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WWE SmackDown (07/08/2022): Match rejected



WWE SmackDown (07/08/2022): Match rejected

After Money last Saturday in the banka WWE broadcast this Friday another edition of SmackDown on FOX from Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, towards July 30.


– Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) Venseram Jinder Mahal and Shanky
– Shinsuke Nakamura Wenceu Ludwig Kaiser
Ronda Rousey won Natalia
– WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jay & Jimmy Usos) venceram Los Lotharios (Angel & Humberto) (Contenders Match)
— Drew McIntyre Venso Butch


SmackDown opened with WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman in the ring, with the “tribal leader” talking about what he’s been up to in his time before asking his advisor why he’s worried.

Paul Heyman has stated that he adores Roman Reigns and adores The Usos, but there is an issue called Brock Lesnar as this one when between sword and wall is still more dangerous than usual and that winning a Last Man Standing match against The Beast will demand the best and most brutal performance in history.

How Roman Reigns reacted to what his adviser said: “Mr. Money in the bank” Theory appeared with a suitcase before leaving the stage, and the segment ended with the “tribal leader” asking who the fighter was.

Then we had video package about Viking raiders and the beatings they gave New Day.

– Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) Venseram Jinder Mahal and Shanky: The Viking raiders destroyed their opponents early, especially since Shanks was more interested in dancing. O opener ended Double Power Bomb Em Jinder Mahal.

Even after the victory, the Viking raiders were still not satisfied and continued to attack, that is, until the New Day appeared and began to say that they may have been defeated, but they are still here and that they will continue to fight with Eric and Ivar. After these words, we fightwhere the Viking raiders once again destroyed the New Day.

Then we had Ludwig Kaiser and Intercontinental Champion Gunther in the ring, with the German saying that no one deserves to be in the ring with Der Ringgeneral, and the champion saying that any fighter who defends his title without knowing who his opponent is, this is silly. . It was then that Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted the two fighters and said that if Gunther did not accept his challenge, then he would challenge Ludwig Kaiser, who agreed to fight the “king of the world”. Strong Style”.

– Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser: Shinsuke Nakamura came out dominant, and only the fact that Gunther diverted his attention offended Ludwig Kaiser. The German could not control the “King of Strong Style” for a long time, and this changed the course of events in his favor and with Kinshasa won.

After the match, Gunther was furious at his partner’s defeat and gave him 3 chops as a way to show your displeasure.

after one video package With footage of Liv Morgan winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship, we had a new champion in the ring interviewing Michael Cole. The champion spoke about what this achievement means to her and that it was a dream come true. Natalia interrupted Liv Morgan and said that she is the champion only because of you and that it will end at SummerSlam.

Ronda Rousey interrupted her opponent, who began by congratulating Liv Morgan, stating that at SummerSlam she would find it easier to win the title than to keep it.

The segment ended with the former champion challenging Natalya to a match, who immediately attacked her, but Liv Morgan stopped this attack.

– Ronda Rousey defeated Natalya: Natalya did everything to escape from Ronda Rousey, but the “Coolest Women on the Planet” did not give a chance and destroyed her opponent, winning with Ankle lock.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre was interviewed and he stated that he didn’t want to know who would leave SummerSlam as a champion, he was just focused on winning. Seamus and guarantee a place in main event do Clash at the Castle.

Back in the ring, we had Max Dupree presenting the Maximum Male Models sneaker collection show.

Backstage at Mr. “Money in the Bank” Theory was interviewed and he explained that he knows people hate him, but there are those who want to see him dethrone Roman Reigns and that it doesn’t matter if it’s a “tribal leader” or Brock Lesnar, he’ll be the champion. The segment ended with Mad Moss interrupting the interview and insulting Theory.

We then saw Lacey Evans repeat her performance because she wanted fans to respond better to her presence. When that didn’t happen, the fighter started insulting the fans, saying they were uncomfortable, that a woman could win, which they couldn’t, and that she deserved a round of applause.

Alia then stepped into the ring and when he asked Lacey Evans about the match he got women’s law.

– WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jay & Jimmy Usos) venceram Los Lotharios (Angel & Humberto) (Contenders match): The Usos dominated early on, but Los Lotharios managed to mount some offensive. However, when the champions stepped on the accelerator pedal, they didn’t give it a chance and won after 1D.

After the match ended, Kayla Braxton interviewed The Usos and asked them about their controversial win over the Street Profits at Money In The Bank, with the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions stating that they didn’t need to cheat to win. When the interviewer talked about the possibility of having a special referee for the SummerSlam match, the Usos weren’t bothered, saying only that they only needed a referee who could count to three.

Before main event start, Sheamus stated that he would not fight this SmackDown, but would fight Butch instead.

– Drew McIntyre Wenceu Butch: Drew McIntyre dominated the first minutes, but Butch managed to get into the attack with his aggression. However, the “Scottish warrior” withstood the attack of the opponent and managed to turn the tide in his favor, having won with his Claymore Kik.

Once main event ended, Ridge Holland still tried to attack the Scot, but failed The shock of the future DDT. Seamus, on the other hand, attempted to enter the ring, but Drew McIntyre took his sword and broke the first rope, causing the Irishman to back off.

What do you think of this WWE SmackDown?

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Cristina Ferreira admits her guilt for her son and gets advice from Sarah Ferguson



Cristina Ferreira confessa ‘culpa pelo filho’ e recebe conselho de Sarah Ferguson

Christina Ferreira interviewed Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York for her magazine. “Kristina”.

This Sunday, August 7, the host released a new excerpt from the conversation: “More than an interview. A conversation between two women, two stories, children, wine, play. — wrote in the signature.

In the video, Cristina Ferreira begins by saying: “It’s hard to be a woman [It’s difficult to be a women]” – and Sarah Ferguson confirmed: “Yes. I think at 62 I came to the conclusion that being myself is the only possible chance. [Yes. I think I realized at 62 that being yourself is the only thing you can possibly do]”.

TVI host asked: “Have you ever felt guilty? Why Sarah decided to become a princess [Never felt guilty? Because ou choose to be a princess]”.

After the confession of Sarah Ferguson “feliz” for the opportunity to be “public place”Cristina Ferreira admitted: “Sometimes I feel guilty because I’m trying to protect my son, and at this age it’s hard to be ‘Christine’s son.’ [Sometimes i felt guilty. Because i try to protect my son and now, in this age, it’s difficult to be Cristina’s son]”.

The Director of Entertainment and Fiction at the Queluz de Baixo station received “wise” advice from the “Duchess”: “You can’t say anything. ‘Cause this is his journey and he’ll find his own way [You have no say. Because it’s his journey and he’ll find it his way]”.

Look here:

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Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty looks of the week



Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty looks of the week

Maria Cerqueira Gomez

TVI host brings us Watch perfect for summer party or wedding. With well-tanned skin, orange tones were relied upon to create smoky smokey, full of glamour, and very voluminous false lashes. Gonçalo Mello is responsible for the look, which ended with coral glitter. Finally, her hair was slicked back, with an ornate golden headband.

Raquel Strada

Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Raquel Strada

credits: @raquelstrada

” data-title=”Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Maria Cerqueira Gomez, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Miranda”>

Raquel Strada credits: @raquelstrada

Raquel Strada shared this look on her Instagram page and it’s perfect for a festival that takes place in the desert. With natural skin and sheer lip gloss, he left a sheen for silver glitter on his cheeks. But what really caught our attention in the look was the high-shine front hair and one of the trendy hairstyles of the season.

Carolina Deslandes

Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Carolina Deslandes

credits: @carolinadeslandes

” data-title=”Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Maria Cerqueira Gomez, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: Beauty Looks of the Week – Miranda”> Maria Cerqueira Gomes, Raquel Strada and Carolina Deslandes: the best beauty images of the week

Carolina Deslandes credits: @carolinadeslandes

Carolina Deslandes brings a bold twist to this week’s beauty looks. Miguel Stapleton created a makeover with black eyeshadow, creating a rock and roll effect on the lower lashes and the upper inner corner of the eye. The rest was as natural as possible, with “bare” skin, lots of fake freckles and coral lipstick. As for the hairstyle, the artist continues to rely on a very short and stylish haircut.

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“That will be our concern…”



Bruno de Carvalho faz confissão sobre lua de mel com Liliana Almeida: “Vai ser a nossa preocupação…”

This Saturday, August 6th, Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida attended the Em Familia program to share new details about the wedding, which will take place on September 2nd, and the honeymoon that will follow the ceremony.

The couple shared that the ceremony will take place at the Solar do Paço Hotel in Algos. What follows is a honeymoon whose fate will be Maldives in line with the gift that Liliana Almeida received from Bruno de Carvalho during her participation in the first edition of Big Brother Famosos.

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After the upcoming trip, Bruno de Carvalho took the opportunity to confess on air his desire to have a child with the singer: “The most important thing about the trip will be the fact that I will have a vasectomy reversal on August 10, so that will be our concern in the Maldives. Will be!“.

Of course, we talk a lot about this. It was not easy, we have the will for it“, assured Liliana Almeida, while the DJ “opened his heart” about what made him become a father again: “Inside the house, I was against remarriage and having children. And this lady that’s here is writing me a paper in the house, which Big Brother got really mad at, saying something really – I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it – “I see you as the father of my child.”“.

And when I saw the newspaper, it became so important to me that I didn’t even want to believe it. I had surgery so I would never have to worry about it again, but it made so much sense.Bruno de Carvalho concluded.

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