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BALL – Luis Freire responds to Sergio Conceição: “It was the game with the most rewarding time of the day” (and this is confirmed) (Rio Ave)



BALL - Luis Freire responds to Sergio Conceição: "It was the game with the most rewarding time of the day" (and this is confirmed) (Rio Ave)

The tense moment after the final whistle between the two coaches moved from the field to the press room. Analyzing the match, Sergio Conceição criticized Rio Ave and pointed out the short time of the game in the second half, which Rio Ave’s coach objected to.

“I want to say that Rio Ave has three games out of 10 that have been the longest in the League. In fact, it was the game with the longest travel time. [ainda faltam disputar dois jogos]. So don’t get fooled by things that don’t matter because we are strong candidates to be one of the teams with the most games. Last season we won Ligue 2, and I did not devalue others, ”he shot.

Recall that seven of the nine scheduled games have already been played on this day (the reception of Vitoria de Guimarães at Casa Pia and the visit of Gil Vicente to Wiesel are missing). In this sense, the fight between Rio Ave and Porto is, in fact, the most useful time – 58:02 minutes, which is equivalent to 59 percent.

Check the uptime of all the games you have already played on this journey:

Conformity Result working time
Rio Ave – Porto 3-1 58:02 minutes (59 percent)
Sporting – Chavez 0-2 59:03 minutes (57 percent)
Aroca – SC Braga 0-6 54:05 minutes (57 percent)
Boavista – Benfica 0-3 53:45 minutes (55 percent)
Pacos de Ferreira – Estoril 0-3 53:42 minutes (55 percent)
Marine – Portimonense 0-1 55:56 minutes (54 percent)
Famalican – Santa Clara 1-0 49:49 minutes (49 percent)
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BALL – Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of being “immodest” (Sporting)



BALL - Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of being "immodest" (Sporting)

Ruben Amorim’s statements after the 1-4 defeat in Marseille.

Delayed arrival at the stadium: “As for the delay, it was due to traffic jams. A meeting is held between members of the two clubs and UEFA where they explain how many minutes it takes to leave the hotel and reach the stadium. This is a learned thing. We were late because we were completely stuck in traffic. It’s not our fault, we sent the team in 45 minutes, warmed up, connected the feet, did a massage and mental activation, I don’t want anyone from Sporting to complain about this. But the tone of the people of Marseille, as if it were our fault… They lacked a bit of humility, and I hope it doesn’t happen to them. And when they talk to us as if we are to blame, it is confusing …. And people at UEFA have to be so sensitive, because we always talk about business, about how the Super League was just business, and at the moment it’s all the same. What we did was protect the players, connect the legs, massage, warm up. We were the ones who got hurt because we didn’t have time. I know it annoys Marseille because they don’t know when to come out for a warm-up, but it’s not our fault and we’re sorry for our delay. We want to follow all the rules. It’s not our fault, we did everything according to the rules.”

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Dynamo Apeldoorn Benfica Champions Volleyball



Dynamo Apeldoorn Benfica Champions Volleyball


Champions League
1st hand 2nd round
Final result
Dynamo Apeldoorn one
Benfica 3
1.º set 2.º set 3.º set 4.º set
12-25 25-20 18-25 12-25

O Benfica won (1-3) on Tuesday, October 4, in the Netherlands, Dynamo Apeldoorn, in the game related to the 1st leg of the 2nd round of the Volleyball Champions League, taking a safe and important step towards reaching the next stage.

O Benfica came out strong and decisive in attacking the net from the first points, easily dominating the opponent and bringing the set to victory in it. With a five-point lead of 6-11, Eagles increased to 9-16 and stopped only at 12-25 (0-1). The six blocks of defense were decisive.

O balance was the dominant note for most of the second set, slightly behind the Dutch team – 16-14. O Benfica reacted and turned to 17-18.but some errors in the service and lack of aggression in the block allowed the opponent to win a partial 25-20 (1-1).

Not 3rd set Reds advanced 1-4, packing for 5-9. With one noticeable improvement in serviceMarcel Matz’s men opened fire in a partial, ending in triumph 18-25 (1-2).

In what happened in the final set of the fight, Benfica again performed at a high levelas he did in the first, and taking advantage of the failure of the men at home, won with a clear score of 12-25 (1-3)in a game in which the Reds, for example, threw nine aces against zero opponents.

O Thus, “Benfica” received an important advantage in a draw., a decision on which will be made on Wednesday, October 12, at 20:00 in Pavilion No. 2 da Luz. In the middle, on Saturday, at 20:30, the reds go to Leishoyesin the call to the 1st round of the 1st stage of the National Championship.

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Marcel Matz (Benfica manager): “We managed to play well, we gave a good response after losing at the weekend. [na Supertaça]. This is an experienced group. Since I arrived, I don’t think we’ve ever lost two official games in a row, thanks to players who have a lot of potential. It was a good game, everyone did well in the end. We have to play the second game, but we have taken the first step. Now it’s time to try to come home strong and win with the support of our fans.”


Dynamo Apeldoorn-Benfica
Benfica starting XI
James Violas, Hugo Gaspar, Pablo Nathan, Peter Wolfartetter, Rafa and Thales Falcao
Bernardo Silva (left), Ivo Casas (left), Andre Lopez, Eduardo Brito, Bernardo Westermann, Aaro Nikula, Lucas France, Japa and Arthur Puron
Dinamo Apeldoorn original squad
Taihuis (L), Gion-Ramon Martinez, Berkhout, Boehudt, Brilewis and Buck
Lipke (L), Niek Tijhuis, De Ruyter, Meis, Hoffmann, Bosma, Van Kooten, Laan and Kruk
1.º set 2.º set 3.º set 4.º set
12-25 25-20 18-25 12-25

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BALL – Marseille-Sporting Direct (Youth League)



BALL – Marseille-Sporting Direct (Youth League)

Sporting CP will travel to Marseille on Tuesday, where they will play in the 3rd round of the Youth League. The Lions lead Group D with 4 points, while the French have only 1.

Watch the game live:


BREAK, 3-0. Two quick goals at the end of the first half allowed Sporting to comfortably approach the break, completely dominating the French team.

45 – Another minute of play.

45 – Side kick by Diogo Cabral

41 – Sporting 0-3 goal Mateus Fernandes. Mohamed lost the ball, Rodrigo recovered and left with class, making a touch to the side for Mateus Fernandes to beat Van Neck again.

40 – Golo du Sporting, 0:2, Samuel Justo. the play of Matheus Fernandez to be teamed up with Rodrigo Ribeiro but in the end this leaves Samuel Justo, better positioned, for the second goal

36 – Gilberto Batista header from a corner, slightly to the side

34 – Afonso Moreira again fiendish, center and corner

32 – After the turn, Dario Essugo passes the first post a little to the side.

28 – Another sprint by Afonso Moreira, disarmed in the French territory of Nyakossi.

26 – Sporting goal Rodrigo Ribeiro 0-1. Excellent work by Afonso Moreira on the left, already in the zone, in the center of a small zone, while Rodrigo ´só´ deviates.

25 – Tani tries from outside the court, Kallay holds

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22 – Marseille almost scores! Gebreyesus crossed and removed Gilberto Batista almost on the goal line, and Kallai had already been beaten.

21 – Yellow card Dario Essugo

19 – Travassos centers and looks for Rodrigo Ribeiro, but the goalkeeper arrives first

18 – Tanya’s shot from the side

11 – Rodrigo Ribeiro centers but Diogo Cabral fails to save

1 – Dangerous shot by Diogo Travassos, the goalkeeper Van Neck is forced to make an effort and save the shot

13:00 – Start of the game

Field team warm-up

Known teams:

Sports center Campus OM in Marseille

Marseilles: Van Neck, Mohammed, Said Mmadi (s), Nyakossi; Caprice, Bertelli, Traore, Soglo, Hadari; Who is Ghebreyesus

TrainerStory by: Michael LeBileef

Sporting: Diogo Callai, David Monteiro, Gilberto Batista, Renato Veiga, Diogo Travassos; Samuel Justo, Dario Essugo (c), Matheus Fernandes; Diogo Cabral, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Afonso Moreira

Trainer: Filipe Celikkaya

Referee: Kaspar Sjöberg (Sweden)

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