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Philomena Kautela’s new show ‘is one of the craziest things TV has ever seen’ – Television



Philomena Kautela's new show 'is one of the craziest things TV has ever seen' - Television

The summer RTP grid was full of news. On August 8, the premiere of the second season of the series took place. “Sunset” as well as the new program of Vasco Palmeirim, “Piggy bank”. MAGG was at the Valentim de Carvalho studios in Paso de Arcos to accompany the launch of another program on public television: “Eu Do Tudo Por Amor”.

Philomena Kautela triumphantly stepped out. Raised from a giant glacier, he announced that the idea of ​​”I do anything for love” is to put couples to the test and see if they are really capable of doing anything for the feeling that unites them. Recording began this Thursday, August 4th and is scheduled to premiere on the 21st.

Each episode features four couples (of all genders and ages) who engage in several different games, always to the tune of songs appropriate to the moment. With each challenge, couples are eliminated and the last survivor competes in the final game. However, all participants are eligible for prizes such as “cruises, bikes, experiences,” says Helder Marquez, Shine Iberia’s executive producer in charge of the format.

The competition will feature an eight-episode sequence that will air on Sundays, replacing The Voice, “because Katarina [Furtado] I needed to rest, ”the presenter jokes.

Thus, the public can expect an innovative competition, even if it is similar to the programs “I love Portugal” and “Jogo de Todos os Jogos”, programs also presented by Filomena Kautela (and first in a duet with Vasco Palmeirim). However, “the union of music with games and couples makes this concept absolutely original,” says the host.

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And Philomena Kautela seems happy with this new (and different) project she’s leading. “It’s relaxing, it’s a lot of fun and it’s different from what I’ve done before,” he guarantees, adding that “it’s probably the biggest crazy girl” he’s ever been in. Moreover, he emphasizes that “this is one of the biggest craziness that has ever happened on television.”

Like “Porquinho Mealheiro”, this is also a completely new program, unexplored by other TV stations in the world. The format is an Australian production in which RTP claims to be the pioneer. “And for us, being the first country to broadcast this program, in addition to responsibility, is also a great trust, ”the host explains.

After “Voice Generations” (premiering this Sunday, August 7th), RTP viewers will see another new format that promises to offer couples “a story they will tell forever,” concludes Philomena Kautela.

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Will Coldplay return to Portugal? Yes, next year and two shows



Will Coldplay return to Portugal?  Yes, next year and two shows

While Coldplay are touring stadiums all over the world, they have released a new music video that has made a splash among the fans, especially in Portugal. It’s because? The name of the student city appears in the video for the song “Humankind”, released this Wednesday.

The SIC is aware that the promoter of Everything is New and the Coimbra City Council have two dates on the table, 17 and 19 May 2023 for the Cidade de Coimbra stadium.

When asked by the SIC, the municipality of Coimbra stated that “it has nothing to say about this”, although it did not deny or confirm the return of the British group to Portugal, and the promoter did not respond until the publication of this article.

In addition to Coimbra, the names of other European cities also appear, such as Barcelona (Spain), Cardiff (United Kingdom), Milan (Italy), Manchester (United Kingdom), Naples (Italy), Zurich (Switzerland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Gothenburg. (Sweden) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The video also includes images of four sold-out shows Coldplay played at the Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City earlier this year. read on the band’s website.

Remember that the last time the band led by Chris Martin was in Portugal was in 2012 at the Estádio do Dragão in Porto.

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Elma Aveiro insults subscribers in messages: “Sister of the best in the world, you’re out of luck”



Elma Aveiro insults subscribers in messages: "Sister of the best in the world, you're out of luck"

Elma Aveirosister Cristiano Ronaldoinvolved in the dispute because allegedly insulted several subscribers in different messengersthrough your account Instagram. The messages have been debunked in recent days, showing how the businesswoman attacked people who approached her.

From the discovered images, it is impossible to understand the reason or the content sent by Elma Aveiro’s subscribers, which would have caused a strong reaction from the business woman. In one of the exchanges, you can read: “Oh, look at another one that’s freaking ugly and talking about others. Elbow pain. I am very beautiful without makeup, you already have a monkey face. I am the best sister in the world. You’re out of luck motherfucker“, says the same publication.

The situation was discussed on the last broadcast of the Passadeira Vermelha program of the SIC Caras TV channel. Hugo Mendezcommentator and program editor, provided more images of the insults uttered by Elma, citing that they were shared by António Carvalho, a former contestant reality show.

Fuck ****, ****, you should be just like her. Then do it, nasty. You are not a pig, you must be a bitch like those pigs… ugly ass****‘ can be found in another post.

Remember that recently Elma Aveiro also came comment on the news that reported his brother’s professional problems at Manchester United: “The absurdity to which communication comes. Is there really nothing else to talk about? leave him“, he said.

dedicated to the idea? Elma Aveiro gives the answer and talks about one of her wishes

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In a new fashion adventure, Georgina Rodriguez launches a luxury clothing collection.



In a new fashion adventure, Georgina Rodriguez launches a luxury clothing collection.

If, on the one hand, Cristiano Ronaldo lived some dead ends regarding his sporting futurethe same does not happen with a companion, Georgina Rodriguez. Not in terms of football, but in the field of fashion, where he made several moves and made himself known.

Now the businesswoman decided to join Sara Cavazza Facchinifrom a luxury brand Pusto launch a new clothing line. This is a collection for the next autumn-winter season.

It was through her Instagram account that Georgina Rodriguez decided to share the news with her millions of followers. The model also shared a video in which she, along with Sarah Facchini, talks about the new collection.

Georgina Rodriguez appears next to Cristiano Ronaldo and asks: “Who draws better?”

Gio, as he is often affectionately known, took the opportunity to not only share the news but talk about what fashion is to him, with this new collection lining up. women’s empowerment message.

A brand for all types of women, it is very feminine, sophisticated, comfortable and recognizable.“. As for the quality he values ​​most in women…”in that they are always very fighters” said Georgina.

Watch the promotional video for the collection below.which includes interviews with the two launchers.

Yes, this image from Georgina Rodriguez costs about 100 thousand euros.

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