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Readers comment panel with political content and fake news in RS – 14.08.2022 – Reader’s panel



Readers comment panel with political content and fake news in RS - 14.08.2022 - Reader's panel

It is absolutely ridiculous that an advertising agency should accept this role (“Giant panel on September 7 in Porto Alegre associates the left with criminals and the CCP,” Politika, 13/8). Even more ridiculous is that the building manager authorized the broadcast. In any case, even if the panel is removed, the author’s goal is achieved: a message on computer screens all over Brazil.

Danilo Meira (Riberan Pires, SP)

There are no lies in this panel.

Felipe Teixeira (Sao Paulo-SP)

The route is wrong. It’s about life, but celebrates death. He is in favor of the police, but allows the PCC to buy guns legally and cheaply. PCC no longer need to trade weapons, just buy them from the store. He’s all for order, but he’s already had a drug dealing scandal in Spain on the presidential plane. He is for freedom, but likes to censor, telling journalists to shut up.

Lucy Spark (Bauru, IP)

Letter, Acts and Ze Pequeno
It’s funny to see Bolsonarist’s reasoning (“Bolsonaro compares a pro-democracy act to a letter against drugs signed by Zé Pequeno”, “Politics”). They call themselves Democrats and want to end the STF. They say they are defending democracy, but if they don’t win the election, they won’t accept it. They declare themselves democrats, but call for the liquidation of opposing parties and the arrest of rivals. They talk about democracy but call for a military government and the closure of Congress. And his “myth” ridicules action for democracy. It would be comical if not tragic.

Andre Ribeiro dos Santos (Bar Mansa, R.J.)

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In a country of 220 million people, wanting to impose on people the idea that a pamphlet written by old jerks and signed by just under a million people (most of whom don’t even know what it’s about) represents the mindset of the majority calling Brazilians idiots. Besides, stop this democratic rule of law business, that’s more like a Casas Bahia slogan.

Paulo Roberto A. Lima (Belo Horizonte, Massachusetts)

When the gods want to destroy someone, they begin by depriving him of his mind. Bolsonaro is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, in despair.

Soraya T. Colmenares (Caxias do Sul, RS)

If Bolsonaro bothers to comment, it is only because he fears the consequences.

Renata de Souza Carvalho (Sao Paulo-SP)

As a USP Law School graduate and former 11 de Agosto academic, I support the “ipsis litteris” manifestations in the arcades. There is no doubt that they sought to defend democracy. I was born during the Vargas dictatorship, I lived in a period of so-called freedom between 1945 and 1964, always with coup demonstrations, until 1961, when Janio Cuadros resigned, when I served the country in the army, and I have no doubt that those in power trying to ignore the Constitution.

Carlos Gonçalves de Faria (Sao Paulo-SP)

writer stabbed to death
With a lack of education (the widest!) religious fanaticism persists (“Salman Rushdie must have lost an eye and got shot in the arm and liver,” agent says, Illustrated, 8/13)!

Antonio Alencar (Brazilia DF)

You can’t always live in a security bubble. In this case, she clearly relaxed. The killer even introduced himself by name: Hadi Matar.

Jose Cardoso (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

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Those who believe in the minimum state are mistaken, this figuration only works for rich and small countries (“Sanitary PPP should reach a record in 2022, two years after the adoption of the new legal framework”, Mercado, 13/8). Brazil still needs strong government intervention to allocate large resources to health care and education. There will be no private initiative that will eliminate inequality and ensure social development! The private conceives profit in terms of capital, while the state conceives it in terms of the public, in the citizen. PPP according to this model of Minister Guedes only increases inequality and poverty.

Moises Gama (Sao Paulo-SP)

marvelous, Sheet spreading a good deed by the current government! And without the opposing “but” in the middle of the news.

Daniel Poco (Sao Paulo-SP)

The Pain of a Refugee
I can’t even imagine the feeling of emptiness and innocence of this girl in a country with a different culture, language and customs from her own, in addition to the immense nostalgia she must feel for her family (“I decided to kill myself if I was kidnapped by the Taliban – says an Afghan refugee photographer in SP, Mir, 8/13) But on the other hand, it’s good that you were accepted in Brazil, maybe you can rethink and redo your life and projects.

Geiza Chagas (Fortaleza, CE)

Religious people generally condemn suicide. Any suffering in the so-called spiritual world should not be worse than the situation of a woman who fell under the influence of the Taliban.

Wanderlei W. Ribeiro (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

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Variola and Ira
Severe violence perpetrated against monkeys by stoning and poisoning them because of the association of the name “monkey pox” with the disease, as happened in 2019 with the yellow fever outbreak in J., requires concerted action by the press to help spread the right message. information and help protect these animals. Society is very cruel and aggression towards animals is nothing but an expression of this violence, using misinformation as an excuse for fear of illness.

Tatiana Tavares da Silva (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

Abandoned house woman
If Queiroz, who always appeared at barbecues and meetings, was not found, imagine this woman who lived underground (“Brazilian justice investigated Margarida Bonetti for 5 years, but never found her”, Daily Life, 8/13).

Fernando Coli (American, joint venture)

Crime is prescribed and media scoop is rampant. To arouse popular hatred for someone who at the moment owes nothing to anyone or to Justice (I repeat, a crime is prescribed) indicates a deplorable use of journalism for sensational purposes. Leave the old woman with her problems.

Guy Milani (Holambra, JV)

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Celso de Mello declares support for Lula and calls Bolsonaro a “minor politician”.



In the match against Pacos de Ferreira, Benfica completes participation in the Portuguese championship.

Former Minister of the Federal Supreme Court, Celso de Mello, announced in the early hours of Wednesday 28 the support for the candidacy of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). In a statement, the magistrate calls President Jair Bolsonaro a “minor politician without presidential status” who opens his vote by “defending the integrity of the Constitution.”

The former minister, who retired in 2020, joins a group of former court members who will support the former president in the election. This week, ex-minister Joaquim Barbosa also recorded a video in retaliation against PT. Campaign continues after former minister’s public statement Carlos Aires Britto.

In a statement, Celso de Mello claims that Bolsonaro’s performance as President of the Republic “revealed to a nation, shocked by his actions and statements, an awkward figure of a minor politician, without presidential status, with a high coefficient of mediocrity, devoid of political respectability, a supporter of the ideological current of the extreme right, which dangerously negates respect for the democratic order.”

According to the former minister, Bolsonaro exhibits “vulgar behavior totally inconsistent with the seriousness of his office” and that the president “caused the vicious effect of shamefully humiliating the dignity of the presidential office to the smallest plane of pitiful gestures and of course (and reprehensible) disrespect for the regime in which established a democratic constitutional state.

“In defense of the inviolability of the Constitution and fundamental freedoms, the dignity of the political function and decency in the exercise of the presidential mandate and regarding the inviolability of the democratic regime, I am absolutely sure: I will NOT vote for Jair Bolsonaro!!! for such reasons that my vote will be for Lulu in the first round,” concludes Celso de Mello.

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In Mello’s case, his public speech was shaped by lawyers from Grupo Prerogativas, who turned to Lula for open support from the most powerful figures in the judiciary. “The declaration was received enthusiastically by the prerogatives and the legal community. Celso de Mello is an honest man who has devoted his entire life to democracy, the defense of institutions and the rule of law,” says Marco Aurelio. Stadao.

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Pabllo Vittar appears live and announces the vote for the politician: “He helped my family.”



Pabllo Vittar appears live and announces the vote for the politician: "He helped my family."

Pabllo Vittar appears at a political event for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s campaign and announces what his vote will be in the next presidential election.

Monday evening (26th) Pablo Vittar surprised his followers by appearing on superlive Brazil Hopewhich took place in Sao Paulo. The event was the last Luis Inacio Lula da Silvacandidate for the presidency of the republic.

On stage, the most popular drag queen in the world decided to say a few words before the performance Luquinhaswho does he work with come back to stay. Directly, the artist ordered to vote for the politician and recalled how important the government was in her life.

“I wanted to tell you how important it is to appreciate culture and education in our country. Mr. President, if you are listening to me, know that I love you very much and it is thanks to you that I have become one of the greatest artists in the country.”began Pablo Vittar.

“Bolsa Familia helped me a lot. [família]when we needed it the most and I will never forget it. I will vote like never before, with the belief that I must renew the history of this country and that we can live better years. Not only for artists, but also for maids, cooks, porters and people who really need it.”— added the singer.


During your day this Friday (23), Sonya Abram almost “became a jaguar” live on RedeTV! blow up Bruno Luperiminus Benedito Ruy Barbosaresponsible for the authorship of the remake wetland to Globo.

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“For a change, it did not live up to expectations and, for a change, did not correspond to the texts that we had access to, that we knew about. That did not happen. Again, that didn’t happen”– said the host.

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Woman in political exercise as a RIG professional



Women in institutional and government response

Women working in political, business and public environments are perceived as professionals in institutional and government relations (RIG), or lobby/advocacymore and more accepted and recognized.

The professional woman in RIG stands out for her knowledge of the legislative process and, above all, her ability to argue and defend positions, as well as to build narratives that convince political actors to defend certain projects, influence and set agendas for committee meetings and plenary sessions. meetings in the Legislative Chambers.

Thus, the power of the RelGovers women, or women in RIG, is not small. This, too, is deserving of contempt and restraint, which often comes from practices that threaten their body, voice, and perspective because they are women.

Historical aspects and how we are now

It is known that the construction of female and male identities and the formation of male superiority and dominance were determined by the biological and historically constructed fate of generations. The woman will have to procreate and take care of the family structure, while the man will be responsible for material diligence about livelihood and external contacts with the surrounding society.

In this context, the advancement of women in the socio-economic and political environment was perceived as opposing male domination, which consequently led to the development of forms of violence against women and the understanding of such violence.

However, there is a concern that increases with each generation and is accompanied by new ways of perceiving women in society and their social functions. The problems of the political rise of minority groups and insecure access to fundamental rights were overcome by creating state structures and laws that allowed social and political development based on access to rights. Two important political and legal advances have been made in advancing the figure and body of women beyond niches: access to specific public rights and policies and their economic empowerment.

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At present, the premises of the Legislative Chambers and state bodies are occupied by more and more women, who differ from men in figures, as a rule, white and middle-aged. However, the data also show that access to jobs, especially leadership positions, is dominated by men.

Understanding the problems associated with the increasing role of women in public and political life is largely related to understanding the forms of violence against women that are committed daily in these conditions. After all, it is through violence that we see resistance to the empowerment and social, economic and political ascent of women in society. When women occupy predominantly male positions, such as the legislative chamber, the judiciary, and the executive, the complexity of apparently patriarchal structures is called into question.

Violence Against Women RelGovers

How do we women of RelGovers feel and be victims of violence at different times in a professional context? Violence is felt, for example, when a woman is suddenly interrupted by a man in a meeting. This phenomenon is now known as interrupt and formally considered psychological abuse.

There are also situations in which a woman, realizing her expertise and positions, explains something important from a technical point of view, and then watches how a person internalizes his explanation and idea. This phenomenon is also recognized as psychological violence, the so-called. bropriation.

When more attention is paid to male figures, which happens when formal positions are declared in masculine rather than feminine, there is symbolic abuse due to the misuse of the masculine term when a woman holds office. and function.

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Women in politics in numbers

Studies such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the World Economic Forum, an organization that promotes reflection on the parliamentary context of several countries, condemn this Brazil ranks 142nd in ranging with 192 countries, in terms of women’s participation in politics. Also, according to the World Economic Forum, Brazil ranked 93rd out of 156 countries in 2021 for the presence of women in formal political power.

The decline in the presence of women in politics is so strong on a global scale that it deserves a separate term to explain this phenomenon. secessiontranslates as feminine recession. Studies show that under the current scenario, it will take 135.6 years to achieve full equality between women and men..

In addition, the IBGE gender indicators condemn various aspects of inequality. Women have the best educational records, have the best school attendance rates, and make up the majority of the population with tertiary education in Brazil. However, only 39.1% of leadership positions are held by women and Men’s earnings are on average 20.5% higher than women’s.

women in congress

It is important to note that in the Legislature from 2018 to 2022 in the Chamber of Deputies there are 77 deputies out of a total of 513. On the other hand, in the Federal Senate there are 16 senators out of a total of 81.

In the RIG environment, men make up the majority in career and leadership positions, making up 60% of coordinators and 70% of directors. Only assistant and analyst positions are dominated by women, accounting for 60% and 58% of positions, respectively.

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look into the future

The statistics give us a difficult scenario for women as they show the persistence of inequalities between women and men. Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, offers us the continuity of efforts and the importance of women occupying formal spaces of power: “When a woman enters politics, a woman changes. When many women enter politics, politics changes.”

Thus, advocacy before parliaments, which comes with the proposition of guidelines and legislative proposals and with the construction of qualified information – reports, policy analyzes and technical notes, demonstrates how the implementation of institutional and governmental relations expands the debate about public life. politics and law, and the promotion of different points of view and interests that deserve to be represented.

A gradual change in scenario with more women in RIG careers, in addition to advances in research and legislation to protect women and empower them socioeconomically, presents a promising picture. Overcoming the structures of patriarchal domination and inequality between women and men is slow, but gradually, women began to be perceived, heard and respected. This is what we are looking for more and more.

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