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Europe is gaining strength, closing the month on a high note and stands out only with health. Oil continues to rise – markets in a minute



Europe is gaining strength, closing the month on a high note and stands out only with health.  Oil continues to rise - markets in a minute

Europe one step away from July close with biggest monthly gain since November 2020

Europe started the green-colored session one step away from the July close, the biggest monthly gain since November 2020. Reporting season boosts investor sentiment.

The market is still digesting the possibility of a slowdown in US Federal Reserve rate hikes as “recession” becomes part of investors’ routine vocabulary. Fear of this phenomenon in Europe was exacerbated by the entry of the US into a technical recession.

The Stoxx 600 benchmark added 0.65% to 435.58 points, extending last session’s gains as the European benchmark hit seven-week highs. Among the 20 sectors that make up the index, travel and leisure, as well as the mining industry, are in the lead. The bank also stands out in the green after BNP Paribas, Standard Chareted and Vizcaya Argentaria reported strong results ahead of the session.

Among the major moves was Hermes International, which climbed 7.40% to fresh six-month highs after analysts at Bernstein released a positive assessment of the company. Capgemini also hit new March highs, climbing 5.85% after analysts called their second-quarter results “impressive.”

Elsewhere in Europe, shares of Madrid added 0.88%, Frankfurt 0.52% and Paris 1.54%. London rose 0.27%, Amsterdam 0.35% and Milan 1.14%. Here Lisbon follows the trend and gains 0.82%.

“Expectations at the end of June were so negative that we are seeing a rally in aid,” explained Dan Boardman Weston, CEO of BRI Wealth Management. However, according to the expert, “the fear that interest rates will continue to rise, and consumer and business sentiment will be under pressure, will make the rest of the year very difficult.”

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Goldman Sachs also shares this warning. Analysts led by Sharon Bell warn that the European stock market has not yet fully priced in the recession hypothesis, according to a “research” note cited by Bloomberg.

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Debt collected by Social Security to reach lowest in a decade in 2021 – ECO



Debt collected by Social Security to reach lowest in a decade in 2021 - ECO

Debt collected by Social Security to reach lowest in a decade in 2021 – ECO

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TUGA offers new electric vehicles in three segments: from sports to trucks – Computers



TUGA offers new electric vehicles in three segments: from sports to trucks - Computers

Based in Vancouver, Canada but co-founded by Portuguese Cesar Barbosa, TUGA Innovations is developing solutions for urban mobility. AT February showed its first working prototype of the TUGA electric car, but has now revealed its plans to develop a whole family of urban mobility solutions.whether for use by independent consumers or for operators with a fleet of commercial models.

The company says that based on market research, it has decided to change its strategy, highlighting TUGA Innovations’ ability to easily transform the functional design aspects of its base model. So it’s over several predefined vehicle configurations which, although sharing a few common design featurestarget different uses and customer needs, whether it is a focus on mobility, services or utilities.

TUGA Innovations offers three vehicle categories as well as proprietary component options such as retractable rear axle or retractable landing gear, which the company later says will be segmented to suit different market sectors..

See the various TUGA models in the gallery:

The first category is dedicated limited-edition high-performance cars that can transformsuch as removing the front windshield and rear bin to create the look of a roadster. They fit the TUGA Thunder and TUGA Falcon models.

The second group of vehicles includes TUGA Commuter and TUGA Deliver, which, in fact, are demonstration models of the manufacturer. They allow you to swap body parts that have now been redone with more safety components added.. Vehicles can also be purchased in a package called Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for functional integration into delivery fleets as well as daily commuting.

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Finally, the TUGA Cargo and TUGA Pickup models. expand your chassis to meet the needs of urban micrologistics. The vehicles have a capacity of 600 liters of cargo space in an 88 cm long model, combined with an extended 128 cm rear axle for added stability.

See prototype images in the gallery:

Regardless of category, the startup claims its entire family of vehicles has been designed to make transit and parking easier.. The retractable axle improves stability at high speeds, and the retractable chassis allows passengers to easily get inside the vehicle.

According to Cesar Barbosa, his startup creates not just a vehicle, but a solution to the problems of urban mobility. The project manager adds that since the presentation of the prototype, the family has expanded to offer different products and other features of its electric vehicles..

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Gas. Bottle sellers adjust prices



Gás. Vendedores de garrafas corrigem preços

Gas bottle sellers have adjusted prices that are not in line with government regulations limiting those values, said the National Energy Sector Organization (ENSE), which returned yesterday to review activity.

After conducting the first inspection on Tuesday, which found “high non-compliance” in 23.4% of outlets, the organization again carried out “108 inspection actions in Castelo Branco, Portalegre, Santarem, Evora and, in the municipalities of Cascais, Oeiras and Sintra in the Lisbon area, focusing on petrol stations, hypermarkets/supermarkets and other retail outlets.”

During this second check, ENSE found “seven violations (corresponding to 6.5% of the actions taken) in the selling prices (from 0.36 euros to 3.39 euros for T3 bottles and 6.92 euros for T5 bottles) of this type of product.” But he left a guarantee: “Of these actions, it was established mainly the correction of inappropriate prices, namely in relation to inflated amounts charged in several hypermarkets of the same brand.”

The maximum prices per bottle of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) set by the government came into effect on Tuesday, saving almost 3.2 euros on a 13 kilograms (kg) bottle of butane.

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