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Innovation made in Portugal reaches the four corners of the world, from TV to autonomous cars – Negócios



Innovation made in Portugal reaches the four corners of the world, from TV to autonomous cars - Negócios

Operating Systems international centers that several multinational corporations have opened in Portugal, in technology serve different purposes. Some provide services only to clients of companies that support them in different parts of the world. But many develop innovations and technologies that are used around the world, millions of consumers or businesses. The examples are very varied.

In the field of electromobility, for example, a new model of electric vehicle charger developed by Siemens – Sicharge UC – completely developed in Portugalthrough the company’s electromobility center, one of several German multinational corporation centers in the rapidly expanding country, guarantees Ricardo Nunez. As the CFO explains, it is a structure that functions as an “electric mobility ecosystem”. It combines the manufacturing facilities provided by the Corroios factory, research and development, and a sales, engineering, project management and service center of excellence.”

from Crane engineering hubanother local center operating in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Siemens has already upgraded about 100 gantry cranes or cranes at ports and container terminals in ten countries.. Most recently at the Lisbon Tech Hub, the company now has a team of 100 professionals supporting the entire company and implementing solutions to detect and analyze real and potential cyber threats in IT and industrial environments.

In Portugal Siemens also has a shared service center., where Ricardo Nunez explains that platforms have been developed over decades for the entire financial services lifecycle. “A great example is NextGenP2P, a digital platform that helps automate processes from purchase to payment and improve user experience,” he gives an example.

Vodafone TV enters 10 markets from Portugal

In a completely different area television service Vodafone was also developed from Portugal as well as innovative features such as intelligent voice search and others that have made it possible to use the platform on multiple screens. TV Hub is one of the three UK Group Competence Centers in Portugal with a total of 500 employees and is also the newest. The developments carried out there are reflected in 10 markets and 18 million customers.

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In Portugal, Vodafone also has Atlantic Network Control Center (ANOC), established in July 2012 and aimed at continuous monitoring, maintenance and network operations in Portugal, Spain, Great Britain and, in the near future, in Germany and Holland. This includes operations in mobile access (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G), fixed access (FTTH and ADSL), as well as core network and service platform components, serve over 50 million customers.

As the company explains, Vodafone’s local ANOC teams are working on “specific in-house developed automation solutions that enable the integration and resolution of network incidents in a faster and more autonomous way for the three markets.”

They also provide basic IoT communications management, working in various sectors, with a focus on the car (for example, the Internet in the car), healthcare and utilities.

here’s another one of the centers of the Internet of things (IoT) of a British group operating since 2013, with part of an extended team that is distributed across Europe, Africa and Asia and which responsible for the design, engineering and development of the operator’s IoT platform.. This may not be the first area that comes to mind when the name Vodafone is mentioned, but it is a segment in which the company has invested heavily in recent years and in which Gartner has recognized it as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity.

Future car technology passes through Braga

Belonging three research centers in Bosch in Portugal There are also innovative solutions and technologies for the whole world in areas such as smart mobility, smart homes, safe cities and industry 4.0.

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O center of Braga focused on projects in the field autonomous driving“developing innovative solutions that improve not only the awareness of the car, but also how it perceives its environment through interconnected sensors that interact with everything around it,” explains Charles Ribaswho manages the German group in Portugal.

Braga is developing innovations for LiDAR sensors, a critical technology for autonomous vehicles that collects detailed geometric information from the environment around the vehicle, as well as sensors to measure road conditions or provide vehicles with 360º perception. Also work on Sensors Automotive Precise positioning – for the possibility of localization; in sensors for monitoring the driver and passengers inside an autonomous vehicle and in communication systems between vehicles and infrastructure. Many of these technologies are already demonstrated by the company at an event in the capital Minho.

Not Aveiro Engineering Centerthe company develops water heaters, but also IoT solutions such as mobile apps, web solutions, and remote vehicle diagnostic apps., as well as a new generation of Bosch-branded products and services in the areas of heat pumps, air treatment, gas heating systems, electric heating systems, water treatment, and residential control and interface services. Another area of ​​development in Aveiro is solutions for industry 4.0.

Finally, in ovaryBosch “designs and manufactures some of the most innovative electronic security technology” on a global level, exporting 90% of what is produced there to different countries in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia. This center has also recently welcomed new teams that are developing E-bikes and smart home solutions, while all centers have close links with universities. Highlight partnerships with the University of Minho, the University of Porto and the University of Aveiro.

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BMW will change the car sales experience. The solution is created in Portugal

Back to vehicles much of the technology currently found in BMW vehicles is also developed in Portugal..

“We can highlight the new theater screen in the center of the car and the side control screens on the doors of the new top-of-the-line i7 model, which also allow you to better immerse yourself in BMW driving modes,” says Pedro Vieirada. Silva, Chief Tech Titan at Critical Techworks.

The most expansive and curved infotainment panel of the same model also bears the signature Critical TechWorks“as well as a new digital version of the famous QlockTwo watch, which tells us the time using expressions that reflect spoken language,” the official adds. Already used by more than seven million users, the latest version of the My BMW app was also developed entirely in Portugal..

BUT Critical TechWorks was born in 2018 as a joint venture between BMW Group and Critical Software. and focuses exclusively on developing innovative solutions for the German giant. Included in this range solutions inside and outside the vehicle, as well as for enterprise operations, logistics, sales and after-sales service.

Recently, for example, A. car sales project. “We will have a very significant team, which is expected to continue to grow, to introduce a new car sales model that aims to revolutionize the BMW buying experience,” says Pedro Vieira da Silva. The goal is to create greater customer affinity and a first-class experience throughout the entire process.

Critical TechWorks

Critical Techworks Innovation Center, partnership between BMW and Critical Software

credits: Critical TechWorks

” data-title=”Critical TechWorks – Innovation made in Portugal reaches the four corners of the world: from TV to autonomous cars – SAPO Tek”>

Critical Techworks Innovation Center, partnership between BMW and Critical Software credits: Critical TechWorks

O The BMW Development Center in Portugal is in fact the only one in the world that brings together projects focused on software development and solution manufacturing.. It already employs almost 2,000 employees, and this figure has grown faster than the company itself predicted. “Our projects evolve as BMW’s challenges change, so we are focused first and foremost on sustainable growth.” However, by the end of 2021, the number of employees originally planned for this time has already been exceeded by 50%.

At the moment, the structure is divided into two offices, Lisbon and Porto, with plans to expand a new office in Lisbon. and “earn the trust for the development of other core areas of BMW.” “Portugal has proven its ability to become and position itself as an innovation center as important as any other recognized worldwide, and at Critical Techworks we want to accompany this series of very promising growth opportunities for the BMW Group,” assures Pedro Vieira da Silva. .

Among companies with development centers or international services in Portugal, there are also several examples of investments that have grown into new areas that will propel the country to the top in the long term. high performance product development routein the market in which they operate.

BUT GLANDERSwith an international service center operating in Portugal since 2012, also chose the country for implementation last year A technology and innovation center focused on software development and the development of future SAP Business Technology Platform products and solutions..

“The local team is collaborating and integrating the company’s technology and innovation structure, a division that develops products of high strategic value, to reduce complexity for customers and support them in integrating and expanding their IT landscape,” explains . Louis Urmal.

“Say it SAP’s investment and the creation of this new development zone in Portugal is the next step in the rapid growth of the national information technology sector.”, adds the CEO of a multinational company in Portugal. The talent profiles that SAP integrates into this center are diverse and range from training in software development to architects and programmers.

This article brings together special Technology companies are increasingly choosing Portugal to create global centers of excellence

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BMW asks not to drive or charge iX and i4 trams due to fire hazard – Observer



BMW asks not to drive or charge iX and i4 trams due to fire hazard - Observer

You have free access to all Observer articles as a subscriber.

BMW and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the local authority responsible for road safety, have advised consumers in the United States that should urgently stop driving or recharging their electric BMW iX and i4, and the NHTSA also provides advice on the best places to park your car. As always, it is the American market that is quicker to respond to security concerns, despite the fact that all iX and i4 in circulation are currently made only in Germany, including those sold in Portugal.

Like other builders, BMW also has to deal with battery-related safety issues. In particular, with cells used to form packagewhere possible risk of short circuit in a high voltage circuit may cause a fire.

The elements in question are not produced by BMW, a manufacturer that has not yet invested in these capacities, but are purchased from two external suppliers, namely the South Koreans from Samsung and the Chinese from CATL, anything that indicates they may have a manufacturing defect. The cells are imported and then the cells are generated. packages which will be fitted to vehicles near the factories where they are produced: i4 at the Munich plant and iX at the Dingolfing plant, both in Germany.

In addition to public notices through website NHTSA which we reproduce here, BMW will contact each of the owners directly. And the fact that this is a call to the workshop marked “urgent” will certainly deserve the attention of those who are interested.


The number of vehicles participating in this revoke very small because BMW’s electric SUV and sedan have only recently begun to be offered in the US market. The brand estimates that only 83 units (56 iX and 27 i4) are at risk. The number of units sold of these two models in Europe is much higher. even in Portugal, for which there is no information.

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California regulator accuses Tesla of misleading consumers



California regulator accuses Tesla of misleading consumers

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said Tesla advertised its autopilot and autonomous driving technologies as more efficient than they actually are, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The company “has made or published false or misleading statements that are not based on facts,” according to a case filed July 28 with the Office of Administrative Hearings.

The Los Angeles Times writes that Tesla vehicles could never “and never can operate as autonomous vehicles,” claims DMV. The regulator did not immediately respond to an AFP request for comment.

Tesla’s website describes its autopilot as having “fully autonomous driving.” “All the driver has to do is get in the car and tell them where to go,” the company says, promising that “if you don’t say anything, the car will check your schedule and take you to your intended destination.” “

The ruling in favor of the California regulator could have serious repercussions for the electric car maker, including the potential revocation of licenses that allow Tesla to make or sell its cars in the state, according to the Times.

However, a DMV spokesperson told the newspaper that what the agency really wants is for Tesla to better inform consumers about its autonomous vehicles and acknowledge the limitations of its technology.

Tesla vehicles equipped with self-driving software have been involved in 273 crashes in the United States, according to a report released in June by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is investigating the company.

In June, Tesla owner Elon Musk stressed the importance of fully autonomous driving, saying that without it, the value of his company would be “close to zero.”

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XBUS Camper, Ultra-Efficient 2 Person Electric Mini Camper



Imagem da minicaravana elétrica XBUS

Electric vehicles are taking over the roads and in the near future every class of vehicle will be available on electricity. From light to heavy, passing through the transport of people, to commodity, brands are hard at work preparing the transition. We say this emphatically because even the most unusual proposals are already thinking about electrical efficiency. A luxury case is the XBUS Camper motorhome.

This offer is for a super efficient electric mini caravan for 2 people. Relax in nature with maximum comfort.

XBUS: a mini caravan that does not harm the environment and your comfort

The proposal is based on some sustainability criteria. One small car with solar panels and it can accommodate two people. Thus, the camper version of the XBUS will have a length of 3.95 m, the minivan offers space for the comfort of passengers.

One retractable cab at the rear creates a 130 x 210 cm sleeper. There is also a mobile kitchen unit on board, which can be used outside the vehicle if necessary, as well as TV, refrigerator, fresh water tank and sink.

In a fully equipped version the price of the XBUS Camper with convertible roof should be around 30,170 euros.. At present, the prototype machine is still in early production at the German firm based in Rossbach. The first models are expected to reach customers in 2024.

The camping version is equipped with four electrically controlled wheel motors that together deliver up to 56 kW (76 hp) at full power for a top speed of 100 km/h.

Picture of XBUS electric mini caravan

Converting solar energy into electrical energy

The battery in the basic version has a capacity of 15 kWh and can be increased up to 45 kWh with additional battery packs. Depending on the battery configuration, range must be between 200 and 600 km. Charging takes three to five hours from a standard 220V outlet, or correspondingly faster from an 11kW charger.

Like other XBUS variants, the XBUS Camper is available in both standard and off-road chassis versions with increased ground clearance. A 5 m² photovoltaic panel is installed on the roof. Under optimal conditions, a vehicle should be able to generate an additional range of 30 to 50 km per day from solar energy on average per year.

This technology is especially relevant for camping in sunny regions. Thanks to car charging technology, campers can also use their own solar power from the car's own 220-volt socket.

With a curb weight between 500 and 800 kg, depending on equipment, the XBUS belongs to the category of light electric vehicles. In the future, XBUS customers will be able to choose from nine options. Whether it's a pickup truck, van, bus or motorhome, they all take a modular approach.

Faced with increasing traffic congestion, we need smart, versatile and sustainable concepts that enable individual mobility and adapt to personal lifestyles: sustainable, modular and affordable. That's where we come in with XBUS.

Said Ralph Haller, founder of the company.

Modular to adapt to any type of offer

The modular principle can be a big advantage of this proposal. For example, with just two modules, a van can be temporarily converted into a motorhome for the next vacation.

Approximately 270 dealers in Germany and more than 800 in Europe make this quick and easy conversion possible. It is also planned to rent modules.

Company policy regarding XBUS, ElectricityBrandsthis concept and product is based on environmentally friendly production methods and short delivery routes, as well as the use of cobalt-free batteries.

Our goal is to be able to reuse as many individual parts as possible. We achieve this by using unblended materials and components, which are generally 100% recyclable. Green from start to finish, that's what the global concept is for.

concluded Ralph Haller.

Portugal is already included in the list of countries that will be able to get this car.

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