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Rabbids: Party of Legends (2022, Ubisoft)



Rabbids: Party of Legends (2022, Ubisoft)

Bunnies: Party of Legends arrived in the west! the game Ubisoft was released worldwide on June 30, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Google Stage.

Originally a genre name the consignment e board game From rabbits was released by a local division in 2019 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive in China. Ubisoft Chengdu. Rabbids: Party of Legends is now available in multiple languages, including Brazilian Portuguese.

Check out our review of the game for Nintendo Switch below.


The Rabbids are back with a brand new casual game that takes the multiplayer mayhem to mythical levels for the whole family. Take them on a fun journey filled with chaotic and colorful characters in 50 insanely fun mini-games!

Up to 4 players can participate in this fun filled game. Choose 2v2 mode or go head-to-head in free-for-all mode! Customize the difficulty and controls so everyone can join the action. Plus, create lists of your favorite mini-games to organize the perfect game night.

Nintendo Switch players can enjoy precise motion controls that guarantee immersive party time!


Rabbids: Party of Legends has appeared in more regions of the world, while retaining its Chinese essence. The story, soundtrack, graphics, and mini-games are all based on Chinese culture, which adds vibrant visuals and music to make the game feel even more alive. the game.

The story of Rabbids: Party of Legends is very simple and aims to be accessible to children, which makes it not as appealing to adults. However, the graphics, music and fun mini-games are versatile and will appeal to the whole family.

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It is important to highlight the wide variety of languages, which cover not only the menu and subtitles, but also dubbing, which makes the party more attractive for people of all ages.

The graphics quality is amazing! The game is very well done, both the 3D modeling of the Rabbids in the minigames and the map. rollers which are made in a graphic hand-drawn style.

The gameplay is also a plus. There is a wide variety of mini-games, which makes the game unique. There are those who remember very well mini games franchises Party Mario e pokemon stadium!

In addition, synchronization with Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch it’s well done in most of the action – I’d venture to say it’s a bit truncated in the dance phase, style guitar hero.

However, Rabbids: Party of Legends is a short game with no multiplayer online and with multiple rides after clearing four acts of the story mode.

Your journey in this game mode will allow you to gain experience to unlock characters and stages to play in party mode where you can customize the gameplay beyond the difficulty level.

It turns out that Rabbids: Party of Legends doesn’t tell you what to do to unlock the collectibles. That is, in addition to having few points of interest after the short story mode, you also have no incentive to keep playing and discover what is missing.


Bunnies: Party of Legends it’s a fun game of genres the consignment e board gameand it fascinates mainly with the variety of mini-games and visuals. However, the Rabbits’ new adventure suffers from the fact that it is short and does not offer multiplayer online or attractions that interest people for a long time.

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3.0 / 5.0

Watch the trailer for Rabbids: Party of Legends

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Beacon Pines (Switch) is getting a new trailer with a September 22 release date



Beacon Pines (Switch) is getting a new trailer with a September 22 release date

Publisher Fellow Traveler and developer Hiding Spot Games today announced on Twitter the release of Beacon Pines for Nintendo Switch on September 22. It can be purchased at Online store BR for 100.76 BRL. The game will still be available for Xbox, PC via Steam e epic store on the same date.

A little about the game:


Something strange is going on in the old warehouse, and Luca and his friends seem to be the only ones who have noticed. Sneak at night, make new friends, discover secret truths and collect words that will change fate!


As you help Luka investigate the strange happenings in Beacon Pines, you’ll collect special golden amulets engraved with words. They can be used at defining moments in a story to fill in the space of a word and change everything that follows it.


As a reader of the book, you’ll explore defining moments in history using the Chronicle: an interactive story with branches that expand as you choose. By researching a group of events, you will be able to unlock new amulets for use in another branch, allowing you to switch between different versions of the story to unravel the mysteries of Beacon Pines.

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On the Epic Games Store until August 25, you can get a special set of Rumbleverse for free.



On the Epic Games Store until August 25, you can get a special set of Rumbleverse for free.


Rumbleverse is an exciting battle royale.

On the Epic Games Store until August 25, you can get a special set of Rumbleverse for free.
© Replay/epic gamesOn the Epic Games Store until August 25, you can get a special set of Rumbleverse for free.

BUT Epic Games Store revealed free content for the week of August 18-25, this time with a special pompous boxer for the game Rumbleversethe recently released exciting battle royale.

Rumbleverse was released on August 11th and brought a completely different dynamic as it combines battle royale with hand-to-hand combat very much inspired by lucha libre and WWE with lots of acrobatic moves. In addition, the game is completely free and has many items to use in combat such as chairs, boards, ladders, and tables.

The Bombastic Boxer set includes a complete set including boxing headgear, boxing gloves, boxing jersey, boxing shorts and boxing shoes, plus an exclusive background and title card. In addition, a 120-minute Fame Booster bonus will be activated on the account.

How do I get the Rumbleverse bundle for free?

To redeem a game, you must have an Epic Games Store account. Create it on the official website or log into your account, go to the “Shop” tab and scroll down to find the “Free Games” tab and select Bombastic Boxer Content Pack from Rumbleverse, add it to your cart and complete your purchase with a 100% discount. After that, the game will be available in your library and can be installed at any time.

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Are you about to install Android 13? Beware that there are problems in unresolved applications



Android 13 Google apps problemas

Android 13 is already a reality and Google smartphone users can install this version. This is still a short list, but it opens the door for other manufacturers to use.

Now that it is available, reports are starting to appear that are not positive. Everything points to problems using various applications, including banking.

Are much news which Google has invested in Android 13, in particular, to protect users and their data. They have been introduced in various test versions released and have finally reached maturity in the latest submitted version.

This new system, still limited to Google Pixels, is gradually moving to smartphones. It's still a small audience, but it lets us know how it will behave in the future. Unfortunately, the news in this area is not the best.

Many reports point to problems using various applications on this new Google system. They seem to have compatibility issues and don't work properly for android system users.

Problems with Google apps for Android 13as

The solution that seems to exist is just waiting for new versions of those apps to come out. Developers should check the issues and release updates to Android 13 versions of their apps with issues within a few days to resolve the issue.

If in previous years one of the solutions could be to return to the previous version of the Google system, then this is no longer possible. One of the measures taken just prevents the regression of the version by blocking the smartphone in the latest version.

This is bad news for Android 13 and for Google, although it's only for developers. All applications should be updated in the coming days, which will allow you to receive support for the new version and fix the problems found once and for all.

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