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Champion of Portugal 2002. Between Asia and heartburn



Champion of Portugal 2002.  Between Asia and heartburn

Another story of Portuguese football disappointed by Rui Miguel Tovar.

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Rui Miguel Tovar

Another story of Portuguese football disappointed by Rui Miguel Tovar.

The World Championship has been held every four years without interruption since 1950. In Asia, he was only once, in 2002. This is the World Cup to be forgotten. I mean from the Portuguese team. After an unbeaten qualifier with seven wins and three draws, an indescribable group stage without heads or tails, and a premature farewell on the night when Argentine referee Angel Sanchez was punched in the stomach by João Vieira Pinto on the occasion of a red card, straight to the Portuguese fantast. against South Korea.

This World Cup belongs to Brazil Scolari, who has seven victories in seven games. In the final encore Ronaldo and 2:0 against Germany in Yokohama, where Porto will become world champion in two years. For the third and fourth places, Turkey celebrates its golden generation and knocks out the hosts from South Korea. Now, 20 years later, here is another FIFA World Cup in Asia, now in Qatar, in the middle of the sports season, in November and December.

Pocket question: who is the national champion at the 2002 World Cup? Oh yes, Sporting. And the beginning does not predict the end. In the third round, the Romanian team of Böleni scores only three points, guaranteed in the first round, against Porto, the work of compatriot Niculae. Since then, Sporting lost heavily to Restelo 3-0 (Niculae missed a 0-0 penalty) and got a valiant disappointment midway through José Alvalade vs Alverca (0-1) in the middle of José Alvalade in the afternoon. when Rui Jorge and João Vieira Pinto see a direct red card from Braga’s João Vilas Boas already heading to the dressing room. The confusion is significant.

To avoid another boring season, President Dias da Cunha removes Jardel from Galatasaray and the Brazilian continues the tradition of scoring goals in Portugal, as he did during Porto’s days from 1996 to 2000. Super Mario adapts to João Vieira Pinto and always scores in the first five games to 0-0 against Santa Clara on José Alvalada. Then another 11 goals in seven rounds to prove their good form. To the title of winter champion, Sporting adds the most important thing – the title of national champion – the way to the end.

After the formalities completed in the farewell to the 1st division, with a 2-1 scoreline against Beira Mar (and another encore from Jardel), only the Portuguese Cup remains. Leishoynes from 2nd B is a worthy opponent and only loses with another goal that you-well-know. With a double in his pocket, the first since 1982, JuveLeo has the right to attack the national record with his songs. They know because they don’t sit at home.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating a goal against the Netherlands.  EPA/OLIVER BERG

Tales of the lesser-known side of the Portuguese player. Rui Miguel Tovar.

So what’s up with the competition? Believe me, the most competent opponent is Boavista Jaime Pacheco, the champion of the country in 2001, five points behind Sporting. We insist on the question, with other contours: are the rest large? In the third and fourth. Let’s start from the beginning, anyway. Octavio Machado, Porto’s historic player (national champion in 1978) and Artur Jorge’s assistant (three-time national and European champion), returns to the club, now as a coach. Stunning start: National Super Cup title won against Boavista in Vila do Conde by a goal by center Jorge Andrade.

Reaching the second group stage of the Champions League guarantees (another) financial success and serves as a change of coaches. In January 2002, then in fifth place, Octavio slammed a door shrouded in endless problems, the most acute of which was the captaincy of Jorge Costa, meanwhile loaned to Charlton (England) to be able to go to this World Cup in Asia.

Without Octavio, Porto turns into coach U. Leiria, unexpectedly taking fourth place. He is young, he speaks on time, and his name is Mourinho, José Mourinho. January 21, the day Jorge Jesus was sacked from penultimate club Vitoria.

At the first press conference, Mourinho promises a national title in the 2002-03 season. With him comes a striker from South Africa who is good with the ball. He’s young, plays for hours, and his name is McCarthy, Benny McCarthy – he’s scored 12 goals in 11 First Division games. The successful duo secured third place and subsequent qualification for the UEFA Cup, which the following year beat Celtic in Seville with pomp and circumstance (3-2 after extra time).

Summary of this article: Sporting CP 75, Boavista 70, Porto 68. No podium, Benfica 63. Wow, 12 points behind Sporting. Surprisingly, no one would have said. The summer of 2001 is busy in Loush with the arrival of Sokota, Simao, Zakhovich, Drulovich, Mantorras, Algiers and Caneira. There are raw materials. Sorry. On top of that, Benfica have kept Toni on the bench since the start of the season, for the first time since 1993-94, in a 6-3 win against José Alvalade. And still blames the lack of European pressure after a disastrous sixth place in the 2000-01 season.

The start is even, the unbeaten streak continues until the 13th round, seven wins and six draws. Nothing special, that’s a fact. Then the train derails. The defeat at Pacos de Ferreira, a draw at home against Sporting in the last five minutes with a Jardel double (2:2) and a relegation in the Portuguese Cup against Maritimo put Toni out of work. Manuel Vilariño’s leadership elects assistant Jesualdo Ferreira, who will keep the team until May. And nothing changes.

Anniversaries and funny football stories from journalist Rui Miguel Tovar.

Benfica is left without a threshing floor and has won only ten victories in 19 games to the end. As a result, fourth place and another year outside of Europe, something unthinkable for a club the size of Benfica. Ironically, it is Benfica that guarantees the Sporting title.

In the penultimate round and the next day after the 2:2 between Vitoria and Sporting no Bonfim, Boavista goes to Luz in an attempt to put the squeeze on the leader. In vain Mantorras is isolated, William is mistaken, and Benfica fixes the score 2:1. Sporting become champions at the hotel, and Benfica’s Algiers receive a thank you call from compatriot Jardel, drunk on champagne and goals (Silver Ball and Golden Ball, thanks to 42 goals).

(The author writes according to the old spelling.)

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“The Portuguese coach has the ability to adapt quickly”



"The Portuguese coach has the ability to adapt quickly"

PAulo Fonseca couldn’t have dreamed of a better start to the French Championship, beating Auxerre 4-1.

in an interview provided by the official media of Lillethe Portuguese coach explained what philosophy to apply in the French club this season.

“My philosophy is to have the ball. Dominate games. Make the team play the ball with great dynamics. With a strong reaction when we lose the ball. It’s hard for me when I feel like the team doesn’t have the ball. … be the protagonist of the game and I like to dominate. I have to know what to do with the ball. I have to know how I can find the right moments and spaces to attack,” Paulo Fonseca began.

“Sometimes I pay special attention to central defenders. Not because I was a fantastic player, but because I wasn’t. But I know how they feel at certain moments in the game. Sometimes I pay more attention to some details. went through those moments and those details,” he added.

The coach also named 4-2-3-1 as his preferred tactical system: “It’s a system that we can use against any other system. However, the system is something static only at the beginning of the game. everything is different. It depends on the dynamics of the team. It depends on the movements you want from the team. For me, the initial system is not the most important. More than that, it’s team dynamics.”

When asked what coaches inspired him in his career, Paulo Fonseca pointed to the Portuguese without hesitation.

“Many Portuguese coaches inspire me. I have many names in several fields that inspire me a lot. We have a good coaching school. The federation with this president changed football in Portugal a lot. So many Portuguese coaches around the world. We have the ability to adapt to different countries and different styles of play. I think the Portuguese coach has this ability to quickly adapt to different circumstances,” Paulo Fonseca said, calling Guardiola “an inspiration”. “It’s the best in the world,” he concluded.

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Fernando Pimenta leads a delegation of 23 kayakers at the European Championships in Munich.



Fernando Pimenta leads a delegation of 23 kayakers at the European Championships in Munich.

Limiano will compete in the K1 500, 1000 and 5000, as well as the K2 1000 with Joao Duarte, with whom he won gold in the World Cup.

The Portuguese canoeing team, which won four medals at the World Championships in Canada, three of them with the participation of Fernando Pimenta, will compete at the European Championships in Munich from 18 to 21 August with 23 athletes.

“If in the most important event of the year we managed to get this amount, we believe that in Europe the canoeing team will continue to delight the Portuguese, like us, in several crews, clear contenders for the podium”, said Lusa, the president of the federation, Vítor Felix .

The nine present in Halifax – seven from the Olympic team and two from the Paralympic team – will be boosted to include the rest of the women’s team, joined by Teresa Portela, as well as the canoe team, for a total of five elements. that Halifax failed.

Paracanoe, who had Norberto Murao’s bronze in VL2, also doubles, competing in Germany with four elements.

Fernando Pimenta is returning to compete in several 500m, 1000m and 5000m events and will be redoubled in his desire to win the gold he failed in Canada.

The Portuguese’s disappointment ran to five hundredths of a second in the K1 1000 and 300 thousandths in the K2 500 mixed in with Teresa Portela, and in the K1 5000 he was forced to give up with a broken rudder while leading the race.

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Limiano will compete in the K1 500, 1000 and 5000, as well as the K2 1000 with Joao Duarte, with whom he won gold in the World Cup.

Also of note is the K2 500 of Joao Ribeiro and Messias Baptista, fifth in the World Championships after gold and bronze in the World Cups, who later joined Emanuel Silva and David Varela in the reorganized K4 500 which was seventh. In Canada.

Teresa Portela will run the K1 200m and 500m finishes sixth and 10th in Halifax, on a team that in Germany will have the experience of fellow Olympians Francisca Laya, Joana Vasconcelos and Hélder Silva.

European canoeing is part of a multi-sport event that brings together nine modalities.

Entry and competition from Portugal to the European Championship in Munich

– 200 meters:

K1 Teresa Portela.

K1 Kevin Santos.

C1 Helder Silva.

C1 Ines Penetra.

– 500 meters:

K1 Fernando Pimenta.

K1 Teresa Portela.

K2 Joao Ribeiro/Messias Baptista.

K2 Francisca Laia/Joana Vasconcelos.

K4 Joao Ribeiro/Messias Baptista/Emanuel Silva/David Varela.

K4 Francisca Carvalho/Francisca Laya/Ana Brito/Maria Rey.

C1 Helder Silva.

C2 Marco Apura/Bruno Afonso.

C2 Ines Penetra/Beatrice Lamas.

– 1000 meters:

K1 Fernando Pimenta.

K2 Fernando Pimenta/Joao Duarte.

– 5000 meters:

K1 Fernando Pimenta.

C1 Beatrice Lamas.


VL2 Norberto Murao.

KL1 Alex Santos.

KL1 Floriano Jesus.

KL2 Hugo Costa.

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Lawyer Rafael Ramos confident in the innocence of the Portuguese



Lawyer Rafael Ramos confident in the innocence of the Portuguese

Last week, the STJD decided to convict Rafael Ramos for practicing racist slurs. Photo: (Silvio Avila/Getty Images)

As soon as he became aware of STJD’s complaint against Portuguese right-back Rafael Ramos of Corinthians for the racial injury inflicted on midfielder Edenilson of Internacional, the Portuguese player’s lawyer gave an interview, believing in the innocence of his client.

Daniel Byalsky spoke with sports newspaper and on the basis of investigations conducted to confirm that Rafael Ramos’ innocence would be proven: “Existing investigations support Rafael’s vehement denial that he did not commit any racial crime against another player.” innocence will be proven.”

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Last Friday, the auditor of the STJD (Supreme Court for Sports Justice) Paulo Sergio Feuuz, who was in charge of investigating a complaint of racial slurs committed by Rafael Ramos, a right-back for Corinthians, against Edenilson, an Internacional midfielder, concluded that the Portuguese player was found clear signs of racial violations, and filed a complaint with the prosecutor based on article 243-G of the CBJD (Brazilian Code of Sports Justice), which concerns: “the use of discriminatory, disparaging or outrageous prejudice based on ethnicity, race, gender, color, age, an elderly person or a person with a disability”.

In a 2-2 draw, the Colorado player who won the Parque San Jorge accused the Portuguese defender of calling him a “monkey” in an argument about the ball on the turf of the Beira Rio stadium. After the match, the Corinthians player was arrested by police at the scene of the crime, still at Inter’s home, and had to pay a bail of 10,000 reais to be released.

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Penalties foreseen for a player may include a suspension of 5 to 10 matches and a fine of 100,000 to 100,000 reais. Corinthians could be expelled from the Brazilian championship if the violation is considered particularly serious.

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