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And why is today Friday



And why is today Friday

We are entering August and the country doesn’t want to know anything else. War doesn’t matter, COVID doesn’t matter, the ancient universe doesn’t matter, inflation doesn’t matter, fuel prices don’t matter… Until then, Maria, turn on the TV and the ball will begin. We’ll see the rest when we get back from vacation. In this sense, the Portuguese language pauses the world. Calm!

Speaking of calm… today we have summer looks that will give you goosebumps. Here’s a tip!

see images

There are over 100 FANTASTIC images inside the ZIP (for men with thick beards and people in a good mood), here is an invitation to download and see the full images.

But today is Friday v758 [22MB]



The son, already thinking about the future, says to his father:
- Dad, when I grow up, I want to be a makeup artist.
Father says:
- You're not going to be a makeup artist, it's a gay profession.
For a month, the son then thinks a lot and says to his father:
- Dad, I want to be a hairdresser.
- No, son, this is a gay profession.
Six months later, he again says to his father:
- Dad, I decided that I want to be a dancer.
- No, son, this is a gay profession.
Moral: I'm 30 now, I'm gay and I don't know shit.

Two friends are standing at the door of the clinic:
So here? What did you come here to do?
I came to take a pregnancy test!
Oh seriously? what a dry!! Did you have many questions?
The friend rolls her eyes.
So what about you, what did you come here to do?
I came for the vaccines!
Look... at the clinic!

Husband watches TV, hesitates between channels with explicit love scenes
and another channel with an important football match.
I didn't want to miss both and switched from one channel to another,
in a frenzied jump, unable to make a decision. He asked the woman for advice:
- Oh, daughter, which one do you think I should see?
Woman's response:
- You already know how to play football, why don't you choose another one?

The man was in bed with his stunning new girlfriend.
After they had hot sex
she stroked his testicles for a long time.
Something she seemed to enjoy immensely.
He asked curiously:
- Why do you like to caress my testicles so much?
And her sweet and soft voice answered:
Hello from my...
Complete silence...

This section received the support of our reader Joao Pimentel.


When you walk down the road and see this...

Americans are a very specific people... and everyone has ONE!!!

If you don't believe in aliens, then check out this species.

There are people in the world who are really burned out with ideas.

nature is amazing

The mentalist leaves the audience in ecstasy

Mario Ferreira is the first Portuguese to go into space.

Iranian HULK really suffered

Thief returns smartphone after victim's 'I'm crying' appeal

Incredible image... indescribable

Cap ... but lucky. This one is born again

Images that went viral

Costinha tells the story of the tire and moves people to tears (video watched 5 times)

A police helicopter tries to prevent the theft of drug bundles from a boat stranded on a beach.

Even a dog surrendered in an anti-drug operation

The cat made friends with the animals that he had in the veterinary clinic

There are shots from the war that will remain forever

So far one of the best this year

Do you like illusionism?

For those who like to draw by hand...


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Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty looks of the week



Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty looks of the week

Maria Cerqueira Gomez

TVI host brings us Watch perfect for summer party or wedding. With well-tanned skin, orange tones were relied upon to create smoky smokey, full of glamour, and very voluminous false lashes. Gonçalo Mello is responsible for the look, which ended with coral glitter. Finally, her hair was slicked back, with an ornate golden headband.

Raquel Strada

Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Raquel Strada

credits: @raquelstrada

” data-title=”Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Maria Cerqueira Gomez, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Miranda”>

Raquel Strada credits: @raquelstrada

Raquel Strada shared this look on her Instagram page and it’s perfect for a festival that takes place in the desert. With natural skin and sheer lip gloss, he left a sheen for silver glitter on his cheeks. But what really caught our attention in the look was the high-shine front hair and one of the trendy hairstyles of the season.

Carolina Deslandes

Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Carolina Deslandes

credits: @carolinadeslandes

” data-title=”Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Maria Cerqueira Gomez, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Miranda”> Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Carolina Deslandes credits: @carolinadeslandes

Carolina Deslandes brings a bold twist to this week’s beauty looks. Miguel Stapleton created a makeover with black eyeshadow, creating a rock and roll effect on the lower lashes and the upper inner corner of the eye. The rest was as natural as possible, with “bare” skin, lots of fake freckles and coral lipstick. As for the hairstyle, the artist continues to rely on a very short and stylish haircut.

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“That will be our concern…”



Bruno de Carvalho faz confissão sobre lua de mel com Liliana Almeida: “Vai ser a nossa preocupação…”

This Saturday, August 6th, Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida attended the Em Familia program to share new details about the wedding, which will take place on September 2nd, and the honeymoon that will follow the ceremony.

The couple shared that the ceremony will take place at the Solar do Paço Hotel in Algos. What follows is a honeymoon whose fate will be Maldives in line with the gift that Liliana Almeida received from Bruno de Carvalho during her participation in the first edition of Big Brother Famosos.

Remember here: Big Brother: Bruno de Carvalho makes himself known and offers Liliana Almeida a ‘dream gift’: ‘I love you very much’

After the upcoming trip, Bruno de Carvalho took the opportunity to confess on air his desire to have a child with the singer: “The most important thing about the trip will be the fact that I will have a vasectomy reversal on August 10, so that will be our concern in the Maldives. Will be!“.

Of course, we talk a lot about this. It was not easy, we have the will for it“, assured Liliana Almeida, while the DJ “opened his heart” about what made him become a father again: “Inside the house, I was against remarriage and having children. And this lady that’s here is writing me a paper in the house, which Big Brother got really mad at, saying something really – I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it – “I see you as the father of my child.”“.

And when I saw the newspaper, it became so important to me that I didn’t even want to believe it. I had surgery so I would never have to worry about it again, but it made so much sense.Bruno de Carvalho concluded.

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After being criticized for canceling Fernando’s concert, Daniel leaves clarification



After being criticized for canceling Fernando's concert, Daniel leaves clarification

After posting a video on his Instagram page where he explains that he was forced to cancel a concert in Boticas, Vila Real, Fernando Daniel received several criticisms.

Therefore, he returned to the same social network to clarify the reasons for the decision.

I shot in bars, on the street, surrounded by bales of straw, leaning against an ice cream machine. Always with taste and admiration for music. I was not born in a golden cradle or tail to the moon. I am not from a rich family, I know that small things can be big, just be happy with what you have. So I will never ask for something I don’t deserve“, he began with a letter.

“The stage at its center consists of a structure. The truss that this structure is made of serves to hold the led wall, lights, robotics, props, etc. The truss that was there was not suitable for the required material. twice as much as allowed, so they overloaded and pushed too hard on their footholds. Violating the fulcrum, there is no support, and if there is no support, the FARM falls, ”he specified.

Continuing to talk about the disadvantages, he pointed out that “when one or two FARMs fall, or even one machine suspended from it, it is a brutal weight falling on people.” “It could actually end someone’s life. I could never endanger my life, the lives of my team, and therefore yours.“, he stressed.

Still responding to comments received, he explained that didn’t realize the lack of security until 9.30pm. “When I arrived at 4:00 p.m. for the sound check, I was informed that the stage was still being prepared, and therefore my team still hadn’t set anything up. I was surprised and asked why the schedule was not being followed. My team explained to me that they will try to solve the problem with the support of TRUSS, who are clearly overweight, ”he said.

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After seeing reports that other artists had already performed at the venue and that “it never caused any problems,” Fernando Daniel said: “The fact that my other colleagues have already performed there does not mean that the structure of the concert is the same“.

“In the afternoon we tried to find a solution that would make the stage safe. It was not found. My team asked for the intervention of civil protection by someone with technical skills to analyze the situation on stage, which would give us guarantees. that it was safe to be under the FARM without risking your life. It was impossible to find someone qualified to give such a guarantee,” he added.

We decided not to hesitate and not to endanger the lives of everyone who was on stage and next to him.“, he stressed.And precisely because we tried to find a solution to the last, we could only make sure that it was impossible to safely continue the concert until the very end of the show.which was scheduled for 23:30,” he continued.

Another message he received said: “In the enclosure, no one warned anyone, no respect, it was a clown.”

“You are absolutely right. They weren’t the only ones who got angry. I stayed too. After my announcement, I learned that no one in the hall warned the public about anything. Something that is within the competence of the organization. However, I apologize to anyone who felt, well, ignored and disrespected by this lack of information.“, he replied.

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Before I finish Fernando Daniel also showed the words he left to the mayor. and an image “showing what might have happened during the concert”..

See full post:

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