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“Chris, I’m sorry, and I’ll be here when you’re ready to talk.” Will Smith talks about aggression at the Oscars



"Chris, I'm sorry, and I'll be here when you're ready to talk."  Will Smith talks about aggression at the Oscars

Not videoEntitled “It’s Been a Minute,” Will Smith is ready to answer many of the questions that were raised after he attacked comedian Chris Rock on the air, after he joked with Smith’s wife, awarded the ceremony with the Best Actor award.

Why didn’t you apologize to Chris when you got on stage? [para receber o Óscar de Melhor Ator]? This is the first in a series of questions Smith answers in this video.

The actor starts off by saying that he wasn’t quite himself at the time, that everything was “cloudy”, and adds that he had already tried talking to the comedian, who made it clear he wasn’t ready to talk. “Chris, I’m sorry my behavior was inappropriate and I’m here when you’re ready to talk,” Smith immediately says, looking directly into the camera.

The actor later apologized to Chris Rock’s mother and family, saying that he didn’t realize at the time how many people were affected by his actions. “Tony Rock [irmão de Chris Rock] my friend, this is probably irreparable, ”Smith admitted.

“For the past three months, I have been analyzing and understanding the nuances and complexities of what happened at that moment, and I am not going to try to explain everything now, but I can tell all of you that not a single part of me thinks that this is how it was necessary to behave at that moment,” she added.

During the video, in response to a new question, Will Smith clarifies that the woman, Jada Smith, the target of Chris Rock’s prank, did not ask him for anything, removing all responsibility for her action from her entirely, taking the moment to also apologize to her family. for all that indirectly also befell them.

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In a line of apologies followed by the Hollywood community, especially all those who were nominated that night: “It breaks my heart that I stole and tarnished your moment.”

“Disappointing people is the main drama of my life. I hate it when I disappoint people. Therefore, it hurts me psychologically and emotionally from the fact that I did not justify the image and impression that people had about me. The job I’m trying I’m trying to feel remorse without being ashamed of myself, right? I’m human, I’ve made a mistake and try not to think of myself as a piece of shit. […] I know it was confusing, I know it was shocking, but I promise that I am deeply committed and determined to bring light, love and joy to this world. If you wait, I promise we can be friends again.”

The incident occurred during the Oscars when comedian Chris Rock, who was about to present the Oscar for best documentary, began his speech with a comedy number during which he compared Smith’s wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who has no hair , suffering from an autoimmune disease – Lieutenant O’Neill, “GI Jane”, from the film Ridley Scott.

Will Smith got up, walked onto the stage, slapped Chris Rock and returned to his seat where he continued to yell, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.”

credits: Photo by Robin Beck/AFP

” data-title=””Sorry Chris, I’ll be there when you’re ready to talk.” Will Smith talks about aggression at the Oscars – SAPO 24

credits: Photo by Robin Beck/AFP

On stage, Chris Rock still tried to keep the situation to a minimum, but did not hide his discomfort, stating that this was a moment for “television history”.

Shortly thereafter, Will Smith returned to the stage to receive the Oscar for Best Actor, and during his speech, he apologized to the Academy and the nominees in tears, and also tried to justify his behavior, not directly speaking of aggression towards the comedian.

“Richard Williams was a courageous protector of his family,” he said, referring to the father of the Williams sisters, the role he plays that won him an Oscar in King Richard.

“Sometimes you have to endure insults and you have to keep smiling and saying everything is fine,” he added.

At the end of the ceremony, the Academy tweeted a brief comment that it generally condemned acts of violence, but a week later banned Will Smith from the Oscars for 10 years.

In an open letter released after the meeting of the 54 Academy Governors, group chairman David Rubin and chief executive Don Hudson called Will Smith’s behavior “unacceptable”, acknowledging that they had not handled the situation properly during the event. March 27th.

“(…) We’re sorry. It was an opportunity for us to set an example to our guests, viewers and our Academy family around the world, and we failed – incapacitated for the unprecedented.”

The actor had previously submitted his resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is responsible for organizing the Oscars: “I have directly responded to the Academy’s notice of a disciplinary hearing and will fully accept any consequences of my conduct. My actions (…) were shocking, painful and unforgivable,” Will Smith said at the time.

“(…) I am resigning from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and will accept any other consequences the Board deems appropriate. Change takes time and I am determined to work to ensure that we never again allow violence to take over the mind.”

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Will Coldplay return to Portugal? Yes, next year and two shows



Will Coldplay return to Portugal?  Yes, next year and two shows

While Coldplay are touring stadiums all over the world, they have released a new music video that has made a splash among the fans, especially in Portugal. It’s because? The name of the student city appears in the video for the song “Humankind”, released this Wednesday.

The SIC is aware that the promoter of Everything is New and the Coimbra City Council have two dates on the table, 17 and 19 May 2023 for the Cidade de Coimbra stadium.

When asked by the SIC, the municipality of Coimbra stated that “it has nothing to say about this”, although it did not deny or confirm the return of the British group to Portugal, and the promoter did not respond until the publication of this article.

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Elma Aveirosister Cristiano Ronaldoinvolved in the dispute because allegedly insulted several subscribers in different messengersthrough your account Instagram. The messages have been debunked in recent days, showing how the businesswoman attacked people who approached her.

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The situation was discussed on the last broadcast of the Passadeira Vermelha program of the SIC Caras TV channel. Hugo Mendezcommentator and program editor, provided more images of the insults uttered by Elma, citing that they were shared by António Carvalho, a former contestant reality show.

Fuck ****, ****, you should be just like her. Then do it, nasty. You are not a pig, you must be a bitch like those pigs… ugly ass****‘ can be found in another post.

Remember that recently Elma Aveiro also came comment on the news that reported his brother’s professional problems at Manchester United: “The absurdity to which communication comes. Is there really nothing else to talk about? leave him“, he said.

dedicated to the idea? Elma Aveiro gives the answer and talks about one of her wishes

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In a new fashion adventure, Georgina Rodriguez launches a luxury clothing collection.



In a new fashion adventure, Georgina Rodriguez launches a luxury clothing collection.

If, on the one hand, Cristiano Ronaldo lived some dead ends regarding his sporting futurethe same does not happen with a companion, Georgina Rodriguez. Not in terms of football, but in the field of fashion, where he made several moves and made himself known.

Now the businesswoman decided to join Sara Cavazza Facchinifrom a luxury brand Pusto launch a new clothing line. This is a collection for the next autumn-winter season.

It was through her Instagram account that Georgina Rodriguez decided to share the news with her millions of followers. The model also shared a video in which she, along with Sarah Facchini, talks about the new collection.

Georgina Rodriguez appears next to Cristiano Ronaldo and asks: “Who draws better?”

Gio, as he is often affectionately known, took the opportunity to not only share the news but talk about what fashion is to him, with this new collection lining up. women’s empowerment message.

A brand for all types of women, it is very feminine, sophisticated, comfortable and recognizable.“. As for the quality he values ​​most in women…”in that they are always very fighters” said Georgina.

Watch the promotional video for the collection below.which includes interviews with the two launchers.

Yes, this image from Georgina Rodriguez costs about 100 thousand euros.

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