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These are the highest paid professions in Portugal – Cidade Hoje



These are the highest paid professions in Portugal - Cidade Hoje

The government intends to create another 10,000 kindergarten places in the coming years, the prime minister said today, calling the free childcare measures “a very important support for family income.”

“Now our goal is to expand over the next few years to 10,000 places in kindergartens across the country to meet the needs of families who are looking for kindergartens, but still do not have them,” said António Costa.

The Prime Minister spoke in Amadora, Lisbon, after visiting the Luis Madureira Kindergarten, accompanied by the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Méndez Godinho, and the Secretary of State for Integration, Ana Sofia Antunes.

According to the chief executive, this increase in the number of places in kindergartens is provided for in an agreement that the government has signed “with the Union of Mercy, the Mutual Aid Union, the Union of Cooperatives, the National Confederation of Solidarity Institutions (CNIS)” and will be implemented under the Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PRR ) and Portugal 2030. Costa believes this increase in supply should be accompanied by a measure of free day care, as “many areas of the country”, including Amadora, have “many children” on the waiting list.

Regarding free day care, Costa said the measure will go into effect on September 1 and will be extended in the first year “to all children born on or after September 1, 2021.”

Next year, according to the prime minister, this allowance “will be extended to children who will attend not only the first, but also the second year, and, finally, in 2023, 2024 – to all children attending kindergartens.”

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“To be clear about what this means, it means that the state is no longer exclusively supporting the lowest income families that were in the first and second tiers, which already had free day care – but now covers all children. regardless of family income and, therefore, becomes a universal measure,” he said.

Citing the example of Luis Madureira’s kindergarten he attended, Costa emphasized that in this particular institution “there were 10 children who were covered free of charge at the moment”, which increased to 48 as of September of this year.

Thus, the prime minister considered that free kindergartens are “a very important process, because it will mean a very important support for families’ incomes.” However, Costa emphasized that this is not a “isolated measure” and should be considered in conjunction with other measures such as updating family allowance levels, increasing this allowance and creating a childhood guarantee.

“This year we are taking a very important step towards our goal of pursuing a strong child support policy that will help us cope with the demographic challenge and, in particular, support families with children, who, of course, we all feel who need special support. especially in this very difficult year that we are all going through,” he stressed.

However, the prime minister emphasized that these “efforts would not have been possible without the fulfillment of a number of conditions”, starting with the emphasis on “good budget management” by the state.

“Despite the context of uncertainty we are living through, today we are strong enough to take these steps to strengthen social policies without compromising public debt reduction goals,” he stressed.

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The second condition, according to the Prime Minister, is that “despite the surge in inflation” that is observed in Portugal, the economy “is holding up well” and companies “are finding new markets for exports.” and continue to “increase your production”.

Finally, the prime minister also underlined the “work in the spirit of closeness and solidarity” that the government is doing with “municipalities, as well as with all institutions of the third sector.”

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Do you want to apply for a home loan? Banks will limit the maximum amount they are allowed to lend to 30%



Do you want to apply for a home loan?  Banks will limit the maximum amount they are allowed to lend to 30%

The increase in Euribor rates will limit the maximum amount banks are allowed to lend, and cuts could be around 30% as early as next month, Público reported on Monday. Debt reduction will also particularly affect those with lower incomes or less savings, who, subject to current regulations, will be required to guarantee at least 10% of the purchase price of the property, in addition to transaction costs. .

The duration of contracts, limited by the age of persons at the time of applying for a loan, is another factor that makes it difficult to access new loans. According to Eupago’s modeling, a loan intermediary, a couple aged 30 with a net monthly income of 1,800 euros, without inheritance or other loans, could receive a loan of 226 thousand euros in January last year, payable at the age of 37. . But a rate hike of 2% would mean that the same couple would only be able to fund themselves by 163,500 euros in September – 28% less. If the increase in Euribor reaches 2.5%, a value that can be reached next month, the amount will drop to 154.2 thousand euros.

The reasons? First, the increase in Euribor rates associated with most new home loans in Portugal, as well as the limits imposed by the Bank of Portugal since 2018 (when Euribor rates were negative) to limit the risk of household over-indebtedness. Banco de Portugal should not change the formula for calculating DSTI with a 3% increase, but says it is monitoring the situation. “As a macroprudential body, it monitors macroeconomic and financial developments and will continue to monitor compliance with the recommendation, as well as promote changes to it, always with the aim of improving its effectiveness,” the regulator told the daily newspaper.

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DHL with ‘great difficulty’ invests $50 million in Lisbon



DHL with 'great difficulty' invests $50 million in Lisbon

Portugal could be a “much bigger gateway” for DHL’s business than it is today, said Dinheiro Vivo, CEO of DHL Express John Pearson, on the sidelines of the 2022 Trade Growth Atlas launch in Brussels, noting that there are business opportunities in the country’s largest distribution and logistics group in the world. However, the group has been trying “for years” to set up a new logistics terminal in Lisbon, but to no avail.

“We have been trying for many years with the ANA and the airport administration to create a new infrastructure, I think we are close to this. Our planes,” he emphasizes. DHL has grown “very fast” and has a “very healthy business with a very high market share” in Portugal, with good prospects “especially in the consumer segment”, which Pearson said could create “more terminals and jobs”.

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Iran cut off internet access… Elon Musk will give connection



Irão cortou o acesso à Internet... Elon Musk vai dar conectividade

As we reported hereThere was a massive internet outage in Iran yesterday during a series of mass protests against the government.

After this action, Elon Musk posted a message on the social network Twitter, from which it follows that he is already activating his Starlink satellite network to allow Internet access in this country.

Elon Musk: Outfit [rede] Starlink for Internet access for Iranians

Iranians are facing massive internet shutdowns due to anti-government protests. Loss of connectivity, preventing access to platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, makes it difficult to organize demonstrations as well as share information about government crackdowns.

Elon Musk wasted no time and was quick to point out on Twitter that he was "helping [rede] Starlink...", in response to another message also posted on the social network Twitter by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, in which he revealed that the White House had given permission for Internet companies to provide their services to Iran.

Iran cut off internet access... Elon Musk will give connection

He recalls that the protests in Iran began on Friday last week after it became known about the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini after being detained by the Vice Police for wearing a veil placed in a way that agents considered wrong.

State television IRIB reported 26 deaths in clashes with police. The Iranian government has severely restricted internet access, and in recent days, mobile networks have been switched off from 9pm to morning.

On Thursday, the US sanctioned the Vice Police for the death of a young woman and seven security sector leaders for cracking down on demonstrations.

It should also be noted thatIranian citizens are banned from accessing Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and YouTube, despite the fact that many bypass these restrictions through a VPN.

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