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“I’m afraid”. Detained basketball player asks Biden for help



"I'm afraid".  Detained basketball player asks Biden for help

BUT American basketball player Brittney Griner, who was detained in February at a Russian airport, wrote a handwritten letter to President Joe Biden, asking him to “do everything possible” to ensure his return home.

Griner, a WNBA (Women’s Basketball League in the United States) player for the Phoenix Mercury team, was arrested by Russian authorities on charges of drug trafficking, allegedly for having a vaporizer with cannabis-derived cartridges.

The defense of the athlete (who is playing for the Russian league team on leave from the American League) did not specify what technical substance the athlete was detained with, since one of the possible substances is CBD, a component of cannabis legal in the United States of America and in many countries around the world, but not in Russia.

In a letter to US President Brittney Griner says she is “afraid” of what Russia might do to her case given the diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

“Sitting in a Russian prison, alone with my thoughts and without the protection of my wife, family, friends, Olympic jersey or any awards, I am afraid that I may stay here forever,” she wrote. press secretary and quoted by NBC News.

The White House also commented on Griner’s letter. The connection between the U.S. administration and the athlete’s case has been heavily criticized, especially by the athlete’s wife, Cherell Griner, who accused the State Department of neglecting the fact that it did not get the first call between them in four months – allegedly due to a lack of staff at the embassy.

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About her wife, Brittney Griner said she “misses” you. “I miss my family! To my teammates! It kills me that they are suffering so much right now,” he added, before begging Biden for his request. “I am grateful for everything you can do to bring me home,” she said.

In the letter, the Houston-born basketball player also refers to the freedoms guaranteed to Americans on Independence Day (which is celebrated this Monday), therefore urging Biden to “keep in mind” himself and “others.” detainees.”

“Please do your best to bring us home. I voted for the first time in 2020 and I voted for you. I believe in you. I still have so much good to do with my freedom that you can help restore” . Griner.

The White House’s diplomatic response to the detention of an American citizen is that she is illegally arrested and they guarantee they are working to get her released.

The truth is that the Britney Griner case, along with two other American soldiers detained in Ukraine, has become one of the stages of tension between American and Russian diplomacy, the escalating war in Ukraine and the series of sanctions that brought them.

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A BOLA – Benfica with an atypical pre-season but no Super Cup excuse (women’s football)



A BOLA - Benfica with an atypical pre-season but no Super Cup excuse (women's football)

It is on the field number 1 of the Benfica campus in Seixal that the official women’s national football season will begin this Wednesday at 17:30, when Benfica hosts Braga for the Super Cup.

This season, the top four players from the last BPI league will compete for the trophy, facing each other in a semi-final system, followed by the final scheduled for the 26th at 20:30 in Leiria.

Philippa Patao announced the match at the José Martins Vieira Stadium in Almada. “We can count on a prepared team or trying to do our best given the somewhat atypical pre-season we’ve had. Since we are at Benfica, there are no excuses, we have done everything possible to ensure that the entire squad is at the same level, in the same form. They did a great job, they were flawless,” praised the coach.

“We will fight and I am sure they will give a great answer in the first official competition. The main challenge for our players is to understand that they will have to adapt a lot more to the game, it depends a lot on their understanding of the game itself and the involvement that is going on. We will also do our job to convey as much information as possible. In the end, this is a good test of the adaptability they can have in the game,” he stressed.

Philippa Patao considers this semi-final to be “a good challenge and also a moment of growth”. “For our part, we should focus more on who we are, on our principles and dynamics, and then try to adapt that in the game. We are very focused on getting trophies, although we know that even in terms of timing it is not ideal, given that we have Champions League qualification ahead of us, but it is a great goal.

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“We want to win everything, so we have to do everything to win. We usually tell these players that if they want to win and be happy for Benfica, they will have to fight for Benfica on the pitch as well. That’s where we need our biggest strength, the fans who are sure to give us another push when needed. I know that game time is not attractive, but I am sure that these girls deserve it,” she assured with conviction.

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A BOLA – Esgayo support wave (Sporting)



A BOLA - Esgayo support wave (Sporting)

Ricardo Esgayo has become the main target of criticism from Sporting fans, who even before the end of the game with Braga (3: 3) invaded the right-back’s social networks.

Criticism aside, it was the insults, posted even on personal photos, that prompted the defender to deactivate his Instagram account and later Facebook, the social network that yesterday hosted Núcleo do Sporting da Nazaré, Ricardo’s birthplace. Esgayo joined the wave of support for the athlete.

“We are with you! We know that in good times and bad, no one wants everything to go well, more than you. like Mr. [Rúben] Amorim, we believe in you. We support all our athletes at all times, in wins, losses and draws. The strength of Ricardo Esgayo, keep working and believing! Sporting fans from Nazaré and Núcleo Sporting Clube de Portugal da Nazaré are with you,” wrote Núcleo.

In addition to Núcleo, Ugarte also responded to criticism of Esgayo on the social network Twitter. “How easy it is to criticize without showing your face. How easy it is to hide behind an anonymous account. At least have the courage to use your account,” the Uruguayan midfielder wrote, and even Thiago Thomas, who is now at Stuttgart, reacted to the episode: “2022 and they still think it is.”

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OFFICIAL: Palmeiras de Abel signs Tabata from Sporting CP



OFFICIAL: Palmeiras de Abel signs Tabata from Sporting CP

Tonight Palmeiras officially announced the signing of Bruno Tabata from Sporting. as well as morefootball announced in due course.

Verdão said in a statement that the 25-year-old left-hander has initialed a contract that runs until June 2026.

In statements to the new club’s media, the Brazilian under-23 international said he wanted to sign for Palmeiras and stressed the role of Brazilian emblem coach Abel of Portugal in the decision.

“I was brought to Palmeiras for a number of reasons. When I heard about the interest, I told Sporting that I want to come here. There were long days of negotiations. I have always been very clear about my desires and I am very glad that everything went well, ”he began.

“It was the structure, the fact that the club is always fighting for titles, it was Mr. Abel who played a very important role in all this, in short, it was a set of things. First of all, Palmeiras is a giant club with an incredible history,” he added.

Bruno Tabata say goodbye Sporting after two seasons in which he played 52 matches, scored eight goals and won four titles, including the national championship. He previously represented Portimonense.

Now he is returning to Brazil, the one who completed his studies at Atlético de Mineiro.

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