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Apple redesigned iPhone 14 to be easier to repair (video)



Imagem iPhone 14 interior desmontado

One of the criticisms of the iPhone architecture concerns its complex design, which makes it difficult to repair any component. In fact, such criticism motivated the creation of social media channels to pressure the company to fix the problem. The company was often singled out for wanting to make it difficult for its own authorized repair crews to place “non-certified” parts. Quietly, however, Apple has redesigned the iPhone 14.

According to “experts” evaluating the interior of these devices, the iPhone 14 teardown revealed “the most significant redesign since the X.” The video shows the reason for this classification.

iPhone 14 brings a "revolution"

The iPhone 14 has arrived and it doesn't really impress critics. Even though it brought some interesting benefits, the looks add nothing to its predecessor. However, according to iFixitinterior revolution.

Apple has completely redesigned the interior of iPhone 14 models to make repairs easier. This is the most significant design change to the iPhone in a long time.

iFixit CEO Kyle Vince said after iFixit took apart the phone.

The iPhone has long been considered a difficult phone to repair. Its interior is a complex interlocking construction of parts that requires proprietary tools and a steady hand to complete even a basic repair. The redesign of the iPhone 14 eliminated a lot.

The smartphone has a brand new structure with a thin sheet of metal in the middle, allowing easy access to both the front and rear screen. It can be opened from both the front and rear, making screen and rear glass replacement much easier than previous models.

According to iFixit, the rear glass attaches to the phone with a single connector and two screws.

Apple apparently uses a less aggressive adhesive, making it easier to open than older screens. And as a bonus, removing the exact same screws also gives access to the rear glass and screen. With just two screws, both the rear glass and the display are immediately accessible.

Said about iFixit.

If we compare the interior of the iPhone 14 with iphone x, X is a repair nightmare and this new one is "an hour's work". That is, the entire iPhone X was covered in adhesive, and the adhesive was so strong that chemicals, force, and even heat had a hard time separating the component.

According to the website, Apple soldered the camera lens to the glass on the 10th anniversary iPhone, adding to the complexity. The best way for the repair shops to get in from behind was to use a laser to melt the glue and then break the glass and gently scrape off the resulting dust. It was not quite an independent process!

An image of the iPhone 14, which is easier to repair

Apple began selling parts and even a "repair kit"

Last year Apple announced that it will sell parts, tools and guides that would allow people to do basic repairs on their phones. It was a big change for a company that had long held a monopoly on iPhone repairs.

A few weeks ago Apple extended this new DIY system and offered more tools and guides to help people fix even more smartphone parts. The new iPhone 14 design seems like another step in the right direction.

But there is still a lot of work to be done. As iFixit pointed out in their phone repair review, Apple still requires pairing software to replace some components like screens. In fact, it was even talked about at the iOS 16 presentation during some of the beta testing.

Of course, Apple didn't make the change out of the goodness of their hearts. Behind these investments and policy changes is pressure from investors, clients and even government agencies. US President Joe Biden endorsed right to a refund in an executive order earlier this year and ordered the FTC (US regulator) to launch an investigation. The European Union is also lobbying and enacting legislation to end renovation monopolies.

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Google Maps launches immersive places to visit



Google Maps launches immersive places to visit

Google will introduce new Google Maps features for those who want to travel and discover new places. The new items were announced during the Search On event by a North American technology company and promise to make our popular tool an even more useful resource.

The highlight on your navigation platform is now focused on how we oscillate between the real world and the virtual world. In particular, to move from a map to the real world to an appropriate representation of places of interest, areas to explore, and the entire environment.

The big novelty introduced now is the immersive look. This is a feature that was first showcased at the Google I/O conference earlier this year, but is now finally available for integration (although there is already talk of room for improvement). In practice, we will have a new way to visualize a certain point of interest through Google Maps.

Although in a virtual way, remotely and through a smartphone / tablet or PC, it becomes possible to get to know a certain area and everything that exists in the vicinity, which allows the user to “know the place” even before visiting it. When visiting, for example, a world-famous monument, we immediately find out what are the best restaurants nearby, the weather forecast for this place, and even where is the best place to take an Instagram photo.

There are currently 250 points available through the platform. The first regions to receive improvements are the United States of America, followed by Europe.

According to the company, this alliance is the result of comprehensive research and will appear at any time with access to locations.

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The second new feature coming in the coming months is Neighborhood Vibe, which will help users feel the energy and vibe of the new neighborhoods they enter by displaying other users’ comments as they scroll through the Google Maps app.

Source: silicone corner

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Samsung: Reports of swollen smartphone batteries worry South Koreans



Samsung: relatos de baterias inchadas em smartphones incomodam sul-coreana

Complaints about various models of smartphones are circulating on the Internet. Samsung with a painful problem: swollen battery. A video on the subject was posted last Tuesday, September 27th, on a technology channel known as mistertoboss. Video reached over 3 million views in just three days. This is not the first time a South Korean has been reported in this situation, but advances in technology should make such an incident more difficult.

Arun Mainithe person in charge of the channel stated that the situation could affect models available worldwide, such as Galaxy S6 (2015) Galaxy S10 (2019) and even Galaxy Z Add 2 (2020). Batteries “swell” after devices have been turned off for a certain period of time. This feature has not been found in other competing brands such as ASUS it’s in Apple.

Maini said the situation could affect models available around the world such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S10 and even the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

BUT Samsung sought out an influencer to clarify the situation, but did not publicly comment on what happened. The video that led to the complaint was this:

Android Police reports that other YouTubers have seen the same issue on Samsung smartphones.

According to tweet below, other influencers have noticed similar issues with the company’s mobile phones. Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) wrote on his social media profile:

Evidence indicates that smartphones that are constantly used do not usually show signs of battery swelling; however, those that turn on after long periods of inactivity present the dangers described above. Arms mentioned that Samsung issued the following statement:

We are aware of this and are looking into further technical evaluations. Customers with questions about their Samsung device are advised to contact their local customer service representative.

Continuation after commercial

Have you had a similar experience with a corporate smartphone? Share your point of view on this issue and follow our social networks!

Source: Twitter, YouTube, Gizmodo


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Redmi Pad gets unboxed before the official presentation



Redmi Pad gets unboxed before the official presentation

Xiaomi has scheduled its next event for October 4th. In it, Chinese technology will present Xiaomi 12T smartphones, new TWS wireless headphones and Redmi Pad.

The latter will be the first product of this Xiaomi sub-brand in the tablet market. Therefore, fans are enthusiastically waiting for its disclosure, but can already observe all its details even before the official presentation.

Redmi Pad stripped of secrets ahead of official presentation

A few days before the official presentation of Redmi Pad, the first video appeared unpacking to the equipment. The video was published by the Spanish channel Eufracio López 502 and gives us a tour of all that this product has to offer.

Let’s start right away with the contents of your box. Here we will find not only a copy of the Redmi Pad, but also a USB-A to USB-C cable, as well as a 22.5 W AC adapter that will serve to charge its 8000 mAh battery.

this is unpacking beyond the years still serves as a confirmation of all renders referring to the Redmi Pad seen in recent weeks. We have a very elegant looking product built in aluminum and with symmetrical edges around the screen.

On the back we have a module inspired by Xiaomi 12. However, here we will only find an 8-megapixel photo lens that will serve to take photos and record videos without expecting miracles of its quality.

Through the Redmi Pad box, we can confirm that it will have a 10.6-inch IPS screen and a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels. Also worth noting is the 90Hz refresh rate for smoother viewing.

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Inside will be a Helio G99 processor, accompanied by 4GB of RAM in the model shown in this video. This copy has 128 GB of internal memory, expandable with a microSD card up to 1 TB.

For those looking for a tablet for media viewing, Redmi Pad offers four speakers with Dolby Atmos technology. A set that is sure to appeal to anyone who wants a product of this type to watch movies or series anywhere.

The price of this Redmi Pad has not yet been confirmed, although it is rumored to be around 250 euros. Information to be confirmed next Tuesday with its official presentation.

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