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Cristina Ferreira and Ruben Roy: from complicity to “cut”! Burning kisses – the final blow – The Mag



Cristina Ferreira and Ruben Roy: from complicity to "cut"!  Burning kisses - the final blow - The Mag

If we were in the summer of 2021, we would see Ruben Roy and Cristina Ferreira dancing like crazy on board a yacht in Ibiza, relaxing in the most luxurious places on the Alentejo coast and exchanging public “declarations” of friendship and love. swore to be for life. However, a year later everything changed. In 2022, Cristina Ferreira continued to choose Ibiza as her vacation destination, but her sensual host was no longer with her. Ruben Roy now has a new love, which he has already made official, thus putting an end to the “story” next to the TVI star, who has been making a lot of ink for several months.

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The TVI host took advantage of her time to “relax” with people she has great friendships with.

The two are no longer present in each other’s homes, and their complicity has long ceased to be visible on social media, where they liked to always appear together. For a long time, they both harbored the illusion of a relationship. On television, Christina, for example, gave details of a dinner at her house with Reuben, thereby demonstrating that the host was among those who could not attend. And when faced with a date with the director of TVI, the model also left intimacy in the air. “I think dating isn’t the right verb, but it’s love for a lifetime, right.”

But what was supposed to be for life ended after a year. It was the culmination of a rift that began when TVI abruptly and without explanation terminated Rubén’s Viva a Vida program and was cemented by Cristina’s growing closeness to Bernardo Souza. There are those who say that the TVI star “cheated on his hunk” and that Reuben didn’t like being “left behind”.

I have two loves: Cristina Ferreira shared between Ruben Roy and Bernardo Souza at the TVI party.

Now there is no doubt that they have gone the opposite way and the presenter also has a new beauty. And if there were any lingering doubts, Ruben dispelled them by appearing next to his girlfriend, model Malin Svensson, during the holidays, exchanging hot kisses on board the yacht. Hours later on Instagram, coincidence or not, Kristina posted a photo in which she revealed that returning to work at TVI was not easy. “Nura’s Day”He wrote.

Despite the apparent distance, the two insist on denying any separation, and recently Reuben felt compelled to explain why he doesn’t appear next to the star anymore. “Christina remains a very important person in my life, a very good friend of mine, but I am not married to her. We don’t get along because we don’t share photos on Instagram. Our relationship has not cooled down. She remains my friend. Our relationship will be for life,” he told TV Guia.


And if many thought Ruben Roy would be the man to bring sentimental stability back into Cristina Ferreira’s life, the truth is that it didn’t happen. Christina remains single, and the child’s father remains the only partner he has ever officially accepted. Love, which, according to the star, is eternal. “We have not ceased to be a family. We just stopped being husband and wife. We love each other very much, and we love our son even more.”confided in a conversation with Judith Souza.

The happiest moments of Cristina Ferreira and António Cazinhas

With Rubén Roy, hope for love was revived, and Christina publicly declared her feelings for the host on the occasion of her last birthday. “Today is Reuben’s birthday. This Instagram square is too small to define. We knew everything about each other’s lives for years. FOREVER has settled into our lives because we know that our friendship is unshakable and non-negotiable. even in its imperfection. We belong together in a history that only we know.”said in February last year.

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Statements that are gone, however, become increasingly rare until they cease to exist. Now, the two are walking opposite paths with the certainty that the complicity of the summer of 2021 is in the past.

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Joao Cuadros walks away from frying Bruno de Carvalho and leaves a few pieces: “They don’t need to invent” – Nacional



Joao Cuadros walks away from frying Bruno de Carvalho and leaves a few pieces: "They don't need to invent" - Nacional

Joao Cuadros will no longer be part of Bruno de Carvalho’s “roast”, scheduled for October 4th, at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon. The announcement was made by Fernando Rocha, who will host the show both in the capital and on the 5th at the Super Bock Arena in Porto. Diogo Pizarra will replace the comedian, as will streamer and football commentator Diogo da Silva, better known as Movemind.

“For personal and family reasons, João Cuadros will not be able to cook the roast for Bruno de Carvalho. We went to the barbecue market and brought in Diogo Pizarra.a professional at melting hearts with his music, now goes to the fire to burn and burn, and a new generation grill that comes with maximum fire, Movemind,” the statement said.

On Twitter, Joao Cuadros made his own clarification: “Good morning, short and quick tweet. I have always been and always will be a very good friend of Bruno de Carvalho. The reason or reasons why I decided not to participate in the Campo Pequeno case are mine, and they were explained in time and to which I “owe” an explanation. They don’t have to make it up because I want more than to fuck”the screenwriter emphasized, adding: “The invitation was 2 months ago. Circumstances are changing. I don’t owe anyone a big explanation, and I don’t intend to. I already gave them in my time and to whom I thought I owed.”

Tweet Joao Cuadros
Photo: Twitter

Second tweet by Joao Quadros
Photo: Twitter

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Marisa Liz: “I can’t make the decision to reveal my children’s lives until they’re old enough”



Marisa Liz: "I can't make the decision to reveal my children's lives until they're old enough"

Marisa Liz was the last guest on the podcast Issuing mailYes BLITZ. In a casual conversation, the artist talked about her recent solo single, Nuclear waras well as how he handles public exposure.

“What I do is my job. My personal life is my personal life, that’s why it is called personal. […] I don’t want to share my life because it’s not mine anymore“, he began with a mention.

A mother of two, the singer has stressed the importance of protecting her family life. “I don’t think I can make the decision to have my kids flaunt their lives until they are old enough to make that decision. Maybe it happens that they get upset because this generation is like that, and they say: “All my friends are online, but I’m not, there are no records about me.” […] I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, doing it right. Being a mother is so hard. I tried to use common sense.” emphasized.

Then the artist said that the eldest daughter, Beatricehas an Instagram page and explained why. “Okay, she’s already 14 [anos]already wants to have his own Instagram. So she already understands my work, that the photos will stay there, she understands that there are people who will talk about it, and she accepts it., explained.

As for her youngest child, Marisa Liz prefers to keep her private life. He is eight years old. I don’t think Joao will show up. João is entitled to his freedom and his freedom includes deciding which religion he wants to follow, whether he wants to follow any religion, whether he wants to appear or not, what he is going to do in life, who his friends are. . This freedom should also be polite, I think“, he pointed out.

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I try to tell them, “You can’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. You have to think with your head and realize: do I need this? Does it make sense to me? […] Everyone is who they are, everyone thinks the way they think, I’m not the one who is right and others are wrong, I want my children to think for them and make decisions when they get old and develop enough to do it” ., completed.

Remember that Beatrice and Joao are the result of a break in the artist’s relationship with Thiago Pais Diaz.

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Former royal family officials make unprecedented revelations about Meghan Markle



Former royal family officials make unprecedented revelations about Meghan Markle

A ‘narcissistic sociopath’ is how the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is described by former Firm employees who worked for Harry and Meghan before they both left the UK in 2020. This statement is contained in a new book by Valentine Lowe, Courtiers: the hidden power of the crown, Royal Daily Correspondent once since 2008. According to statements published New York Post e Page six — and available to read in full on October 6, when the book hits newsstands — Meghan has been planning her departure from the royal family since the very beginning of her arrival there. “Everyone knew the institution would be judged based on Meghan’s happiness. The mistake was that she thought she wanted to be happy.“, said the former employee. “She I wanted to be rejectedWhy Had this obsession from day one“.

The book presents revelations that could threaten the reputation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, especially Meghan Markle, due to alleged behavior towards officials. Second courtiersthe couple felt “humiliated” when they were treated by junior employees.

Several sources claim that a Kensington Palace employee complained to the couple several times about being mistreated, to which Meghan responded, “It’s not my job to spoil people.” In 2021 Buckingham Palace investigationto distinguish the duchess’s truth from lies – the report was never published. When asked about this behavior, Markle always denied it, as in interview with oprahuh 2021.

Rumors of bad behavior from the former actress date back to her entry into the royal family in 2017. Allegedly the Duchess of Sussex verbally abused several employees in a variety of cases. Respondents identified themselves asSussex Survivors Club(Sussex Survivors Club) due to mistreatment by couple explains New York Post. “There were many injured,” a source told author Valentine Lowe. “The younger girls were hurt by their behavior [Meghan e Harry]”.

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Read tooKate and Meghan pay tribute to the Queen during the Monarch’s funeral march

An aide to the royal family tells the story of how the couple mistreated her Friday night by calling her repeatedly:every 10 minutes i got screams from her and harry. “I can’t believe you did it. You have disappointed me. What were you thinking about? were the words spoken by the couple, he claims, adding that the behavior continued for “several hours.”

Samantha Cohen, the couple’s personal secretary, is another plaintiff – before and after flying to Australia in 2018, she also alleges verbal abuse. “Sam made it clear that it was like working for a couple of teenagersCohen’s friend said, adding that they pushed her to the limit by making her feel ‘miserable’. New York Post.

According to an excerpt from a new work by Valentine Low, published in once English The Duchess of Sussex threatened Prince Harry that they would end their relationship if he had not publicly confirmed that they were together, writes the magazine insider. Meghan is said to have given Harry an ultimatum that panicked prince. “He said she was going to leave me,” the source said.

O Mail also indicated that Markle was in contact with Netflix in 2018 as a member of the royal family – Harry revealed that they never thought about joining the platform streaming until they left their royal posts.

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Courtiers: The Hidden Power of the Crown It has a release date of 6 October in the United Kingdom and there is still no word on whether it will be released in Portugal.

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