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Mazda MX-5 Shooting Break. The option that the MX-5 was missing?



Mazda MX-5 Shooting Brake 3/4 traseira

this is Mazda MX-5 Shooting Break just a digital creation of an amateur Chinese designer who calls himself sugar chow chowbut without a doubt, it has a very interesting potential.

would not be the first roadster turn into firing brake – many still remember the BMW Z3 coupe – but the proportions of this MX-5somehow made us remember faster Ferrari GTC4Lussowhich ceased production in 2020.

The proposal, coined by Sugar Chow, shows us the MX-5 with new A-pillars that seamlessly transition into a fixed, extended roof (which even drops slightly towards the rear). The rear volume, of course, is original, but retains the main lines and elements roadsterlike the “muscular” rear fenders, but now joined by an unprecedented C-pillar.

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