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Relax Tired Eyes, Woongjin Home Eye Care Flexible Eye Massager



[smartPC사랑=이철호 기자] Modern people who often look at TV or screens are prone to eye strain. Especially since in these days when remote work is becoming more and more popular due to COVID-19, more and more people are suffering from blurred vision, dry eye syndrome and eye pain as they have to work with a laptop for a long time.

So what should I do? It is recommended to relax the eyes by looking away if possible, relaxing the muscles around the eyeballs and massaging the eyes. Better yet, have an easy-to-use eye massager. Introducing Eye Massager, Woongjin’s iplex eye massager for family and health care, which the whole family can easily use.


Material – PC, nylon
Battery – 3.7 V, 600 mAh
Charging – Type C cable
Power consumption – 1.8 W
Weight – 186 grams

Foldable glasses-like design

Woongjin’s iplex eye massager is designed for use at home and in healthcare settings and has a design very similar to goggles. In fact, when the reporter wore an eye massager and looked in the mirror, it looked like he was wearing virtual reality goggles that could have appeared in a sci-fi movie.

This eye massager is able to see the surroundings just like real glasses. In the case of most eye massagers, this is different from many products that cannot be seen. Therefore, it is convenient to be able to do other things during eye massage.

It also has a foldable design. You can adjust the angle to fit your head, and you can reduce eye fatigue more comfortably by setting the eye massager to fit you with the Velcro strap. Another advantage is that it takes up less space when you put it in your bag and carry it with you.

The design of the ski goggles is impressive.
The design of the ski goggles is impressive.

It has a foldable design for easy storage and use.
Foldable design makes it easy to store and use.

The field of view is protected by the massage zone.
The field of view is protected by the massage zone.

More comfortable with vibroacupressure massage

Meanwhile, the eye massager has been divided into two types of pneumatic type and acupressure type according to the massage method. If the pneumatic method puts less stress on the human body and gently relaxes the area around the eyes, then the acupressure method is a method of cooling the internal muscles by pressing on pain points.

The third generation eye massager, iPlex eye massager from Woongjin Household & Health Care, adopts vibration pressure massager. By correctly combining the advantages of pneumatic and acupressure methods, it not only provides precise acupressure to important points, but also reduces pain during massage. Therefore, even people who are not accustomed to eye massage can comfortably relieve eye strain.

Vibration-acupressure massage combines pneumatic and acupressure massage to relax the eyes.
Vibration-acupressure massage combines pneumatic and acupressure massage to relax the eyes.

It's like using a real eye massager.  It can be used conveniently according to the head.
It’s like using a real eye massager. It can be used conveniently according to the head.

You can switch to the desired mode by pressing just one button.
You can switch to the desired mode by pressing just one button.

4 modes available with one button

Woongjin’s iPlex eye massager offers a total of 4 home and health modes. First, there is a dynamic mode that encourages rotation around the eyes. You can also use Vibration Mode, which massages the eye area with quick vibrations, and Sleep Mode, which relaxes the eye area with gentle stimulation. In addition, there is an automatic mode that reduces eye strain during various vibrations.

What’s more, you can switch to the desired mode with the touch of a button. Press the button on the left side of the eye massager for 3 seconds to turn the power on or off, and press once to change the mode. So you can easily switch to your preferred mode and rest your eyes.

The healing of BGM can also be heard while being massaged with sounds of nature such as the sound of water and birds. Get rid of stress at work with vibration mode or enjoy relaxing background music while having an eye massage in sleep mode before bed.

Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can comfortably relieve eye strain in different positions.
Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can comfortably relieve eye strain in different positions.

Easily charged with Type-C cable

Nowadays, most Android smartphones come with a Type-C cable. Even laptops are at an age where batteries can be charged with a Type-C cable. The Woongjin eye massager for home care and health care can also be charged through the Type-C port. which is convenient.

It is more convenient to use as it is compatible not only with charging with the included Type-C cable, but also with cell phone chargers. Charging completes in less than an hour, and since it can be used an average of 15 times, you don’t have to worry about battery life while massaging.

On the bottom is a Type C port.
On the bottom is a Type C port.

It can be easily charged with a Type-C cable.
It can be easily charged with a Type-C cable.

Woongjin Eye Massager for iPlex home health and wellness, have you tried…

During the closing of the July issue, the reporter decided to try the Woongjin Household & Health Care iPlex eye massager. I was able to wear them comfortably like ski goggles by opening the eye massager and adjusting the Velcro to fit my head. The weight approached, so there was no discomfort during use.

When the power is turned on, massage starts with sound. First, in automatic mode, I felt pressure and vibration around my eyes. This seems to be suitable when you want to relieve eye strain quickly. In vibration mode, the acupressure point of the massager presses on the area around the eyes according to the scheme. I was worried that the pressure would be too strong, but I was able to comfortably enjoy the massage without pain.

In vibration mode, the wide eye area was more comfortably relaxed with 3D stereo vibration, while in S sleep mode, eye fatigue could be reduced with gentler stimulation. Listening to the sounds of nature, such as background music, during the massage, I almost fell asleep in the office.

During the massage, I had to go to the bathroom briefly, so I left with the massager. There was a safe view part inside the massage function part so that I could get a massage safely even when I left the office.

Eye fatigue is significantly reduced with a cool relaxing massage.
Eye fatigue has been significantly reduced with a cool relaxing massage.

During the massage, you can go about your daily activities, including walking.
During the massage, you can go about your daily activities, including walking.


Woongjin Home & Health Flexible Eye Massager is a pressotherapy type eye massager, which can relieve eye fatigue more comfortably in 4 modes. Unlike other eye massagers, the field of view is safe, so it is safe and convenient to use. You can also hear background music during the massage.

Therefore, Woongjin Family and Healthcare’s iPlex Eye Massager is suitable for consumers who are looking for an eye massager that the whole family can use to relieve eye fatigue comfortably. Price 79,000 won based on the lowest online price as of July 1st.

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Mathematical trick discovered that could revolutionize landings on the Moon and Mars



Imagem da Lua com detalhe

Space travel is a complex, confusing and dangerous topic. There are many variables that can turn a mission into a disaster. From launch to landing, everything must be very well planned, studied and simulated. Photographs taken by probes and robots can help, but they are far from the necessary information. However, all this may change with the advent of a new method of photomapping. A math trick will help you land safely on the Moon, Mars, and any other planet.

Landform mapping on our natural satellite is of great interest and importance for future human missions.

Photo mapping creates high-resolution surface maps

Researchers have discovered a method for creating high-resolution maps of the surfaces of planets such as the Moon by combining available images and topographic data.

Mapping the complex and varied surface of a world like the Moon at detailed resolution is challenging because laser altimeters, which measure changes in altitude, operate at a much lower resolution than cameras. And although photographs give a sense of surface features, it is difficult to translate images into a specific height and depth.

However, the new method combines topographic data with the degree of sunlight shading in optical images to provide a much more accurate assessment of fill shapes and structures. In the future, the development could help both astronauts and research robots.

The new method was developed by Iris Fernandes, a former PhD student at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Imaging researcher Iris Fernandez, who discovered a new method for mapping lunar soil images.

Geophysicist Iris Fernandez, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen who discovered a new mathematical method for mapping photographs of lunar soil.

Lots of missions, lots of photos, but... lacks mathematical rigor

Different missions provide data at very different resolutions, so combining different data sources with different resolutions is a huge mathematical problem. Iris Fernandez and her then supervisor, geophysicist Klaus Mosegaard, did differently, as they focused on the mathematics of the problem, reducing the problem of determining whether an equation could solve the problem.

So it was. It can be said that my supervisor, Professor Klaus Mosegaard, and I have found the mathematical key to a door that has remained closed for many years.

Iris Fernandez mentioned in a statement about his discovery, published on the website university.

It should also be noted that the new approach also requires much less computing power and is much faster than previous methods, according to the researchers.

Image used by Iris Fernandez in her study of mapping photographs of the Moon.

The moon was the first target of exploration

Researchers have demonstrated the technique on the moon. These combined high-resolution images from NASA's LROC camera Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter with lower resolution spacecraft data Lunar orbiter laser altimeter (LOLA), the authors of the article claim to have increased the resolution of the topography from about 60 meters per pixel to 0.9 meters per pixel.

In this follow-up, the authors of the study noted that this method can be applied to extract accurate topographic information about rocks on planetary bodies such as the Moon, Mars, asteroids, and any other worlds for which topographic data is available.

This method can be used to solve a number of different problems, including determining the safety of astronauts and rovers or detecting geological points of interest, and can be applied to images from satellites, rovers, or other spacecraft.

The progress of the investigation is described in an article published on June 8 in the journal Planetary and space science.

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Marco’s high school students made costumes for the Artamega show



Year 10 students of the Escola Secundária do Marco Professional Course in Fashion Design participated in the design of the costumes for the Artâmega – Marco de Canaveses Arts Conservatory show “Perhaps in the Heart”, filmed on stage at Sala Suggia, at Casa da Música, in Porto, July 9, 2022.

In a production technology class led by teacher Tanya Fernandez, more than 80 costumes were designed and made to match the characters from the various stories featured in the play.

The students made drawings that were transferred to the molds used to mark, cut and shape the fabric into pieces during the sewing process. “The teacher and students showed great dedication and effort, working tirelessly to complete all the work within the deadline”specifies an ad.

Artamega thanked “The opening and availability of the professional design and fashion course at Escola Secundária do Marco to participate in this wonderful project presented at Casa da Música, highlighting the importance of synergy, in this case between schools that are in the same space”ends.

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Microsoft Brings New Latest System Feature to Windows 10



Windows 10 Windows 11 Microsoft novidades funcionalidades

While Microsoft is focused on its new system, Microsoft is committed to ensuring that Windows 11 continues to evolve. It will be supported for a few more years, so it should continue to receive news and improvements.

With what is being developed in Windows 11, there is an opportunity to bring these technologies to Windows 10. This will happen soon with the announcement of a new feature that will improve the printing experience in Windows 10.

Microsoft will mix features

Windows 11 is currently in development for Microsoft. This system is being improved and tries to give users as much functionality as possible, thereby ensuring that this is a modern system, as the best there is.

What seems logical is to combine efforts and include features in both Microsoft systems. So, what's next for Windows 10 is expected and important for its development, both for users and for what it offers them.

Windows 11 will contribute to Windows 10

In particular, Windows 10 will now be able to more precisely control the printing process. This will have a new control that will prevent fingerprints from being created without the user's permission, or from being accumulated without the user's explicit intention.

Windows 10 Windows 11 What's New Microsoft

This control will be as simple as using a PIN to block printing. Only after user authorization will the document be sent to the printer to be converted into a plain sheet of paper.

More news expected in the future

By introducing this new feature to Windows 10, Microsoft wants users to save paper and ink cartridges. At the same time, it provides greater security and guarantees user privacy, especially in environments with multiple printers.

Of course, this will only be the first moment when the functions of the two systems will be combined. Microsoft will certainly increase this proximity and thus guarantee users the maximum even faster.

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