique, privileged look at the best riders on the planet.

André Villas Boas in DREAM COLLECTIONS (00:00)

DREAM COLLECTIONS presents a new Portuguese collection, as well as its owner and history of collecting. The six episodes will feature the car collections of André Villas-Boas, famous football coach and alleged engine lover, José Mira, who bought his first car at 18 and never stopped, or Meigo’s collection. who in a short period of time has amassed an enviable collection of sports cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s. But that’s not all. Motorcycles will also be featured in this series: the collections of José Duarte, whose passion for Honda rivals that of the brand’s museum in Japan, the collections of Frederico Valsassina, who has been collecting and restoring motorcycles since he was a teenager, or the collections of José Pereira, which has more than a thousand two-wheelers of all brands. and nationalities.

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Luis Filipe Vieira: “At the moment, Sp. Braga is the club that works best in Portugal” – Benfica



Luis Filipe Vieira: "At the moment, Sp.  Braga is the club that works best in Portugal" - Benfica

The President of Benfica also warned of the euphoria around Benfica.

In an interview with CMTV, Luis Filipe Vieira spoke about the current situation at Benfica, praised Roger Schmidt and revealed that he thinks Sp. Braga is the best club to work in Portugal. “In my time, Benfica had great teams and won a lot of titles. [treinador] started now. The coach was a real surprise for me. I know that they contacted the Portuguese coaches. I don’t say who,” the ex-leader of the eagles began to the Cofina channel.


Vieira continued and praised the German. “I think I like his game system. He is a friendly person, easy speech directed at everyone. He made the group strong enough. signed him, but at Benfica, sometimes euphoria is bad.”

“The Portuguese Championship is a mistake, I’m not sure that small teams will take points from big ones. If you stand firmly on your feet, you have a team that will become a champion. I always count on Porto and Sporting, not forgetting Sp. Braga, which is the best club to work in Portugal,” he added.

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Abel Ferreira talks to players about the ‘immutable’ factor: ‘I’m ‘angry’…”



Abel Ferreira talks to players about the 'immutable' factor: 'I'm 'angry'…"

The writing

Abel Ferreira, Palmeiras coach, gave an interview to the Buzz Talk podcast.

Does not suffer a lack of intensity and effort: “I don’t get angry when they miss a cross, a shot or a goal. This is when they have to share the ball with everyone and remove their foot. When they need to run and they don’t go. efforts. The physical part, I’m angry. The technical part, no, because I’m sure they want to succeed. It’s because they saw an opportunity. I am not criticizing the decision. The player wants to do whatever is best for him and the team. Issues of effort, attitude, giving up everything… It’s non-negotiable.”

A responsibility: “A coach, when he loses, is very lonely, he is very lonely. Everyone criticizes. I tell the players that we all have responsibilities within the club. Outside, I will always protect them, but inside I will say everything I think. “When someone is at fault, it’s me. The defeats belong to me. It’s no coincidence that when something goes wrong at the club, the coach is the first to fall. That’s part of the deal. On the outside, I always protect my players. But on the inside, we are in our family, and whatever is a problem must be solved.”

Watch the full interview:

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