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Portugal provides scholarships to Venezuelans to improve Portuguese language teaching – Observer



Portugal provides scholarships to Venezuelans to improve Portuguese language teaching - Observer

Portugal will provide “seven scholarships to Venezuelans” interested in studying as teachers of the Portuguese language at Portuguese universities, the embassy in Caracas said on Monday.

“This initiative aims to ensure that in the near future new students will be taught this language, which is already 7500 students in different parts of Venezuela“, the embassy said in a statement.

The scholarships are a joint initiative of the Portuguese Embassy in Caracas, Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language and Coordination of Teaching Portuguese in Venezuela (CEPE Venezuela) and is intended for Venezuelans who want to improve their language skills for study. .

“Participants of the program will develop their language skills at prestigious Portuguese universities and then teach at educational centers wishing to introduce the language into their curriculum. Ambassador João Pedro Fins do Lago hopes that the number of Venezuelans who can communicate in a language that unites the peoples of four continents will continue to grow,” he explains.


The seven fellows will attend intensive Portuguese language courses at “prestigious Portuguese universities such as the University of Lisbon, Nova de Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra and Minho”, which “have virtual platforms of excellent quality”, as well as professors who “will available for a month to help” Venezuelan students and students from other parts of the world in “remote language improvement”.

Accepted students will receive an economic contribution that will support this academic experience.. All these efforts will be aimed at improving their language skills for conducting classes, ”the diplomatic mission explains.

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According to the ambassador, “the promotion of the Portuguese culture and language in Venezuela is one of the main diplomatic missions” and important “that the number of Portuguese-speaking Venezuelans continue to grow”.

The language “also has great economic significance, which opens doors and gives a future to young people and unites peoples on four continents” and also serves to “reinforce the historical ties and values ​​that identify the local Portuguese community.”

According to education coordinator Rainer Souza, “Venezuela has received seven of the 58 scholarships available,” indicating the growing interest of Venezuelans “aware of the benefits of being able to communicate in a global language.”

There are officially about 7,500 Portuguese-speaking students in Venezuela, distributed among 42 institutions (among Portuguese-Venezuelan schools, schools and centers) and six universities, where there are classes or subjects that involve the use and mastery of this language.

Forecasts show that the number of Portuguese students will increase in the coming years, and teacher training will take place at the Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University (UPEL) in Maracay and at the Central University of Venezuela.

According to Prof. Enrique de Sa from the Portuguese Language Center (CLP) at UPEL, the provision of scholarships “this is great and happy news and recognition of the quality of the work done” in Venezuela.

There are 100 Portuguese teachers in Venezuela., nationally and at UPEL de Maracay, 50 students are being trained as future language teachers. The distance course “Diploma in Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language” at the University of Carabobo enrolled 60 people.

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The Portuguese language is part of the Venezuelan school system and there is a growing demand for it in basic, secondary and higher education, for which teaching materials such as manuals, dictionaries and libraries are often provided by Camões IP, CEPE and the Portuguese Embassy.

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″We are not at the time when the Portuguese come here and discover football″



″We are not at the time when the Portuguese come here and discover football″

The writing

Abel Ferreira has already earned some criticism from Cookie, and now the tone has especially risen after a conference with Atlético Goianiense coach Jorginho.

In Brazil, they continue to discuss Abel’s trip to the locker room in the quarter-final match against Libertadores. Jorginho, the coach of Atlético Goianiense, who has already criticized the Portuguese coach, explained what would happen if the Brazilian team’s technical leader showed the same behavior.

“If a Brazilian coach went into the dressing room to listen to music during a penalty kick, he would be called a coward. But when he wins, nothing happens, everything is right,” he said in press statements.

Jorginho raised his tone and delivered a more general criticism of the Portuguese coach, recalling that football had already been invented in Brazil and that the reigning two-time South American champion had a tougher job ahead of him.

“Abel is a very good coach, period. The question of his abilities is not discussed. It is discussed, especially in this situation, that he did not discover football. football! What happened to Jorge Jesus was extraordinary, what happens to Abel too, but that’s because they have a team like Flamengo and Palmeiras. I want to see him do what he does here at Atlético Goianiense. Come here to become the champion of Brazil,” he explained.

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Francisco J. Marques: “It seems that the evil of Portuguese football is the behavior of the FC Porto bank…” – FC Porto



Francisco J. Marques: "It seems that the evil of Portuguese football is the behavior of the FC Porto bank..." - FC Porto

Dragons Communications Director Thinks Judges Are Overzealous

Francisco J. Márquez once again criticized the strict actions of the refereeing teams against the FC Porto bank, especially Sergio Conceição, citing as an example what happened in Wiesel compared to what happened in Casa Pia Benfica. The Communications Director of FC Porto considered it an exaggeration how the referees penalize the banks. “The strange thing is what is happening, it seems that the evil of Portuguese football is the behavior of the banks, especially FC Porto. It’s a bit strange that after two days of announcing the new recommendation, this so-called zero tolerance is limited to the Porto FC bench, when in the Casa Pia Benfica game we saw the reaction of the Benfica bench. I think it’s nothing to worry about, it’s normal in any championship, but with zero tolerance for these people should be warned. In the case of a yellow card, Sergio Conceição in Wiesel, the rules were strictly observed because he left the technical area, one can warn with a yellow card, but how many times the coaches leave the technical area “Jorge Jesus played on touch line as if he were a full back I admit that Sergio Conceição left a little technical area but this whole situation does not make sense, let’s hope that common sense will prevail and not force unnatural behavior There are players, coaches and managers who live the game intensively, there are different views on the game, I think that what is happening is a clear exaggeration and this needs to be edit,” Francisco J. Marquez said in an interview with Porto. Channel. .

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Dhaka University to promote Portuguese language teaching in Bangladesh



Teachers in France petition to develop Portuguese language teaching

ECamões – Instituto da Cooperacao e da Língua said in a statement that the protocol with the University of Dhaka is the first institution in Bangladesh and aims to “create conditions to support the promotion of the teaching of Portuguese and the dissemination of the language.” and Portuguese culture in the country and in the region, thus contributing to the internationalization of the Portuguese language.”

The agreement, the note adds, was signed by Camões chairman Joõo Ribeiro de Almeida and, at a distance, University of Bengal treasurer Mamtaz Uddin Ahmed, in the presence of the Bangladeshi ambassador. to Portugal, Tariq Ahsan.

According to the statement, Camões’ activities extend to more than 70 countries through its direct learning network and about 310 protocols signed with associations and institutions of basic, secondary and higher education abroad.

Through these agreements, Camões supports the establishment of associated schools, the recruitment of teachers by foreign universities, and the establishment of Portuguese language centers and Camões departments.

Camões – The Institute for Cooperation and Language is a public institution under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose mission is to propose and implement a policy of cooperation with Portugal, as well as a policy of teaching and disseminating the Portuguese language and culture abroad.

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