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Noemia Costa has been chosen for the soap opera Globo… the one Maria Vieira says was dropped. All disputes – nat.



Noemia Costa has been chosen for the soap opera Globo... the one Maria Vieira says was dropped.  All disputes - nat.

After difficult years, not being able to work as an actress, Noemia Costa experiencing one of the happiest periods of his career. actress a new member of the next soap opera Globo, which will be released at 21:00, “Travessia”, which began recording in June in Portugal.

Speaking at the Fama Show, Noemia, 58, admitted that he was nervous and “hopes he can handle” the role of “Portuguese without an accent”.

“It will take place at nine o’clock in Brazil, the time when the country will stop. They have already tried to explain to me “when the country will stop,” but I still have no idea what that means,” he said.

Gloria Perez’s new telenovela directed by Mauro Mendonsa, was at the center of controversy in Portugal about a month ago when Maria Vieira stated that she was removed from the cast, allegedly for being a supporter of the President of Brazil. Far right Jair Bolsonaro.

Actress Stop fighting! he was trying to get a work visa when the director of the telenovela told him that “another option would have been made, which also depends on the decision of the company, and that he regrets having to break the news”.

Maria Vieira accused Globo of pushing her away due to Bolsonaro’s support. “After I was ordered to start the recruitment process, it can be concluded that the fact that I am a conservative and right-wing actress, as well as the fact that I support President Jair Bolsonaro and Municipal representative of Chega, will be the only reason I have been left out of the cast of what will be my fourth Globo soap opera,” he wrote on Facebook.

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The Brazilian press reports: She was not hired.

Shortly after Maria Vieira’s complaint, the Brazilian website “TV news‘ showed that the actress was never hired about the telenovela, which was just a review and an initial conversation, can be read in the news.

Director Mauro Mendonsa took the first step towards Maria Vieira because they worked together in “Negocio da China” (2008), but the hiring department didn’t move forward.

Plot: Enough!

When she got behind the scenes of the soap opera that Maria Vieira was elected as a deputy of the municipality of Cascais Chegoy!, the actress was no longer considered for participation in the project. Globo does not allow employees to hold public office. In addition, there are new rules for vaccination against covid-19.

Globo boosts vaccination against covid-19

Last September, Rede Globo has announced that it is going to start introducing a mandatory covid-19 vaccine. explaining that he was going to fire the employees who didn’t accept him for endangering public health.

“Mandatory vaccination is in line with the practice of several companies in the market today, as the decision not to vaccinate affects the team and puts the health of other employees at risk,” the statement said.

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Pararacita attacked again. Find out what he said now about the prime minister.

Globo also claims that “the use of vaccines is an effective strategy against the spread of the virus and a strong ally to protect everyone.”

Recall that Brazil is the third country with the highest number of deaths from covid-19 under the government of Jair Bolsonaro: According to the latest data, 673,814 people died. Maria Vieira refuses to be vaccinated.

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Mike Tyson spent 500 million ″on women″ and does not want to leave anything for his children



Mike Tyson spent 500 million ″on women″ and does not want to leave anything for his children

The writing

The former boxer is always controversial. The fortune he made from boxing has already exploded

In an interview with The Pivot podcast, Mike Tyson was… Mike Tyson. The former boxer, always controversial both outside and inside the ring throughout his career, said he spent $500 million on women, that is, the entire fortune earned by boxing, and will leave nothing for his children.

“My last million was spent in rehab because of the $500 million I made as a boxer, I had nothing left. Everything was on women, and I had enough for 15 or 16 years. ended. [aos filhos] it is a teaching to work hard and pray a lot. Money will not help them, it will hurt them and will not teach them to stand up for themselves, rise above adversity and be hardworking,” said Mike Tyson.

His controversial statements were not limited to family or money matters, as well as a documentary about his life, which the Hulu producer will show on August 25 and without his consent: “Hulu is a streaming version of the slave trade. They stole my story. and didn’t pay me. Don’t let Hulu fool you. I don’t support your story about my life. It’s not 1822, it’s 2022. They stole my life story and didn’t pay me. For leaders, I am just a “Negro” that can be sold at auction, ”he said.

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Biden is a “war criminal”. Ex-Pink Floyd accuses US and NATO of war in Ukraine – Observer



Biden is a "war criminal".  Ex-Pink Floyd accuses US and NATO of war in Ukraine - Observer

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Roger Waters, a former member of Pink Floyd, has accused Joe Biden and the United States of “fomenting war in Ukraine”, going so far as to call the US president a “war criminal”.

In an interview with CNN International, Waters questioned America’s role in the conflict. “Why is the United States not encouraging Zelensky to negotiate to end this terrible war?” the musician was indignant.

“You don’t have the role of liberators. They entered World War II because of Pearl Harbor, they were completely isolationist until that devastating day. Thank God, the Russians had already won the war by that time. 23 million Russians died protecting you and me from the Nazi threat.”


Roger Waters has also argued that the Atlantic Alliance is the source of the current conflict in Ukraine. “We need to look at history. We can say that this war began in 2008. It is about the actions and reactions of NATO that came to the Russian borders, which they promised not to do when Gorbachev was negotiating the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Eastern Europe.”

Regarding the conflict between China and Taiwan, the artist said that “they don’t encircle Taiwan” and that “Taiwan is part of China.” “This has been widely recognized by the entire international community since 1948,” he said.

Roger Waters was one of the founding members of the legendary British band Pink Floyd. In 1985, he left the band to pursue a solo career, which he still maintains on the This Is Not a Drill tour, where he addresses various topics and controversial political messages.

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Split up? Three weeks after their wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided to “leave”.



Split up?  Three weeks after their wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided to "leave".

This may surprise fans of what (again) has been promised as one of the most mediated couples in Hollywood. But it stopped so quickly. To the shock of those who follow them closely, the news seems even strange: Jennifer Lopez e Ben Affleck will be separated and their marriage may end.

and it all happens three weeks after they got marriedand shortly after they spent their honeymoon together, in Europe. The news was spread Hollywood life who, citing a source, claims that this decision strengthen the emotional bond between the two.

According to the publication, this breakup was thoughtful and deliberate, and there was no misunderstanding between the couple. It is also mentioned that the requirement of the careers of both, which require long periods away from home, was also taken into account. So, the fact that they are already separated makes them miss each other more easily.

“It was one of the longest we usually have here.” Here are the new details about the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

What makes their relationship so unique is that they know more than anyone about the demands of what they do. In fact, they believe that being apart makes them stronger, which is great because when they’re apart, they make a lot of money. It’s a win-win situation for both“, – said the source quoted by the newspaper. Sunrise.

They are always talking, texting each other, or video chatting when they work. And being alone makes the reunion so much better. J. Lo loves to know that her husband will be there no matter what.“, – said the source, although he mentions that such an early separation”it won’t be perfectat a recent wedding.

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Ex-husband Jennifer Lopez does not believe in the new marriage of the singer: “She was engaged six times”

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